Reviews for Orcs in Hobbiton
Marchwriter chapter 1 . 12/10/2013
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this! You know how much I love your Orc stories and have indulged my curiosity on the subject on multiple occasions. The way you suggest so much with so few words makes these little drabbles all the more chilling through a lack of detail, letting the readers' imagination fill in the horrible dark holes that the idea of Orcs in the Shire represent. Your Orc characters are not shallow Always Chaotic Evil but rich in their own villainy.

I want to write villains like this. :)

Great job!

reminiscent-afterthought chapter 3 . 11/23/2013
This is a little longer than I expected. :D Sometimes it amazes me how much can be fit into so few words.

I love the beginning: a nice philosophical exploration that still manages to hold onto the Orcs.

This was another interesting scene as well; it had more development of both character and setting, and gives a bit of a humane feel to the Orcs, that they do more than simply fight - that they can observe as well - and this scene reminds me of what Frodo saw in Galadriel's mirror as well. A clever allusion to canon there.
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 2 . 11/23/2013
"...Awake again but just as bored" - that switches subjects, so I think it works better on its own line.

Another interesting little drabble. The scene is a little less well defined here; are they still at Bree or have they moved on now? In any case, the way you characterise the Orcs is interesting: giving them little things in their speech or manner that separate them as characters rather than one clump. The air the Orcs portray is nicely creepy as well; they do come out somewhat savage and violent, and I can see why there would be prejudice against them from the other side, but it also suggests a little bit about the larger world. Looking forward to seeing more of that.

The last two lines are a little confusing as well. Who's speaking there? And holds what high?
reminiscent-afterthought chapter 1 . 11/23/2013
This one looked like it had lesser reviews, so I thought I would review it. :D

An interesting AU; it's somewhat like the AU where Voldermort would win in the HP world and yet it's something I haven't stumbled across before. Your little snippet is a nice one as well: it doesn't do much to tell of the overall state of affairs, but rather the state of affairs in a scene that has some significance in both the first and the last books with Aragorn's presence. The use of the word "fawn" is interesting as well; it immediately puts a barrier between the Orcs and these half-men. I think the comma before "who fawn" is unnecessary, but apart from that little nitprick from me, this quick scene was very nicely orchestrated.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 13 . 7/23/2013
How very interesting. Well written and intriguing, yes, very intriguing indeed.
CoonFluxCan chapter 10 . 1/14/2013
You have a good grasp of the english language. English was once a second language for me but I suppose I can say it's my first language now. Usually when I read stories in english I can't understand the sentence structure but for some reason I have no trouble with your writing style. I like the way you write your orcs. One thing that confuses me about orcs is the whole uruk and uruk-hai thing; are all orcs uruk-hai or just uruks?
CoonFluxCan chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
Orcs in Hobbiton? You monster!
Hamfast Gamgee chapter 13 . 3/14/2012
Having given this a quick look, I must say that it does give a little chill down my spine to read about all of these Orcs crawling over the Shire and in particular the sign of the eye fluttering over Hobbiton. And it seems that the Inn etiquette has declined a little. What would Barliman say? Not that that would make much difference! The tale is well-written, though AU, obviously! The only point I might suggest is that you don't have to have an AU tale to tell of the evils in Middle-Earth. Unless you want to go in for a bit of Hobbit abuse I suppose :) Look at the Silmarillion plenty of evil things happen to some of the characters. The fate of the followers of Beren and Finrod in Sauron's dungeons for example. Overall, good tale though.
Goblin Witch chapter 11 . 3/9/2012
Oh good GOD. It's like all my dreams and hopes have come together in a dark, organic, thought-provoking series of chapters. I cannot thank you enough for giving light to the desperate need for not-completely-hostile interraction between goblins and hobbits.

And, as someone who shipped hobbit/goblin before knowing what shipping was, I must inform you that you are without a doubt the biggest tease I've ever met. "Fregar" needs a ten-book series and TV show made out of it.
amlugwen chapter 12 . 2/21/2012
uruks lifting hobbits for apple picking

orcs with straw hats O_O

lovely picture

and the uruk getting hit with the apple in the eye *giggle*

goes to the vet? eh?

oh well nothing is perfect, the trees having numbers is certainly a scratch in the idyllic picture... but it's probably not the only one
amlugwen chapter 10 . 2/21/2012
they made the vet to doctor? ew. well...

very very creepy .

not so nice then...
amlugwen chapter 7 . 2/21/2012
... this is kind of creepy

orc milking goat ...
amlugwen chapter 5 . 2/21/2012
whut? I am not sure I got it right, but I want to know where this leads! so the orcs free the shire from sarumans folk and place themselves there... interesting!

the orcs seem pretty nice O_O for orcs, wonder how long they stay that way

poor Grima gets to eat rats and dead hobbits :( not often that i pity him

like the style too
helenamarkos chapter 12 . 2/17/2012
This, I think, is my favorite chapter. The visual image of goblins in straw hats is brilliant, and actually makes a lot of sense. I also really like how this envisions the hobbit's (new) social structure. It would make sense that under Sauron's dictatorship, society would run a lot more like communism.
Ragnelle chapter 13 . 4/17/2011

I decided to write you a review for the Story Review Game, a good excuse to finally read something of yours. This is aimed at the whole series and my main impression of it as a whole, though I might go more in detail on some of the individual parts.

First off I will say that you write very well. There is an atmosphere in these drabbles and vignettes that is difficult to nail down, but it is created by the way you use the language, and it is part of what makes these parts feel like one work, that bind them together. It is a mixture of sadness and despair, combined with an underlying will to live on despite the harshness, and this feeling - for lack of a better word - is very strong throughout.

It also is quite heartbreaking, but never sappy. Brittle, is perhaps the best description I can give it.

Some of the themes are quite grim, but you handle them delicately and by understatement, as well as showing understanding in the handling of them. Since most is told by implication and behind the scenes, leaving the reader to fill in the gaps, I am not sure whether the rating is high enough or not. Precisely because these grim themes are told in such an implicit way, they are there in all the things you do not tell. And to me that makes it stronger, and more painful to read than if you have been more explicit. I am therefore tempted to say that the themes are so dark that they would merit a 'M' rating. But you don't show the really bad things.

The first drabble sets the scene quite nicely, though the short space don't really give you that much time to develop anything. To me the transition from Norgush waves the man over, and to he breaks his neck, did not quite work. My feeling was that it was too much, and not enough. It happens too fast, and is told in a surprisingly mellow tone of voice, so that the kill does not really have much of an impression. It does not have to, but judging from the silence you describe as following it, I think you intended it to be shocking.

I would say that if you put something more before the kill to let us see the orc and the man, that would be good. At least that is what I would have done. Working with the restrictions of a drabble does make this difficult, and you might see other solutions that would be better, but this is a point I would advice that you looked at. As it is, I - as a reader - am indifferent to the man dying, and that also takes some of the impact from Norgush's final statement.

The third part is very, very good. I think it was here I really got into the story. Bolger is a good choice of character, I think, and you managed to make him appear both confused and give him this strange indifference that is not really indifference as mush as that he has sort of given up. It don't seem to matter that much to him that he is freed, because is not the freedom he dreamed of, and it does not change all that much.

The fourth part is really creepy. The snatches of dialogue that make up most of the chapter are probably what makes it so creepy. You leave us to fill the gaps and guess at the things not told, and you managed to make it work so that we can fill those gaps, and it paints a picture to make us shudder.

"Our Lily" takes the story to a different direction. It is lighter, in its grimness, but you do leave me wondering about why Gershit helps the old grandmother. That is not really clear, and I am left unsure as to whether Gershit is an orc, or a collaborator (man or hobbit).

The last chapter does give a little light into this dark world you have created, and that eases it all a little. The tone is lighter her, too, and ending with this makes the series a little easier to bear.

If I was to say one thing to the series as whole, then I would say that, though I like the similarity in tone that I commented on in the beginning, it does get a bit repetitive, on the border of making the series seem monotone. They do not read as well in one go, as with some time between the different parts. I cannot really offer any advice on when to do with this, and you might not even consider it a bad thing, but that is what strikes me.

But for the most part, as you can see, I think this is a very well written series, well worth reading, even thought it is very dark.
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