Reviews for True Meaning of Strength
tiginina chapter 64 . 10/8
First, I want to say that this is an intresting story. I love that is isn't about Rose Hathaway. You created new characters and I love them!
Second, I can't wait for you to update the next chapter! I want to know what danger kai is sensing and if kai ends up with drew or ali :)
I know you have a buzzy life, but please make some time to write so that we, the readers, can continue reading :)
IzziabelliaOzera chapter 64 . 8/5
I'm still reading and still hanging on every word you write. Your fanfiction is only one I still read because I am far too emotionally invested in your characters. I eagerly await your next chapter but I understand how busy your life gets, so in the meantime I'll just reread my favorite parts: the soccer game, the challenge they had in class, any time where Kalani almost loses her cool and absolutely all things DREW! Keep up the amazing work! x
Guest chapter 63 . 7/29
You really are a wonderful writter.I have never ever enjoyed a story to this a novelholic,I have read a pretty number of novels but your story is one of most interesting and enjoyable story I have read so far.I just wish you keep writting this story and it never ends. Thanks for your updates.
kathrynotley chapter 64 . 7/21
Please update soon. This is great!
Guest chapter 64 . 7/11
Plese write more this is one of the best stories ever written and i really want to know what happens so update please
Guest chapter 64 . 6/18
Please do not be that person who gives up on a good story
Guest chapter 64 . 6/17
Oh please update soon I am a really quick reader
vakiki chapter 64 . 6/14
OMG love the story please keep writing and updating!
ShdwStrkr chapter 64 . 6/11
OH MY GOODNESS, YOU UPDATED! I am so happy! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Nightmistress93 chapter 63 . 6/3
Yay! Thank you for updating! So keen for more. Cx
Pluto chapter 63 . 12/30/2015
All i can say is OMG the story was amazing i cam hardley ever read a fanfiction finish because they always get boring or to pridictable but yours was awsome i read all your chapters of tjat u have so far om the story true meaning of stremgth i just snat wait until your next chapter but one of the things that confuses me is that will kai go with drew or will she go out with ali because the seems chemistry between them both but i would love it if was with drew and kai never worked on her powers yet so i can wait update as soon as you can.:*
Guest chapter 63 . 12/21/2015
Write more! I love this story! Does Drew like Kalani?
ShdwStrkr chapter 63 . 12/18/2015
Eek! You updated! I'm so happy! *Does happy dance* I can't wait to see what happens next!
Madison Brooklyn chapter 63 . 12/14/2015
Eeeeep I was so excited when I saw that you had updated that I Reread the whole book just so I would knew everything that was going on honestly this is such a good book I would buy it if you could sell it. Hopefully you update again soon
ShdwStrkr chapter 62 . 10/3/2015
Yay! You finally updated! I'm soooo happy!
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