Reviews for Paved Paradise
jai-kun chapter 1 . 3/29/2010
I adore the way you *show* the emotions in your characters, especially with Vivio and Lutecia. I also like that, for once, the guy did not become an emo wreck. He, instead, saw that Vivio was happy and decided he could be too. It's a good message _~
Kaijo chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
Unique fics like this are hard to come by in this fandom, so this is always a welcome experience. And despite what you said in FFT, you did a fairly good job portraying Yuuno's thoughts, as he reflects on what could have been. Both of them getting that closure that they needed; even managed to get that across from Vivio, even though you were working on from Yuuno's PoV. So, good job! You have a way of saying so much, with well chosen words.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
I regret nothing from among the nagging! *ahem*

Cross-posting and expanding on my review:

I think what worked the best was the way it followed up on the "unfinished business" aspect of Yuuno walking away. Basically, Vivio hesitated and Yuuno gave up, which means that they never really resolved anything between them. Thus, Yuuno is left semi-pining for Vivio because he's got that whole "what if? what if?" scenario working through his brain. In essence, only when Vivio slams the door on that by getting involved with someone else does it enable him to recognize that the situation genuinely is over and that he can move on. I especially like the part at the end, where he confronts the fact that although he was in a relationship, he wasn't really doing anything about it; the line, "He was happy with her; as happy, he believed, as he could ever be with anybody" tells the story in one sentence-and I can see at the end that he's realizing that thought for the pure BS that it was.

Overall, this story does a very effective job of communicating what characters' feelings are without actually having them stop and say so; instead of having them go, "I feel X" they communicate the feelings clearly through other lines and actions.

Particularly effective is the fact that, even though the perspective remains firmly with Yuuno, and that he can never really be sure whether Vivio is bringing Lutecia to the library because she, Vivio, still has lingering feelings; whether she is deliberately putting on a "show" of flirting with Lutecia to get him to cut loose, or if it's simply a coincidence that they're there. I suspect that it's the second one, though, since that bit with the drink seemed like Vivio had to "force" being flirty in a situation where flirtatiousness wasn't really "natural," and that implied that it was for the benefit of the audience.

All in all, a good read; we get a lot of fics looking at romances that are working, and a few looking at romances that fail, but not many that look at the aftermath. Good job!
F91 chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
A very well written piece. You conveyed the emotions nicely and while it may not line up exactly with what I had intended with One Step Behind, it still works (any discrepency is probably more likely due to flaws in One Step Behind anyways).

Good job and maybe some day I'll convince you to write something where Vivio and Yuuno are actually a couple ;)