Reviews for The Second Chance
Dratias chapter 28 . 10/12
Dude.. All I can say is that this story was freaking amazing. The way you wrote it, it felt just like the way TDW felt. With the behind-the-scenes planning and such. I wish we could have seen the Marking and all that entailed during that time, that sounded intriguing. Still can't believe Voldemort still kind of won in the end, but you've somehow managed to make the victory feel right. What to Draco though? Anyhow, you did an astounding job on this, well done.
Guest chapter 28 . 9/21
Thanks for this journey. Ya it was like a fairy tale ending

This voldie is cracked at his head for sure.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/18
Wow. After reading the original piece. This is a welcome exchange
natalieeannee chapter 28 . 8/26
I found this interesting.. but there were many plot holes/I had to skim through some monotonous material... and the ending was everything awful. I think the only good of the ending is Harry having memories, being faithful to his word. .. but I don't think being with Voldemort is the right choice and I don't think after Harry said "I won't be your puppet anymore" back in The Darkness Within (destroying the locket scene) he would swear allegiance to Voldemort! I think he would rather die than be manipulated. I was hoping for an ending with Harry breaking free from Voldemort. The ending let me down. Not worth reading the story.
kisekiii chapter 28 . 8/22
I just recently read The Darkness Within and I'm so thankful I cam across this because honestly THIS IS THE PERFECT ENDING for me. I didn't think it was possible but all I wanted was for Harry to be with Voldemort but have a "happy" ending with his family as well. I was thinking that it could only be done if Harry has all his memories and gain acceptance of everything (thus the "happy" ish part) and die with Voldemort. BUT THIS IS THE BEST because as much as I hated what Voldemort did to Harry, I have a soft spot for their sincere bonding moments. And the last scene here with Voldemort still entrusting his locket to Harry was so effin perfect ughhhhhh i have so many feelings for this fic damn. But anwy, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS!
Ohfilovethisplace chapter 28 . 5/22
Very interesting. It was a little sloppy in some points but all in all great job.i feel so many conflicted emotions right now. Did Harry get the dark mark? Agh that would be sad.
Ohfilovethisplace chapter 12 . 5/20
I soooo hope your pairing here isnt Harry and Ginny. Story is quite good
KMF-G chapter 10 . 4/18
How come 14 years old Damien and 17s Harry Ron is roommates?
KMF-G chapter 8 . 4/18
That was one deadly Potions Lesson... to Draco ;-D
Alexander69387 chapter 28 . 3/28
It was :D ur such a good writer
KaliannaErebos chapter 28 . 11/22/2014
This is an amazing alternative to Kurinoone's The Darkness Within, I loved it especially the ending, where Harry is bound to Voldemort, but Voldemort values Harry over his pride and lets him live. Nice job, I love this. Its sad that Harry and his family and Ginny are separated forever but its nice that he still gets to see them. Its also sad that he doesn't have all his memories of Ginny back, and frankly the amount of Memory spells Voldemort put on Harry makes me want to castrate Voldemort, then have him drawn and quartered while under the Cruciatus. Nonetheless, well done, and keep writing.
taikara100 chapter 28 . 10/14/2014
:D very good
Charred Spells chapter 12 . 9/14/2014
SaberAureum chapter 28 . 9/13/2014
It's a nice story, but I'm just confused... It was stated in the prophecy that 'Neither can live while the other survives' or what not - that means that neither Harry nor Voldemort can live together, that one must die...So...Why are they both living happily now?

It a sad yet magnificent ending, a very tragic one. And I might say, even though I love tragic endings, I can't help myself to get sad with this one... :'(

I love Damien!
Theisaryz Eufuelle chapter 28 . 8/5/2014
That was beautiful. It's sad yet it's a happy ending. It's true that Harry doesn't know whom he will choose if he was ever given a choice. Despite everything, despite all the lies, the pain, the wounds, the killing curses fired his way, Harry, without a shred of a doubt, loved Voldemort in The Darkness Within. This Epilogue showed it in the most magnificent way. I love that Voldemort didn't go wacko and started killing everyone who's not a pureblood. He honestly gave off that crazy vibe (probably due to his soul being torn to pieces). He has the 'Berlin wall' kind of thing going on instead. It's a happy medium.
As for Damien, James and Lily, it is sad that they're not going to be together. It's like a custody battle over a divorce. Voldemort would allow Harry to visit his other family from time to time to keep him happy.
I love how Voldemort is forgiving in this fic. It just means that he loves Harry more than he loves his pride. And oh gods when he gave Harry his magical energy, I prayed that Nagini would show Harry his father's state. I wanted Harry to know that Voldemort cares but then reading the Epilogue, it shows that he cares. Dammit. I'm getting all the feelings here.
It's wonderful! Brilliant! It's the ending I was hoping for from The Darkness Within. Honestly, I didn't mind it at all that Dumbledore died. We can't have it all.
I hope you do write oneshots of this though. Like what happened to Draco and is he still friends with Harry? What happened to Lucius?
Ahh, it's brilliant. Just wonderful. This epilogue is the best!
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