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HarleyM23 chapter 14 . 6/3
Gray Jedi 4000 chapter 14 . 2/4
You need to update this now.
maripaz6 chapter 14 . 1/31
OMG OMG OMG This is a freaking amazing story! I feel like I'm learning so much from this, especially about writing OCs. (I've never dared before, but I may try now!) Anyways, everyone is completely in character. Even the OCs are in character, and that's saying something. I feel like I've known them forever, even though they were just introduced about 40k words ago.

And LOL Bryce falling in love with Avatar after a marathon. I actually did that to my cousins once, and they came away singing the show's praises -much like Bryce himself.

I adore your Azula. She's hilarious. Also, I'm so glad you finally put Mai in! It was quite amusing (for some unknown reason) for her to be instructing Bryce on staying in character. I don't know why. It just was. And will Jet make an appearance later on?

Also, it's too late to join any of these contests and review-reply session, isn't it. You're reposting the story, so I can't join in any of the activities. Right? I'd love to play along, but it seems I can't. Oh well. I'll go dig up some fanfics for the Avatar Elite or read my way through your community.
Gray Jedi 4000 chapter 7 . 7/27/2016
Pichaw wins.
While I was reading this, you gave me a sudden revelation - IC means IN CHARACTER! You have changed my life forever! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Sayuri Vessalius chapter 14 . 6/28/2016
This chapter is so funny! I love Mai's sarcastic brand of humor (even though she isn't trying to be funny, that's just how she is XD) My favorite books are

The Shadow of the Dragon series by Kate O'Hern (a.k.a: the only books I have EVER reread (that's a big deal for me))

Any Rick Riordan. Seriously. Anything with his name on it. I would read his diary.

The Pegasus series (also by Kate O'Hern)

The I Am Number Four series by Pittacus Lore (even though that's not his real name, it's just what it says on the books.

The 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey (best sci-fi I ever read!)

Keep writing pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssse! 33333333
Melody Sparrow chapter 14 . 6/26/2016
So, since I didn't have much to say in the beginning of reading this chapter, I thought I could wait until I read the whole chapter to comment on things. Except, that isn't possible when I find out that Fyre is gonna go sky diving. For real. (In fiction.)
Other than that, Bryce actually seems like a pretty decent person. I wonder why Zach doesn't like him... and his appreciation of Mai? Ace. A to him. Mai is a Fave, she belongs to her own category of Flawless.
What?! He drew/painted/created art of the dragons? Wow. This kid has now been officially taken out of (my personal) fan-probation and is deemed worthy of being in this fic (by me). Zach, you'll have to explain why he's such a bad guy. (no really, I sincerely wanna know!)
Lovely chapter, this one (honestly, I'd say this for everyone, but then I'd be quite repetitive and that is not fun)! I always want Mai, but getting to know more about Bryce actually went well ;D The lists this time are, as always, totally relevant and necessary to the fandom!
By the way, your characters in this fic are totally IC, Summer. ;)
Favorite books? Hmmm... I've got tons! (I've listed some on my profile, but I might as well announce it here, too :) )
Okay. My favorite is a sort of sci-fi novel, *Ultraviolet* by R.J. Anderson, and its (independent, I think) sequel *Quicksilver* is also really good!
The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent trilogy, Delirium trilogy, Matched trilogy, books by Rainbow Rowell, all of Ally Carter's books (series: The Gallagher Girls, Heist Society, and the Embassy Row series. The drama, mystery, everything in these books is EPIC, even though they're different series!), Harry Potter (of course ;D), and don't forget! Percy Jackson and his gang (but not Gaang xP). Again, I have read lots of books and love like all the ones I read, but these are what I have come up with for now. :)
After having binge-read (and reviewed) this fic, I shall take a long-past-deadline break! xD As always, I am looking forward to the next chapter with all of its crazy shenanigans!
See ya!
*Reviewer out* :P
Melody Sparrow chapter 13 . 6/26/2016
*Gasp!* I'm an Azula-approved reviewer? (But... I hadn't reviewed any of the chapter when that was written...) Either way, THIS IS AWESOME! :D I will cherish this information forever! 3
(Don't tell Ellie and Zach, but I ship them. I'm not yet sure though if they're OTP or BROTP, as in bros) (Also, I use parentheses way too much xD)
"We don't get flames ... We get ashes." Whoa! That flame will never last. I see now why being Azula-approved means more than you'd ever expect... Am I flame/ashes proof now? ;D
"Comic relief in this chappie too dawg!" Haha, this will totally be my new phrase xD "Eh yo, did you think this new chapter was a wee biton the serious side?" "Naw bro, there was totes lots of comic relief in this chappie too dawg!"
*Gasp!* DJ Lala isn't legit? No! And here I thought he was just for comic relief! Instead, he had ULTERIOR MOTIVES! Either way, Ellie and Zuko had a... nice time, at least.
After having read all of these chapters so far, it is making my itch to write grow stronger! Let's see what happens with that (after I get some sleep xD I seriously do not recommend staying up for more than... I dunno, just don't stay up late at night).
Last chapter, HERE I COME!
Melody Sparrow chapter 12 . 6/26/2016
I'll keep this review simple (last one had enough for two chapters Cx). This is a really funny chapter. Good job, Fyre (and Summer ;) ). Once again, the lists are great! They bring questions and perspectives on how a person's character is. Looking forward to the next chapter! C:
Melody Sparrow chapter 11 . 6/26/2016
First of all: LIFE SIZE JENGA! That sounds awesome. B) And then we've got Summer needing everything to be perfect according to her plans. Everything's totally in character. :) And the first list is great! Nice tips. *thumbs-up*
Haha, Azula and Mai battling it off at... JENGA! But Azula just not caring about fangirls fangirling is my favorite part (so far). And it is perfect having Ty Lee teaching the creativity, since I think it is the closest writing gets to flexibility and stuff, since you can be flexible with your imagination. ;D
(I realized I wrote First of all without thinking about Second of all, so... Here it is!) ! I looove historical stories, and a Civil War one would be totally awesome! And think about it, BENDING would be a part of everything! (You'd have Abraham Lincoln all like, Freedom for all (that is, slaves)! But also, maybe Benders have abused their power? And throughout history, if a slave had bending, maybe there were consequences like being separated to a special bending-working-camp thing or something! This is so exciting!)
Anyway... Back to reviewing!
The rest of the story prompts are great! I haven't really written any fics, but I would so read these ideas.
(And then Zach shouted back "Character development"! My new favorite thing in this chapter :D)
I love how the lists are incorporated in the story in such a special way. The characters really listen to the lists, and so do the audience. It adds to the feel of everything being in a story instead of just helpful lists for aspiring fanfic authors (and writers in general ;D). I also enjoy how the characters get their moment - they move the chapter along - before they go through another list.
"Everyone looked at the ground." And then Laura clarified. It took me a second to understand, but when I did - man, this is genius! Breaking the fourth wall this way.
A competition? (In italics) *I can write that historical fic!? :DDD*, the deadline was half a year ago :( (that's kinda funny though xD it was for real in December 2015 :P)
Whoa-ho-ho! Sooo much dramaaaa! (Also, who is newcomer, Bryce McCoy? No offense, McCoy, but if Zach is threatened by you I cannot trust you. Yet.) And yet another also, FYRE? :DDD Things are gonna be awesome!
Lastly, these lists are truly helpful for writing! You've done a great job with your lists, Summer (and the story as a whole)!
(Sorry for this super long review! Hopefully it hasn't been too bothersome.) :) And for real the last thing I'll say, my favorite prompt (although I like all of them) is probably the history one, as shown by my ranting above ;D )
Melody Sparrow chapter 10 . 6/26/2016
Aww, poor Laura. The poor girl just wanted to learn how to write better, not have a crazy field trip to the literal middle of nowhere!
I must agree with Aang on this being a good lesson! While I do know this stuff, it's always great to read it again and re-learn. ;) These lists are really helpful for the future, whenever I decide to write something.
('Tis the end of this review, so I must be daring with a question: Don't I always write amusing reviews? XD)
Melody Sparrow chapter 9 . 6/26/2016
Okay, before I even start the chapter, I noticed that one of the reviewers' user names is 'Flappapow'. That's like, a tribute to this story (or something xD).
...Aaaaand then the first sentence I read is: "The melody of Moonlight Sonata tinkled in Belmont's music room". And I cry. Perfection!
And then I read the next sentence, and ZACH is the one playing?! (I'm sooo jealous right now, if you didn't notice! xD)
(Ha, I forgot about freaking out over every sentence. I'll keep reading now. :P) Also, "...remind Summer not to let certain FCP members escape her basement". Genius! :D (Also also, creepy Lo and Li! Totally in character!)
Whoa. I just got mind-blown, 'cuz I remember audience and purpose from English class! xD But I must read on! ('Cuz I just got to the first list when I remembered English ;P)
Hahaha, Zach can't leave the old ladies on their own. He feels responsible for any damage they might do if left unattended.
This list about the audience is really helpful! We have not really gone through everything in so much detail when we did Audience and Purpose in class, so this is awesome! :D
This has been a really long review, so next chapter, here I come!
Melody Sparrow chapter 8 . 6/26/2016
First of all, congratulations on winning the pageant! :D (I sort of wish I knew about it earlier so I could vote, but since you won I guess it doesn't matter too much ;D)
Second, do I sense a love triangle setting its roots? ...Or, angles? Heh, trying to make a geometry joke... :P And I know I said I don't dig love triangles, but this situation is quite... intriguing. C: I do want to see where it leads. xP
Gotta keep going! Next chapter, here I come! :)
P.S. These are great tips about Beta Reading. Very informative (and yes, understandable for teens!).
Melody Sparrow chapter 7 . 6/26/2016
! First question, after reading the first paragraph of this chapter: Did the Avatar characters travel through a... portal or something? !
Okay, Back to reading!
Ooooh, the drama between characters! And they only talked for like, three minutes before filming started. XD
Hahaha, for tip #1 I can just imagine the chaos that this must look like in a web-show. Katara fuming, Laura freaking out. Cx (And this is just the beginning :O)
And then Zach! Just managing to spit the line out: "It is acceptable, I suppose." Probably frowning when he had to say 'suppose'. And then Awkward!Summer xD
(At tip #4 right now, and I HAVE to google! *moments later* NOOO I CAN'T ZUUUKOOOO HAS A MOUSTACHE AND it's epic. Truly epic. Like, the first picture there is real dramatic: Zuko surrounded by fire but WITH A MOUSTACHE! Legendary.)
... No offense Summer, but love triangles are not a favorite of mine. (Sorry! :) )
Me reading reviews: YES FLY INTO THE SUNSET JUst don't. Um. Don't fly to close to the sun. (*cough* like Icarus. *cough*)
...Also, I can't take a side or I would be on Sokka's and Zuko's bad sides... so, um, KING BUMI IS THE BEST! He seems like an unaffiliated party! So there B)
Melody Sparrow chapter 6 . 6/26/2016
Great tea analogy! It makes total sense to the reader (and not like when Zuko tried that one time in the Boiling Rock episode xD (I ain't judging though, Zuko)) (By the way I really love tea so I would like any analogy or tea metaphor. 'Tis greatness).
Aww, Laura is such a cute character! I think it's awesome how each character really is their own character, and because of that the readers can see the differences between them (the big question, will they get along?)! Huh, I wonder how it'll be when Zach meets Summer and Ellie, since they go to the same school... I wonder if Zach knew about the girls being Avatar fans. Or if the girls knew Zach wrote Avatar fanfiction... xD
Ooooh, they're gonna write romance together? This seems like it'll be soooo much fun! :D Can't wait :)
Forwards I go! .
Melody Sparrow chapter 5 . 6/26/2016
Haha, Zach's character handled Azula pretty well! This is not what I expected, so that's a great plot twist. XD
(I can't believe Azula called him Zayn!)
*glances from side to side as I, a.k.a Reviewer, slowly hides in a hole* *also Reviewer whispers* Yes I managed to hide from the wrath of Azula! Also... IthinkIreviewprettywell. *more glances* Nooneheardthat. *hides even more* Nobody. *barely even a whisper even more* NobodyfromPercyJacksonnnnnnn! *puff of smoke*
Anyway! I think we need to add 'weird reviews' to that list, so this one comes into a category that suits it... Next chapter! :P
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