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liz chapter 28 . 12/10
I really like the first 10 chapters or so. You handle the buildup to their relationship beautifully. It just bugs me that the Trio are written too out of character. I can't see Hermione ever being OK with Malfoy calling her a bitch or stupid every other sentence and with him being incredibly rude and disrespectful to Harry and Ron.

The whodunit part starts out very nicely as well, but I can't stand seeing Hermione, for lack of a better word, not very sharp. She completely ignored the warning from Flint about looking closer in their circle. As an Auror, she should have known that any clues are valuable and hiding them because she was embarrassed and scared just doesn't make sense.

I understand it's hard to write a convincing murder mystery; the clues need to be there for readers to attempt to solve, but they can't be too obvious. I thought Blaise might be the killer after Flint's hint and knew for sure when he was at the Ministry when Justin was killed. The fact and NO ONE suspects him besides Flint is also another dead giveaway. It's almost like you made Hermione ignore Flint's caution on purpose. Your other hints about him (prejudices, lust after Hermione) have been subtle enough for a while to make my doubts waver here and there, but the way you describe Blaise has changed quite a bit in the past 2-3 chapters. At this point, if he's not the killer, I'll be very much shocked.

Having said all that, I still think it's a nice story with great potentials. Just wish Hermione was a bit more... Hermione-like. In any case, I LOVE Isolation, and Hermione in that story is just simply fabulous. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world!
Bortik11 chapter 36 . 12/5
Love this SO MUCH! The best Dramione fic I've read so far! and trust me, I read lots of them... I was actually crying when I was reading some parts. You are bloody brilliant! I am not sure whether you are going to read this, just you must know that YOU ARE GENIUS WRITER! Hope you happy and content. Guests, don't even doubt on whether to read this fic or not. You just MUST read "Hunted". Must.
lna jt chapter 1 . 11/28
Had a blast! Thank you
caelum chapter 36 . 11/26
Hey, not sure if you will still ever come back, but this story has been brilliant. Bloody brilliant. I also read your other story Insolation and honestly it’s all beyond me. Pardon me but you’re a fucking charmer I swear. I also desperately wish for all these to be officially written in the series, still effing bitter over the lack of a Draco redemption chapter but I think this will suffice...for now. I love the way you wrote narcissa, definitely gave her a lot of personality than she had in the books or movies. Wherever you are, I wish you the best mate
XoxojessA chapter 36 . 11/21
This is by far my favorite fanfic I’ve ever read, well done.
TelaVised22 chapter 35 . 11/18
I’m so sad. I want to cry. It’s over. I’m addicted to dramione now because of you. It’s like a need. I read it every day when I wake up, on the bus to and from school, in the evening, when I need breaks from school and before I go to bed. Thank you, you writing has weirdl made me feel happy and ok again. It’s been a hard year and your writing has made the end awesome. Thanks for everything
TelaVised22 chapter 34 . 11/18
IM ON THE LAST CHAPTER NOOOO️Why does it have to ennndddddd
TelaVised22 chapter 33 . 11/18
MWAHAHA I GUESSED IT FROM THE START YAASSSSS. I had my doubts but I knew from like chapter 4 or something like that. I’m so proud of myself. I loved how u mad SPOILER ALERT two killers because when I suspected Blaise I had my doubts cause he was with Malfoy at one of the murders but it all makes sense now. I hope the girls are alright. I don’t want it to end tho. Thanks for writing this
TelaVised22 chapter 27 . 11/17
Ok so ive had my suspicions from the begin that it could be Blaise, but then the whole him being with Draco playing quidditch thing stuffed me up. I haven't read any of the comments so i won't see who it is. Im sad its coming to an end but im enjoying binge reading your fanfics! I read Isolation in a week - mind you i had school and exams during that time - and this has been read in a similar time frame. If anyone has any suggestions for a new fanfic than please let me know cause im addicted!
TeleVised02 chapter 24 . 11/17
OH MY GOD WOMAN THE AMOUNT OF CLIFF HANGERS OOOOO the one on chapter 24 tho my word. Btw I’m watch the order of Phoenix cause what else do you do an a Friday night
Missnoseinabook chapter 36 . 11/15
Hey I stumbled upon this masterpiece of a story by chance and I adored it. My only issue is that someone ruined the ending/ cliffhanger of the story by detailing what happened so I was unable to completely submerge myself fully into the story.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/6
Best part of this chapter for me was Draco's description of hermione's dress as 'the one with the sodding buttons '
And when draco regards the television as the muggle box was hilarious
DallasWinstonLove chapter 1 . 11/5
as many others; i found this because of isolation (and ive actually realized ive read a few of your one shots as well!)
this fic was just great
it was thrilling, it was exciting, jist wow
all from character development to the plotline! its seldom people manage to actually write a proper crime story in a fanfiction

but this was amazing

i also loved that it was blaise
i was starting to think so but then i was so in doubt
and at one point i was like daymn what if its caleb even
i trusted no one
it was a really unqiue story
and i wished i could turn back time ans read it once more!
Shymmeri chapter 36 . 10/26
I was right, but it doesn't even matter. Bravo! Bravo! Wonderfulest ending ever 3
Shymmeri chapter 27 . 10/25
If I've been right about the killer for the last several chapters, I'm gonna be sO MAD. DANG IT. SUCH A GOOD STORY.
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