Reviews for A Perfect Day
SnowHelm chapter 1 . 5/23/2013
Lovely. Very sweet.
NonOmnisMoriar chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Simply amazing! You have such a great gift for storytelling.

Thank you for creating another wonderful little gem of a story.

Jedi Padme chapter 1 . 8/4/2010
*melts in to a happy puddle * I loved this, just LOVED IT. It makes me happy to read some nice mush now and then, and this was great. I'm so glad Adean and Alistair get a happy ending. I always figured any daughter of Alistair's could wrap him around her finger. perfect charaterizations. I just adore your Leliana, I can't wait for more pieces.
Bert8813 chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
extra fluffy i loved it!
leogrl19 chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
I like this! 'Tis so adorable - EXACTLY what I expect from Leliana!

It's also nice to read a Leliana/male Warden fic on here - I love the chick with anyone who wubs her, but it's nice to see a guy as her lover too. :)

Awesome job, darling!
nobrandonme chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
It's nice to have a simple happy story like this between the bigger ones. Like always it's written incredibly well and I love how it takes place about 4-5 years after "Gifts". So happy there is a confirmation that your going to keep writing..