Reviews for Angel 2
planet p chapter 1 . 8/26/2010
Well, he was her father. Not biologically, maybe, but he was, still. Jarod would know what she felt like, surely. He'd been taken away from his parents and given into the care of Sydney, who he came to consider as his parent, but then he realised Sydney was never going to outwardly show that he cared about him as a parent might care for their child because this could be dangerous for them both. Nobody said Miss Parker's father wasn't allowed to care for her, at least, that was a choice he made for himself, wasn't it, how much care he was prepared to show his child or not.

(Though, I thought she might also have mentioned that her mother was dead, as well as Thomas, who had seen her in an affectionate light. Oh, and Faith. Still, Debbie isn't dead, and neither is Brigitte's baby, so far as we know. Also, there's Jarod and Angelo, too, who are her friends, even when she doesn't ask for them to be or doesn't want them to be. And Sydney and Broots care for her, so it's not as though she hasn't got anyone who cares for her, if she'd just open up and allow herself to see this. Although, I guess, in the sense that they see her as innocent and all, well, maybe Debbie would still see her as that, but the others are all old enough to know that no-one is really innocent in this world... not like as people consider kids to be, and, yeah, her dad would always still be able to remember when she was a kid, though he couldn't really think she's innocent, either, as he was the one helping lead her down the path to making so many bad decisions that she'd made... he wanted her to come back to Blue Cove to look for Jarod, he was blackmailing her with this silly deal he'd made up... Find Jarod and you can be free, so - wow - a great parent, but maybe it was only right that he gave her the same amount of leeway she'd given him...)

Okay, I'm rambling; interesting, anyway.