Reviews for Apartment Hunting
gleek12384 chapter 1 . 7/3
Great work!
DarXe chapter 1 . 6/24/2014
Very cute, thanks for the smile.
Bkwrmchar chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
Thanks for a cute story.
girlnextdoor15 chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
Sweet, sweet, sweet!
Lazielow chapter 1 . 10/28/2010
Awesome job !
Swishla chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
This so begs for a sequel as Olivia has to be tortured through furniture shopping, decorating and gasp, actually moving in! Thanks for the smile today!
CoolNik chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
Great story - your writing is so clear and interesting, I can just imagine the new apartment.

I am going to review your other L&O stories now!

Thanks for keeping on with your writing!
momo0424 chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
Lol! I like this! Very good!
mariskarox44 chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
HAHA that was cute...
Rach5 chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
great story. Loved how you included Casey in this.
lovesfemslash chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
Ha Ha very good. I would love to see a sequel, you know moving in day or something like that. Well done.
Azure Adams chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
I take it this is going to be a multipart story...very nice
Zivacentric chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
This is great! Love the interaction between them, and you've written this so well I can just picture it. Hoping there's more!
Nita chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
Good start! Great to see Casey in a positive role in an AO fic. Looking forward to more.