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lacomtessa chapter 12 . 7/21
Gaaaaaah! Don't die, Nagihiko!
Lila chapter 12 . 7/17
In a fandom where good fics are scarce, this is a beautiful shimmer of hope. The obvious knowledge of the culture, the colorful vocabulary, and the sofisticated tone really makes this good. Keep it up!
clockless night chapter 12 . 7/17
Always a pleasure to read an update. Can’t wait for more!
Sayumii chapter 12 . 7/16
Jesus that was intense :o so Nagihiko is the son of general Yamabuki? Or the general just wants him to make Fusijaki suffer?
Thank you for another amazing chapter
Anaheim chapter 12 . 7/15
Thank you so much for posting and continuing thisssss I've been reading your fanfictions since forever and the fact that you're still writing this despite the amount of time it takes you to is... Amazing? You're amazing. This story is amazing. Thank u
nadenagi chapter 1 . 7/15
Ahh an update! Here goes a play-by-play...

I feel sympathy for these girls. I, too, cannot walk in heels and have trouble finding dresses with backs.
"It was the feeling of holding back tears, but something spikier, with harder edges" this description is so good. I've never seen it so well described.
"In twenty years...would I regret not laughing with my friends while I still could?" Tbh people need to consider this more often. And do I sense some foreshadowingNadeshiko flattered her, in a stupid voice." I'm laughing, this and "lamented fakely" were comedic lines that caught me off guard
Also everyone likes Kukai. Honestly, why not, Kukai is great
"Nadeshiko floated back, rolled up in silk like a sausage casing" another brilliant line. Did I mention how much I love Rima's metaphors? You craft such perfect metaphors.

So it appears I got caught up in reading and here I am at the end so here are some parts I particularly likedRima's monologue about her loneliness and Amu
The description of Fuyuki. As soon as you mentioned the hair I knew it was him
Philosophy about people seeing their own flaws in others
Fuyuki talking to Rima in the rain
Yaya interaction
This chapter was filled with the stuff I love about this story: blunt Rima, heart-to-hearts, and references to the war backdrop. At the end though...the story seems like it's at a major turning point. Quite a reason for Nagi to be raised as a girl, if it is...
This is exciting (but sad. I teared up a lot.) I'm super interested to see where this is going!

Also I believe I may truly be living on an alien planet, as I have no idea what happened in a certain part.
nadenagi chapter 11 . 6/22
(I read this story on ao3 and the formatting there is beautiful! It really does look like a book, and it works really well for the historical themes.)
This story is really, really good. Honestly, it could be a published book instead of fanfiction. Every time I sit down to reread a part, I end up rereading an entire chapter, because the writing is so amazing and the plots are compelling. I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said, but I love this fic and it deserves every single review, fav, and follow that it's gotten.
lacomtessa chapter 11 . 3/21
I love this story so much! The line about Rima crushing young boys underfoot made me laugh.
saebest chapter 11 . 3/20
Your writing is as eloquent and amazing as ever. I was genuinely planning to do a cursory skim of the beginning of the chapter and later continue the rest, but I was sucked in and ended up reading the entire chapter in one go. Your writing is very addicting, and I can't get enough of it. It's so professional in a way that feels more professional than professionals, and I have no idea how experienced you are in writing fiction, but do so well that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you've been writing period fiction since you were a tiny child.

Okay - I would be surprised, but it would make sense and that's what counts.

You have a really skillful way of weaving words together that everything reads smoothly, and the image being projected goes into my head without trouble. Being able to share mental pictures of how things would look and play out is incredibly hard for period fiction, especially if the reader hasn't even brushed up on any history revolving around that particular time period and place. In which I haven't, but every time I read a new chapter I find myself wanting to learn more about all of this! Above all, I really appreciate how much Like A Lady has opened my eyes to cultural history in other parts of the world.

May I also say that I absolutely love how you write Rima? I'm sure it's been said hundreds of times, but the way you write her feels flawless. Not only does she feel so in-character, especially considering her different circumstances, but her as the narrator of this story is so perfect. She is more invested in her personal life than the outside world, yes, but that only serves to really highlight how important and huge the events happening in the outside world are. They're coming closer and closer to her now, and it's becoming evident that her personal life is being mixed with the outside world whether she wants it or not. Not only that, but this story is obviously picking up in very serious drama, and Rima's narration balances that heaviness with her own light humor and unique viewpoint. A narration from anyone else for this story would simply not work as well as Rima's does, purely because of the way you write her. Although I'm sure you could make it work with anyone else if you really wanted to, haha.

I'm glad to see Like A Lady has recently been getting more attention, it seems. At least it looks that way on Tumblr :)
I actually went through your pinterest board before this chapter, so I could get in the right mindset. I love all the pins you've chosen! Also, is it weird that I read the chapter on AO3 and then review for it here? I really appreciate the formatting on AO3 but also feel that this story has the potential of getting more attention here, so I like to add another review to the count over here instead. I hope that's not a bother in any way. Thanks for writing!
yellin at u chapter 1 . 1/8
HEY did someone yell at you to update yet haha because HERE I AM, WHEN'S THAT UPDATE COMING? I WANNA SEE RIMA'S OMIAI LOL (the whole thing about plot revision is raising red flags for me. vaguely... ;;)
Guest chapter 10 . 10/21/2017
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Every vote counts. Thank you! _
saebest chapter 10 . 10/15/2017
I love this story so much. The way you write is elegant, and yet easily hilarious - since it matches Rima's inner voice so well. The tension is very real right now. Time is pressing, and pressing... And so is the war. Mentions of Hiroshima make me nervous everytime.

I'm so glad that we got to learn more about Rima. I love Rima, especially the way you write her, and wow she's got such an interesting past! The way things wrapped up when she explained it all blew my mind. It explains so many earlier mysterious. I feel like Nagihiko and her have reached another level in their friendship. When she was making the comment about how her being mixed race allowed his mother to let her room with him, my mouth literally opened in shock. It wasn't all that surprising, really, but the way Rima revealed it and the way it all came together was really amazing.

When Rima made that comment about mistresses I nearly started screaming. I love her so much. I sincerely hope for a happy ending aaaaahhh... I know if that's going to happen though, there's a lot that needs to be done.

I've also noticed that slowly, they're starting to see each other in a way that is more mindful of their gender and the possibilities. I feel like it's going to be a little difficult for these two to not appear closer when they go back to school.

Thank you so much for updating. I know you're probably busy, and have a life of your own, and I'm sure all the readers really appreciate your dedication to this story.
NOOOOO chapter 10 . 9/20/2017
Choco chapter 10 . 9/2/2017
I checked in to catch up/reread this and I'm so happy you're scheduled to post another chapter in a few days 3

I'm really enjoying how the two of them are becoming more aware of each other as the opposite sex and like, did I mention this before? but I love how the words you/Rima uses to describe Nagihiko change depending on what gender role he matches more closely to ("broad hands" from one of the previous chapters in particular sticks with me).

Also I'm sooo hyped that we learned about Rima's family situation as not just an heiress but a bastard child and that it's slid into context with the very setup of the story. It puts so much more depth into her character (not saying that she didn't have depth before-but now I can appreciate parts of her personality/beliefs more!).
I'm like, seriously appreciative of how just this one detail sets up a ton of obstacles in the future-it gives credit to the fortune teller's predictions (and thus gives credit to Nagi dying overseas in his twenties? I call bullshit, it's probably his life as Nadeshiko that dies... it's gotta be that... not like he'll be drafted into the army right... there's a war heating up, shiiiiit) and also firmly places both of their mothers in the "do not approve" category if they get around to discussing marriage.

Putting their relationship progression aside though, the whole business about miai also wakes them up to their duties as people who will no longer be children and introduces the possibility of a tone shift? Suddenly Rima is more aware of her role in the family businesses, and what seemed like irrelevant overseas trends have now lifted off the fronts of newspapers to smack her in the face with the prospect of moving away. It'll probably fade into the background when she goes back to school but maybe it won't, I dunno what I'm talking about lol

I'm really looking forward to future chapters (more marriage politics? people maturing? impacts of war, business trends, etc.?)

I can't believe Emi was Kusukusu all along, even though it isn't the hardest thing to guess lol
A first I thought Nagihiko was casually asking for Rima's bride-price like "demand your price (and I'll pay it)," but then he brought up how Nobuki had correctly stated that she had one. Which makes a lot more sense lol
In the scene where the two of them talked about debt, I got confused when Rima asked how to repay her debt to Nagihiko because the previous dialogues were all about Nagihiko's debt to Rima, and only her thoughts detailed his gestures of kindness to her. If that makes sense. nbd cuz I understood it in the end, but since you mentioned having left some warts in it...

pls excuse me while I spend a good part of this weekend rereading from the very beginning heheh
hueri chapter 10 . 8/11/2017
THANK youuu! My favorite line among the throng of other flashy Rima thoughts is; 'like a monkey trying to pretend it knew how to eat.' (Could Nagihiko have interpreted that wrong /wink wink. Bride price, huh? I still have this little hope that there would be romance between our little friends.)
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