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Rainclaw chapter 6 . 7/1/2011
k heres my sonic person! Hope u like her!

Name: Rain the cat

Species: cat

gender: female, girl, woman, chic, ect

Age: 16

Appearance: She a blue cat (a shade lighter than sonic)with black tiger stripes, with claws and fangs. She usely wears a white or blue t-shirt with a sliver rain drop in the middle. She always wears black pants, and white and sliver sneakers. Only jewlery she has is a small blue gem on a gold chain

Personality: The four words the describe her personalitybest are, sarcastic, cocky, determide, loyal, and brave. When you first meet her, she cold, harsh, sarcastic, and unfriendly. But once you get to know her, she loyal, friendly, funny, and nice. She will stand up for anyone, and is not scared to say what one her mind. Even if it gets h

er in a LOT of trouble. She's very tough, and never gives up without a fight. She's a great and loyal friend, and would sacrifce her-self for her friends.

Abilites: her powers are like Blazes (cant think of the word right now) but as power over water/liquids. She can maker water appear out of thin air, she can sense where water is and what's in it (salt, dirt spit, you get the picture) she can raise or lower the temperature of the water. She can make

a big eave crash down on people. She can control the fluids in peoples body, and make them move to her comand. When she uses her power, her eyes glow dark blue.

History: She as always been second best to her brother. Her parents fawn over her brother, abd point out her faluts. Her parents pretty much hate her, and she hates them back. She went to the school to get away from it all. She

dose have a bit of a dark side, because of her parnet ignoring and abusing her. She treats her friend like her family. Her mother hates her more, and her father just ignors her.

Favorites: her fav color is blue and silver, she like wachting the sun rise. And her best friend would be shadow, or dargonfire. And mabey blaze.

I really really hope you like her. You can chose romance if you want, (i don't care who) you can chose her room mate, you can decide on anything, that I didn't say.

Good luck on your story I luv it! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Kaori chapter 6 . 4/24/2011
Hey! Pick Me!

Name: Kaori



appearance: wears black/white/gray jeans, red/blue sneakers (from sonic riders, sonics sneakers) turquois sunglasses,

Fact: Kaoris eyes change color because of how she feels, which also gives a certain power.

(emotion: eye color:

sad: blue

mad: red

shy: gray

happy: green

embarrassed: turquois

she loves extreme gear races, she loves regular races, she is as fast as shadow. also she has so much chaos power almost rivalling the ultimate lifeform.
Justalittlebatty13 chapter 6 . 12/29/2010
I like this story. It has been well written so far. But,I was kinda interested on why you made Sonic the antagonist. I think it's good that way. But I was just wondering...
luxlow chapter 6 . 10/10/2010
good chapter, some mistakes but that can be edited out. Try and add a more less predictable plot, espically for people like me who know you and ur bizzare but creative imagination. Dont limit yourself to writing about things that other people have done. Dont just make up characters to add and call it a new adventure. Create a whole new place, like anthrove high or what ever it was, but dont have characters already used. Create new OC's for a completly new story with an imaginative storyline. Look for example of that story where you use humans, but you still use the idea of hedgehogs. Just try steering away from the idea of sonic and branch out your imagination into the abyss, and u never know what will happen. BTW, try adding Wintor into it aswell
luxlow chapter 2 . 10/10/2010
"personal sings to let" oh they gonna sing to each other? ahaha, i suggest u proof read over it, yes i know, im not perfect, but knowbody is really. It seems like a inbetween chapter, sort of like "the house elf liberation front" in harry potter 4, kinda useless. I think your basing this too much off school. I know teachers are always saying write what you know, but really they are using reverse physcology on us, to tell us dont do that. Try to have longer chapters please. When writing like this,

it seems like your trying to make this sentance more noticable

in which is does, and it makes it seem you dont really know much about techniques, which i know isn't true. Try using longer paragaphs and varying sentance structure. Like have short sentances building up to a climax or something interesting, then using a long sentance to explain what it means .
Nega-Bowser chapter 6 . 9/13/2010
Jake the Hedgehog

Color Black with blue and red stripes on his back. His past is a mystery and he doesn't talk about at all. He has anger problems and always rushes into a fight almost always he wins. He is loyal to his friends and will never betry them. Plus he has no idea how powerful he is but he does know that he is powerful enough to transport the whole city to a differnt location limit of how far he doen't know. Plus I would stay on his good side if I where you.
sonic.girl242 chapter 6 . 9/8/2010
love the story OK here one of my characters.

Name: Echo Miku Chameleon

Gender: Female

Species: Chameleon

Appearance: Tall, thin and extremely long legged and slender. dark purple main body, with black hair just above her shoulders, one long thin plait which starts as two either side of head and joins together at the back to form one that reaches to just above her knees. Eyes are golden with the slightest hint of green. Usual clothes are a white and purple flowery short, sleeveless kimono with a golden band tied in a huge bow around her waist and under her bust. Long black gloves with gold bands at the top of her arms. Black straps of her under top can be clearly seen falling down and she always wears black boots that go over her knee and also have thin gold bands at the top and don't forget her black choker with a white diamond raindrop charm. (Also a worn, leather jacket that was a gift from a friend)

Personality: Echo is quite a serious girl who has a strong sense of loyalty. Though she gives off a serious aura, if she lets you get close to her then she will immediately be friendlier and always someone to come to if your're feeling down and need a chat. She is obsessed with action RPG's and often makes comments about what life would be like if it was one, yelling out attack names when she attacks and giving off a lot of victory cries. She likes drawing but usually her drawing turn into a variety of animé characters. She sometimes gets lost in her own world and needs bringing back to earth but won't tolerate anyone not listening to her. Though she has a dark past and never speaks of her family, she says that her friends are her family now and that's all she needs. She is guaranteed to keep a calm head in battle.

Abilities: Highly trained in martial arts (From hand-to-hand to weapons) and can access the powers of the elements (all be it at a basic level)to attack and heal her friends (Elemental attacks are often given names which she yells whilst doing them such as flaming cross, elemental heal and water-cooler(this involves freezing an enemy in a solid block of ice or just a thin covering depending on how much power she has built up)). However she needs the jacket with her to do this. She has the ability to "see without seeing" making her an extremely good person to have on your team if you get stranded in darkness. She feels the vibrations of the air and earth to figure out what's going on around her. Being a chameleon she is naturally stealthy and can turn invisible for unlimited periods of time. Also she knows how to hack computers and pick locks (a skill she learnt from her friend who gave her the jacket.)

Back story: Originally born in the far east, echo was trained from an early age in how to fight and since learned ninja skills putting her at the top of her clan. She was sent on secret mission to observe and befriend mobians of westernised culture. However when a battle saw her clan vs her friends she chose her friends as she always fights for what she believes to be right regardless of who is on the team. Because of this act she was banished and had been living with her blind friend Maria. Echo taught Maria how to fight and see and Maria taught her how to bend the elements and how to pick locks and hack into any computer. They formed a strong friendship and when echo had to leave Maria gave her her leather jacket and explained that once she left the magical force she had been sharing with echo would leave her, meaning Echo would be unable to control the elements but the jacket contained residual energy and as long as she had that, she would be able to use her magic. Echo has since been travelling the world making many friends until eventually settling in central city(where she originally stationed by the Shin-Jun clan to which she belonged). She can never see her real family again as she is forbidden from ever returning to the far east and they are forbidden from contacting her. But Echo doesn't mind. As long as she has her friends and her memories she feels she can 'take on the world!'
luxlow chapter 5 . 8/24/2010
name: Vintor

species: Angel

status: Knight but sometimes a scholar, Angel of Light and Hope

age: looks like a 16 year old but thousands of years old


appearance: Gold wings, Blonde hair, white tuxedo, gold shield with a tree diplayed in the middle, Hold a Gold short sword in right hand, has a bow and a quiver of arrows hanging from shoulder

Personality: Highly intellegent, extremly loyal, does not show emotions often, often withdrawn and quiet (reprecussion of being in the War of the Immortals - Will write a chapter/short story bout it later. Half way finished now peoples!)

theme song(s): The Times are changing - Bob Dylan (from the Watchman soundtrack), Calling all Angels - Sarah McLachlan and K.

relationships (these are only for Dragonfire):

Dragonfire - friend

Enemies: All beings of evil


- Can fly,

- Klavoyiant (able to see the future),

- Telekinetic

- Telepathic

- Swordsmanship skills

- archery skills

- Immortal

- hand to hand combat

- can turn invisable

- able to create a forcefield made of beams of light (no creature of evil can touch it without dying)

- can restore dead creatures and plants back to life with one touch

- extrodinary healing powers (if ever hurt. NOTE: being immortal does not mean he can't get hurt)

likes: peace, friends, family, music, sleeping, food, and most importantly Hope

dislikes: bullies , murders, fighting, unrest, traitors, having to kill when nessecary

Catchphrase or memorable quote: Light is all powerful, no matter what, look for the light, then hope will guide you back.
sonadow wolf chapter 6 . 7/16/2010
great story but why is sonic being so evil i am so exited to finish reading
Guest chapter 6 . 7/14/2010
Cool! Can't wait to read the next chapter and could I submit a character? Well, I'm going to give you one of my many characters

NAME: Alexandria (Alex for short)

SPECIES: Hedgehog, Wolf, and Fox hybrid

APPEARANCE: Blood red fur, misty gray eyes, black hair with a white streak and is really short (but it's not boy short), red bushy fox tail, hedgehog ears, black and blue striped socks, black boots with red buckles that show the top of her socks, black skirt that is 4 inches above the knee, two studded belts that criss-cross the skirt, black sleeveless shirt, black choker that has a wolf emblem on it, gloves that reach the middle of her upper arm and has red buckles around her wrists and upper arms, and midnight black angel wings

PERSONALITY: Alexandria has a split personality; the first personality is more like Shadow and this is the personality she uses most of the time, but she's a bit more open than Shadow. The second personality is a defense mechanism when she's near the brink of death or the people she cares about are seriously hurt. Her appearance changes a bit in this form (the only thing that changes is her ears and tail; they change into that of a wolfs) She's more vicious and her powers sky rocket and form into black bat wings that grow with her power (she can tell the difference between and foe)

ABILITIES: Alexandria can control any of the elements that she wishes to use, she can read peoples feelings and auras, run as fast as Shadow, and she has incredible strength like Knuckles. She can also fly without the aid of her wings and with them also (but she flies faster than a jet)

HISTORY: Alexandria was abandoned as a little girl because she almost tore apart a whole city when she was in one of her rages. She was always kind though and didn't like it when people are made fun of or were bullied. So, in her hometown of Cadia, she was known as both a monster (the older people) and a savior (the kids and teens). She excels in a lot of things, but she doesn't know how to control her feelings or to make friends, even though she makes them easily. AND SHE'S NOT A MARY SUE! She loves music, art, and singing, so she performs most of the time in one of those tea shops that surround Cadia.

So, what do you think? It may be a bit much, but I had to give a lot of information that wasn't published in one of my stories yet. So, update as soon as you can!
Alec the Dark Angel chapter 6 . 7/11/2010
Things are really getting interesting.

I have a couple OCs that you could use. You can use one or the other...or both.

Name: Alec (AKA Dark Angel)

Species: Dark Chaos Wolf (A wolf who can use 'chaos' abilities)

Appearance: A large black wolf with glowing red eyes. His claws and fangs were exceptionally long and menacing.

Personality: Alec is very protective and will no tolerate the weak and innocent being hurt in anyway. Despite his menacing appearance, Alec is in fact very gentle...just don't get on his bad side.

Abilities: Many Chaos abilities, including Chaos Dash (an alternate form of Chaos Control that quickens time for Alec, giving him super sonic speeds, rather than slow down the rest of the world), And an ability to warp chaos energy into a physical form (his favorite being making himself longer claws, and making himself angelic wings, hence the term 'Dark Angel').

History: Alec has always been known to be a 'lone wolf'. He's never been good with authority figures. This has labeled him 'a disturber of the peace' by G.U.N, even though his intent is to keep the peace.

Name: Cyba

Species: Hedgehog/Android

Appearance: Metal Sonic's body with Shadow's coloration.

Personality: Cyba's personality mirrors Shadow's in many ways. But there are differences. He has a fascination with technology, including himself. He's always trying to find ways to upgrade things...and even himself.

Abilities: Cyba has all the chaos abilities that Shadow has. He also has an ability to control computerized systems. He has a passion for buiding gadgets. He had built the Cyblade (a sword that he inserted cybernetic into to electrify it) and the Cybercycle (a motorcycle built with a design and circuitry that resembled his own that he can control through is own will with his ability to control computer systems).

History: Cyba was originally created by Dr. Eggman to be a 'Metal Shadow' prototype. Eggman created him to be perfect. Eggman made him so perfect, that he gave him free will...bad mistake. Cyba rebelled against his own programming and then Eggman himself. His free will was what Eggman called a glitch in the system...and perhaps it was...and so he was classified as a failure and was deactivated. Somehow, Cyba was able to reactivate himself and give himself a new name.

~The Dark Chaos Wolf, Alec~
1Plot2Story3Editing chapter 6 . 7/11/2010
hows about my OC Jason the hedgehog, he's a purple hedgehog that looks just like sonic he waers a black hoody, baggy jeans, and shose that look like sonics exept the color's much brighter than sonic's.

his personality is a kind and cocyhedgehog that ackts imature most of the time but knows when to be seriouse, and if you piss him off then your going to be sorry.

his abilates are controle over space and time, he can read mindes, and copy the abilaty, personality, voice, and aperinc of any thing he ses and ever saw, he is also the sun of Amy and Sonic from the future, he traviles around every time period in trying to chang a dramatic effect, and rarly ever stayes in his ariginal time period, altho he has goten stuck in a certent time more than once, that is all anyone but he himself knows about his past.
sophie chapter 6 . 7/10/2010
thank u dragonfire for poting me in and team babylon and team chaotix your the best friand i've ever had
sophie chapter 5 . 7/10/2010
don't worry whats dan is dan but im he 4 u
sophie chapter 5 . 7/8/2010
it's sad at the end but it was funny i hat u sonic bye dragonfire
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