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Jlia Antunes chapter 2 . 8/20
I accept this as canon
Inudaughter Returns chapter 3 . 5/18/2016
Inudaughter Returns chapter 1 . 5/18/2016
exactly the story i want to read
liltle chapter 8 . 3/21/2016
I've always wondered myself what would happen if Helga didn't erase her name and I'm glad we have this masterpiece to satisfy our curiosity. I enjoyed this story thoroughly and I can't help myself from smiling giddily at the two especially during the date seeing them having a good time without accident or a slip.

At first I was quite doubtful that Helga could stay herself without slipping but seeing that she did mentioned Cecile and how that turned out nicely, I could see this very convincing now. Seeing that she is such a private person and exposing this side of her to her one true love had me being excited and rooting for her the whole time during the date. I'm glad we get to see this side of her.

The way you portrayed these two nine years old on a date was very convincing. I guess this is why I could smile amusingly at their adorableness during the experiences in their first date. Just imagining the amount of blushes and nervousness they must have suffered during the course of their date, adorable. Nice one!
WoodBruh09 chapter 2 . 3/5/2015
This is a very amazing story! You have written it just how a lot of the characters would say their lines. Fantastic dialogue too. Keep it coming
Butterfree chapter 7 . 2/15/2015
Pft, Helga wanting to watch football as payback. That was ingenious

serendipityrain711 chapter 9 . 3/14/2014
If seems like everytime i read one of your stories i dont think you could do any better...and then i read this gem! This was so amazing with arnold falling in love with helga sigh so perfect i just loved it! :)
Guest chapter 9 . 9/3/2013
3 it! But the boss threw it off tuu up tuu up to date but my fav story I noe I'm gonna catch my self reading it again really cute 3
Victoria chapter 9 . 8/31/2013
i'm reading the sequel right now i hope its good
dariansison chapter 9 . 8/16/2013
Omg I love this fanfiction so much definitely gonna read the sequel right now even tho its almost 4am('; Heh keep up the good work you're the best
anonymous chapter 5 . 7/17/2013
its a great story but the whole console argument and her saying boss isn't something they had in the 90's.
Gottalovecouples chapter 9 . 3/30/2013
Really good. Note: I wrote a story, so you're about to get your LONGEST review yet!

Arnold Loves Helga Chapter 1
It was 3:00 a.m., 1 day before Valentines Day. Helga awoke suddenly, crying her eyes out. She had had a nightmare about Arnold and Lila getting married. Again. "Oh, why, why, why, won't he notice me?! I'm pretty, I'm sweet-well maybe not all the time like Lila is-but that doesn't mean that I'm COMPLETELY cruel! It still doesn't change the fact. The fact that I'm the one, the one who truly loves Arnold. Oh, Arnold, my love, if only you could see me the way I see you. If only, if only." Helga sighed. "Arnold will always go gaga whenever Lila is around. If only I could wave a magic wand and make you see me like I see you. Oh, Arnold." She sighed again. "Wait a second. Madame Blanche! She sold me that out-of-love potion, so maybe..." Helga smiled and started to get dressed. Madame Blanche's Love Potions was an hour on foot, 45 minutes on her bike. "Alright, Helga, old girl. This is it." She got on her bike and sped away.
Chapter 2
"All you need to do is..."
Helga arrived at Madame Blanche's Love Potions at 5:15. The store opened at 5, so she was right on time. "M-Madame B-Blanche?" "Come in, dearie. What can I do for you, child?" Helga looked into the eyes of the kind old lady. "Well, ma'am, it's just I-I want someone I love to live me back! He just doesn't notice me!" Helga broke into tears. "There, there, sweetie. Describe the boy," and Helga did. Ten minutes and 5 dollars later, Helga walked outside. She check her watch. It was 5:45. I really should get home, she thought. She went home.
Chapter 3
"What if..."
Helga walked inside P.S. 118, glancing around. Her usual pink dress seemed pinker than usual, her golden-blonde hair more golden. This is it. He'll finally start loving me! she was mixed with excitement, as well as fear. What if the potion runs out? No way. Madame Blanche said it would never end. Helga smiled.
Chapter 4
Planting the Potion
Helga grabbed the last of the tapioca pudding. Arnold was behind her. As she had hoped, he had wanted it. "Aw, man. There goes the last of the tapioca." Perfect! Helga thought. She slipped out the potion and poured it on the mush. "Arnold, you really like this stuff?" she asked, turning around. "Well, yeah," he responded, a little shocked that she had asked. "Then. Why. Don't. You. Have. Mine." she said, trying to keep calm. Ok, Helga, you can do this. Whatever you do, do NOT get mad at Arnold. "Uh, thanks, Helga." Arnold was surprised. She was never nice to him. "Mmm-mhm-mHm. That's very suspicious, man," Gerald responded. "Whatever, Gerald." Arnold took a bite of his tapioca pudding, staring at Helga. A sudden feeling swept over him, nauseating at first, then it settled down. Gerald noticed Arnold staring at Helga. "Yo, man. What're you staring at Helga G. Pataki for?" Arnold broke gaze. "Sorry, man guess I got distracted." Gerald howled with laughter. "Distracted?! By HELGA?! Oh Lordy!" Arnold glared at his friend. "Don't you dare insult her. Can't you see how lonely she is? I'm going to go sit with her." Gerald stopped laughing immediately. "Whoa, man. We're cool. Stay. I promise I won't laugh at her again." "Thanks, dude. But I'm still going to sit with her. You wanna come? Phoebe is sitting there." Gerald looked at Arnold uncertainly. "Okay, man. I'll come. But only because Phoebe is sitting there." "Thanks, man." Arnold picked up his tray and walked over to Helga's table.
Chapter 5
"Helga, Do You Want To Be My D-date?"
Oh my gosh! Arnold is sitting at MY table! His hand is six inches from mine! Oh! "Hey, Helga. How's it goin'?" Helga was snapped back to reality. "Oh, hiya Football Head. I'm great, thanks for asking." "You're welcome." (Why am I not offended by her calling me Football Head?) Arnold thought. "So, um, Helga, y'know how the Valentines Day Dance is tonight, right?" Arnold couldn't believe it. Was he going to ask Helga G. Pataki to the Valentines Day Dance? "Yeah, what's on your mind?" Helga was hopeful. Maybe...the potion has taken affect. "Well, Helga, maybe you might, wanna, I dunno, go with *cough* me?" (What in the heck is wrong with me?) Arnold thought. (Did I just ask out Helga Pataki?) "Sure, Arnold. I-I mean, whatever floats your boat, Football Head." Oh. My. Gosh. Arnold asked me out! Well, kinda. To a dance. It still counts! "Really, Helga? Thanks a million! I guess I'll pick you up at 6:00?" "Alright, Arnold, I'll see ya then, Football Head." "See ya, Helga." "Ciao, Arnold!"
Chapter 6
"I love you, Helga."
Arnold walked down the street, dressed in a tuxedo his grandpa had given him. He couldn't get mind off of Helga, about the way she had smiled when he asked her to go to the dance with him. "I love you, Helga," he whispered to the night. No one heard him, but he was sure of it with all his heart.
Chapter 7
Ready To Go, or No?
Arnold arrived at Helga's house at 5:45. "Hey Helga. Hi there, Helga. You look nice, Helga. Darn, none of these seem right." He knocked on the door. "Nice dress, dear. Oh, yeah, 'dear'. We aren't even dating!" The door opened and Big Bob Pataki stood at the entrance. " 'Ey there, Shorty. You 'ere for Olga?" "Uh, um, yeah, is she ready?" "She will be in a few. C'mon in. You know women; always taking them sweet time." Arnold nodded, looking around the foyer. He saw many photos of Olga, her smiling while getting an award, her singing at concert. There where no pictures of Helga. "Um, Mr. Pataki-" Arnold began. "Call me Big Bob." "R-right, so, um, how is Helga? I mean, has she changed her mind about, you know, going with me?" Arnold asked, nervous about the answer. "Don't worry-Arnold, isn't it?" Arnold nodded. "Yea, don't worry. Oh, and by the way, I wanna lay down some ground rules. I want you to treat my little lady with respect, got it? And I want her home by at least 11:00. Got it?" "Yes, Mr.- I-I mean, Big Bob." "Daddy, don't embarrass him. He's just here to pick me up." Arnold spun around and stared at Helga. She was BEAUTIFUL! Her hair was down, spilling in a golden waterfall of hair on her shoulders. She was wearing a pink sleeveless dress with a red sash around the waist. She had on makeup, but just enough to barely notice; unlike Rhonda, who wore about 3 pounds a day. "Wow," was all Arnold could say. "Wow." She looked amazing. "Well, don't just stand there, Football Head. We going, or not?" Helga giggled. "U-um, y-yeah, let's-let's go," Arnold stuttered, still memorized by her beauty. "Remember them rules, son," Big Bob called as they walked out the door. "I will, sir," Arnold called. "I will."
Chapter 8
The Dance
Arnold and Helga arrived at the dance. They looked around and saw the whole gang; Gerald and Phoebe, Harold and Patty, Eugene and Sheena, Curly and Rhonda, and Sid and Nadine. They were all hanging out by the snack table, even though music was playing. "Sheesh, why aren't they dancing? It's called a 'dance', after all! They're just sitting there like a rock," Helga said, glancing around the room. "Let's be the first, then," Arnold replied. So they were. Arnold took Helga's hand, and they made their way onto the dance floor, which, even though practically every 4th grader wasn't dancing, was still crowed by 5th and 6th graders. (Well,) Arnold thought, (this is it.) Well, Helga thought, this is it. And they started dancing. And not slow, boring, old people music, either. New-generation music. "I don't get why they're so scared!" Helga exclaimed. "It's not slow music. The music is good; don't ya think, Arnold?" He looked into her eyes. Kindness, reassurance, comfort. "Yeah, Helga. I think it's absolutely wonderful." He drew her closer. "A-Arnold, I-I-" Helga stuttered. "It's okay, Helga." And, saying that, he drew her in for a kiss. And let's just say, it was one of many to come.
*The End*
Chapter 9
The Next Day
Arnold and Helga were walking to home room, holding hands and looking happy. "I think I had the best night ever," Helga said. "Yeah," Arnold replied. "The dance was completely fantastic. But YOU made it fantastic, Helga." "Thanks, Arnold." Helga said. And with that, the happy couple walked into their class.
The End
(For Real)
Author's note:
Okay, people, listen up. This came outta the COMPLETE blue. I was just wondering: 'What if Helga had gotten a love potion from Madame Blanche and used it on Arnold?' Well, I was influenced to write this beautiful, romantic story. Sorry about chapters 2, 3, and 6 and about how short they are. Please, tell me what you want. I can write more! I can! Hope you enjoyed!
P.S. Secret: Madame Blanche sold Helga nutmeg, not an actual potion. I know the bonus chapter was short, but you're supposed to leave the reader hanging! Bye-bye!

So, whatcha think? Post it, but only refer to me as Gottalovecouples. I'm a girl, and I LOVE couples! If ya think its good, post but give credit! If you don't, I will be forced to stop reading your fanfics. (Which I LOVE your awesome fanfics. So please, CREDIT!) remember, only refer to as Gottalovecouples! 3!
youknowismexx chapter 9 . 2/28/2013
Seriously I just love this story! One of my
favourites! Your such a good writer, is well written :D
Cliapatra32 chapter 3 . 2/26/2013
I'm just waiting for Arnold to snap...
DarthKakuzu chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
First read this story about a year back on devart. In fact it was this story that got me so addicted to fan fic. half way through escalating love, my friend introduced me to naruto and the mutual love he shares with temari. NaruTema all the way...*cough*... um anyways read most of the good naruto stories so im back to find i remember little of this story. just that i felt more fury in the Arnie sequence than ever before. So ill be re-reading this baby. Wish me luck.
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