Reviews for Twin Samurai
RustedEagleWings chapter 25 . 12/15/2013
Interesting story! I wasn't expecting it to go that way. -.-
Neko-chan chapter 13 . 11/18/2013
Fangirl overload! Percentage of screaming and 'kya-ing' is over 9000!
Neko-chan chapter 12 . 11/18/2013
This neko is freaking out •A•

Kyaaaaa! He's gonna propose isn't he?! But waaaaaaait. Ryoma's 15... But then again, he can always wait! My excitement cannot be described in words! Onto the next chap...

(Side note: I'm just assuming he's gonna propose XD *laughs nervously)
xXxEvangelinexXx chapter 18 . 8/25/2013
In the last chapter you wrote that Ryoma's dress was aquamarine and in this chapter it was purple. Just thought that I'll point that out.
ChordOverstreetFan chapter 25 . 2/25/2013
A little late, but maybe the title should be changed and you can have a new story that actually focuses on Ryoma and Ryoga.
SensiblyInsane28 chapter 25 . 1/25/2013
This has got to be the most brilliant Prince of Tennis story I've ever read! (And don't think I didn't miss your Skip Beat references. ;P) But I loved this! Atobe and Ryoma are so cute and how protective Ryoga is! It's all adorable and light hearted and fun and I love it. 3
Soul Vrazy chapter 25 . 1/5/2013
RieveVonBielefeld-YuunaSouma chapter 25 . 12/24/2012
I love the ending and i love the story
Yuki Phantomhive-kyuubi heir chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
this was a great story and funny and cute i read everything and its now my favorite
Guest chapter 25 . 7/23/2012
oks so cute in all amazing i love that she has 3 children and is expecting soon again and omg can that nanjiro be anymore idiotic imean yah because of his stupidness ryoma and atobe met but stilllll wow nanjiro thats a new time stupid stunt but anyways skygem u rule im princeoftennisyaoilover just not on my account right now
Sebby-chan3000 chapter 25 . 2/18/2012
awesome story
cfaithcsf chapter 25 . 1/22/2012
Not a bad story overall, it is quite clearly , I think that you added alot of unnecessary things in the story and changed the focus of the story too much.

Firstly, you made Momoshiro, Eiji and Inui all have a crush on Ryoma. Thus, I would have expected the story to show 1)them trying to win her heart in some way or another or 2)how their crush on her changed them or the way they act in more detail (as in at least severaldifferent scenes) but just a chapter later they were forced to give on her having done anything So my question is this: What then was the point of showing them having a crush on Ryoma?

The iceskating segment is also a little unnecessary as it has no bearing on the story.

Secondly, based on the title, the story summary and the introduction, I would have expected the focus of the story to be on Ryoma and Ryoga's relationship and tennis. However, since Atobe came in to the story, the focus has been on Atobe and Ryoma. Which would have been fine if the story had been a super long one with gradual shift to Ryoma and Atobe's relationship. Like the story of their growing relationship being only focused on to this degree on the last 5-10% of the story though perhaps with brief mentions of AtobeRyoma througout the story instead of it taking up lie 2/3 of the the story
AnisRocks chapter 25 . 12/2/2011
*sobs* Damn, its over! I really like this story a lot! Its one of the best stories I've read in a while! Continue writing like this and you'll be FAMOUS!
CrimsonMoon2009 chapter 25 . 9/6/2011
Wow this is a great story.
xbamsod chapter 25 . 8/8/2011
Wow of all things that Nanjiro thinks about its separating twins. I can't believe that he would do that just as an experiment though if he didn't do that, Keigo and Ryoma wouldn't be this close. Ohh well. Gratz on finishing this story. _
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