Reviews for The Wedding Party
Kath Potter Cullen-H.T chapter 33 . 9/6
So good!
marysix chapter 33 . 8/9
Not at all what I was expecting from the summary, but looooved this story. You put so many great details in each storyabout the clothes or art or whatever is most relevantand I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!
Guest chapter 33 . 4/30
Rita01tx chapter 33 . 5/1
Had to laugh at their beloved Money Pit but it'll be worth every headache and unforeseen expense!
So everyone's all married up or at least in a super committed relationship headed in that direction. A good place to leave them! Thank you!
Rita01tx chapter 32 . 5/1
Oh, boy! They're gonna get that house!
Rita01tx chapter 31 . 5/1
Well, the trip was worth the light bulb moment, I'm sure Edward will agree...eventually, after much grovelin'!
Rita01tx chapter 30 . 5/1
Ain't nothin' wrong with comfortable...I highly recommend it LOL!
Rita01tx chapter 29 . 5/1
If nothin' else, Jay is safe and that's most important to Bella.
Rita01tx chapter 28 . 5/1
Love the way Edward asks no questions and doesn't hesitate to start packin' to accompany Bella back to Seattle!
Rita01tx chapter 27 . 5/1
Ugh! That type of snotsobbin' you have absolutely no control over that hits you outta nowhere...been there and it ain't fun! Poor Rose but at least hers was from relief and not grief, or perhaps it was grief for all the wasted time!
Rita01tx chapter 26 . 4/29
Jay's gonna be a blight on Bella's happiness until his situation is resolved.
Rita01tx chapter 25 . 4/29
Bella's first meetin' with Edward's parents went well although, after lookin' up that house, I can't say I'm a fan!
Rita01tx chapter 24 . 4/29
Awww, Bella's gonna fit right in with that wacky bunch!
Rita01tx chapter 23 . 4/17
Well, dayum! Hope Edward buys that house anyway!
Rita01tx chapter 22 . 4/17
Oooh, I was hopin' that shindig would provide an openin' for Bella to find her Chicago groove!
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