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Guest chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
uther is a prick but love you
Merthur Dreamer chapter 34 . 10/14/2012
I'm so sorry for the lateness of this review and I know that you might hate me but hear me out. I've been ill for about a month with a cold that just won't go away and my life with family and school has just made me so busy and... I guess a part of me wanted to not read this... not because it isn't amazing... but because this is the final chapter and I've been this the story for so long and... I guess I'm just a little sad that it has to end. So therefore, I apologise for future incoherence or shortness of length in this review - but just know that I do love this story, very deeply :)
First I want to congratulate you on finishing the story, how long has it been? Years? It really doesn't feel like that at all because this story was just so easy to read and it had quite a lot of themes to it: those of innocence and childhood memories and coming-of-age and how anything that is lost can always be found if sought, especially love that you don't find, IT finds YOU.
Okay, I'll admit straight up that I had a very nostalgic feeling while reading this and I wanted to cry just a little. I don't know what to write, really, my mind is so high on happiness and Merthur fluffy muchness that my fingers are freezing while I type.
You made magic in the modern day feel so real and there were moments that my nostalgia peaked... I'll quickly talk about those, grab a box of tissues and try to get my speeding heart to slow.
The first was how Merlin saw Tap at the funeral... you expressed Merlin's sadness that Tap had to leave, but he knew that Tap's job was done, he was no longer needed, and it reminded me of how Merlin felt in a previous chapter - I think Kiss and Run - where he felt a strange numbness that actually, he now has all he ever wanted... everything was alright.
Next was how Arthur wore sunglasses... it just made me a bit sad that Arthur still felt he had to hide himself, but it was a beautiful contrast to how he never hides from Merlin (unless he's in a cake) ;)
I liked September because it felt really real. I mean, the moving out was hilarious with everyone's reactions, and I could totally imagine Arthur and Merlin moving the couch. And I loved how Arthur stayed over and how their interaction was a mild coating for the strong intense feelings that were just beneath the surface and just completely out in the open.
Now... haven't we all been here? I think everyone at least over 14 will be able to appreicate finding something from your past and then... having that sort of numb shaky feeling of the memories flooding back and it's thrilling and a little scary and makes you a little sad but at the same time makes you think about the future and how amazing it will be... I believe Merlin went through a similar thing about the diary. Since this story kind of a little bit is his diary I just loved it. The whole essence of how he found the last page and wanted to fill it... but didn't know what with.
I adored the glimpse at how Merlin and Arthur live together: a warmth and relaxed feeling of completion filled with roses for eternal love and liles for sweetness. There was still a breeze of banter but it had a new quality... reassurance perhaps? Anyway, there was a loving tease between them - how Merlin keeps noting on Arthur's handwriting and his 'surprising' ways to how Arthur always smells of lemons and Arthur just can't stop smiling with Merlin close. And with the small memory of Arthur for a moment thinking he was useless - there was something much more than love, if possible, in the way Merlin comforted him.
Now... The romance between them is just sensational and just so LOVELY! I state this with the proof of how Merlin, at Morgana's wedding (which was nicely set up) sought out Arthur but to no avail and kept having flushes of sadness - before to how Arthur got so many others involved like Marie and Sophia. And then in the final words... how Arthur jumps at Merlin and they share an embrace so warm, so tender... it really did express everything that they had been through - how their childhoods weren't perfect in any way and were confusing and how they learnt the random creulty of life too young but how they learnt that friendship is deep but love is... on fire with bliss so bright it's painful.
'Everyone rushed after her to the café kitchen where the owner was hiding. Arthur took my hand and pecked me on the cheek. I think back to the last blank page in the diary at home and how I was going to end it, with a cliché happy ending.' THIS... just... just no words.
No more words. It has been a pleasure and a joy following this and I'll be sad to see it go - but what a wonderful story this has been - be proud and happy!

Thanks For Sharing x
shadow visor chapter 9 . 9/18/2012
ooohhh... I dont know if I should say its sad or fun...
shadow visor chapter 3 . 9/18/2012
shadow visor chapter 2 . 9/18/2012
okay a little mystery is in that I like.
shadow visor chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
well that was fun to read!like
Magpie1600 chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
I loved this tale. I virtually hug you back :)
mintymolerat chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
Awww I can't belive it's finished! So sweet
fire dragonheart chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
Merthur Dreamer chapter 33 . 7/22/2012
*breathing in*
*breathing out*

THIS WAS SO FLUFFY!... And I admit, I remember mentioning the beach idea but... when did I say it? And so I guess - a completely GIANT thank you is in order for not only your amazing writing skills but the romance that you have created. I'm sure I have said this mountains of times but - the Merlin and Arthur you have created really... get to me. They are such real characters with gracious disposition in a wildfire of storyline. Just beautiful. And by the way - you can get as cheesy as you like, I don't think ANYONE is complaining - by this point on in the story you are allowed cheddar and blue cheese, seriously. I want to smell it from Eastbourne. Which reminds me, really quickly; this beach that you described reminded me of where me and my family go on holiday at Eastbourne - I'm now on my summer holidays from school and we go there the last week - no internet because we stay in the valley but... I'll think of this and smile while rock pooling.
When I found out that you updated, I just got so excited. From everything that has happened between these two - from the accidents to the memories to the frightening circumstances to the heart-wrenching consequences from the tender looks to the intimate touches and such sweet words... everything just stopped HERE... and there was this air of completion and content breathing throughout, much like the last chapter, and it was so uplifting to see Merlin and Arthur respond as a couple in public.
You understand young adults. The characterisation of everybody was perfect and everyone just bounced of the other in the most agreeable of ways and with the fondest of outcomes. The Twilight discussion was of course hilarious and brought back silly memories to everyone, I'm sure, but was it just me or was the house that you described similar to the Cullen House? The next part of the introduction I thought was beyond any affection that mortals should be able to experience. Merlin and Arthur had such breath-taking moments in this chapter and... the way in which Merlin remembered that every sound was like a steel blade slashing at Arthur's eardrums; therefore he told them to be quiet... Merlin did that for Arthur and... I just thought the heartfelt concept of Merlin looking out for Arthur like that was so romantic and it truly took me off guard. Which I would like to say now, was probably why by the end of this chapter, especially because of the beach, that I was close to a sighing fit of fluffiness or a tearful swoon in the clouds. It was very clever I thought, how Merlin commented on hearing Gwen's earphones beating... and if he could hear them then they must be torturous for Arthur; Merlin was going to probably tell her to turn them down for him but, the notion of how Gwen might rip him apart was funny, therefore he'd have to look for other ways to make Arthur's van drive more comfortable. Which brings me to the fact that Merlin is cursing Gwen's mentioning of the characters to Morgana and Lance because if it wasn't for her then he wouldn't be feeling such protective pangs of heart when he saw Arthur trying with failing desperation to be peaceful. The forest and Temple bells was a most calming charm to the chaos of the van - and Merlin's happy lament that the sounds of the rhythmic bells brought a harmony to steady Arthur, again, shined Merlin's concern tenfold. And it was... I'm going to say 'smile-worthy' when Arthur interrupted their argument and made note of the danger of devaluing Twilight when Gwen was in the van. And as the bickering continued there was such a natural atmosphere to it. Please tell me that Arthur calls Merlin 'Merlie' as a nickname in private XD.
This scene, when you introduced the house, reminded me of a getaway. As I've said for your description - not only is it incredibly detailed; enabling the reader to imagine such perfect things, but also reminded me vaguely of the Cullen's house. Anyway, it was nice XD Nice meaning FANTASTIC!
Now I shall comment on your Merthur Moments :)
I thought it was so romantic, how Merlin turned to see his Arthur looking so lost without him, and this made me think of the entire story... for the most part of this... Arthur has always been lost without Merlin and vice versa; Merlin always missing something - so when Merlin took Arthur's hand and entwined it with his - Arthur calming instantly... it made a most content bubble of goo reside within my heart. Furthermore, throughout I love how Merlin was Arthur's eyes, how he asked only Merlin what he saw - and it made me believe that all Arthur wanted to see how was everything through Merlin's eyes, Merlin in turn wanting to make everything beautiful for him. Another thing between them that radiated a soft glow of fluffy goodness. MOREOVER, my heart stopped HERE. When Morgana stated of the 'other' lovebirds, Merlin's slight start and panic were heart-rending, and at Morgana's question of that they are going out, aren't they? By now? Merlin's hesitating and yet quick response to say no broke something inside... Did Merlin still feel some sort of detachment from Arthur's destiny and heartstrings? All of this was melted away however when Arthur replied before Merlin that 'Yes' they were... Merlin's moment of acceptance, affection but above all love in his speechlessness was so heart-warmingly perfect, even more so that Merlin felt a most amazing swoon sneaking upon his heart.
I'd like to quickly comment on Uther... and how nice his character is. The relationship between him and his children as improved immensely; not only is he able to joke with Arthur now, but BOTH of them can mention Ygraine with heartfelt, fond memories indeed of dreading guilt. It was nice... I keep saying nice... but it really did have SUCH warmth to it...
Bedrooms? Morgana TELLING Merlin and Arthur to share? *evil grin* I LOVE IT WHEN CHARACTERS ARE MERTHUR SHIPPERS TOO!
And now we see Merlin and Arthur able to react in their natural environment - alone together.
The idea of the scents was so brilliantly romantic. The fact that Arthur could distinguish Merlin in the crowd with his raspberry scent, the fact that THAT was all he needed and leaned on to find his Merlin - I believe there was a slight nervousness in him about not being able to be at Merlin's side. This enhanced the idea of Merlin being Arthur's guide for me and I melted HERE. 'Top or bottom?' Of course, in any couple, will create giggles at some point - there time was now. Merlin's realisation was not only perfect but hilarious and Arthur's reaction was surprisingly sweet. I wonder what position they WILL take when the time comes... *evil grin*. I fell for the thought that Arthur's voice was such comfort and tickled Merlin's ears. There was such a unique aura to them now - and a 'finally' in all their breaths. Considering the beach as well - I think this quote describes Merlin and Arthur PERFECTLY:
‘They exchanged sweet looks and silent smiles, tender whispers and intimate caresses; nothing too open or affectionate, but exactly that. It was affectionate, something special between two tired and tried friends.’
The idea of how they had finally got to the right circumstances with the right consequences to be together brings to life their destiny. And, fluffily enough (XD), this was expressed with now Arthur was silent when Morgana invited them to the beach. He didn't even smirk at the mention of skinny-dipping. Merlin's concern and loving tenderness was beautiful, how he melted and wanted to wash away warm tears that Arthur wanted to come but didn't want to be a burden... but the fact was that Merlin would always be there for Arthur no matter what; and more importantly, that Merlin WANTED to do all of this for Arthur: he wanted to be his eyes, guide him, love him like no other person could. The kiss therefore that lead to passion was just a caress of intimacy that only Merlin and Arthur can create, a Jane Austen sigh of finally being able to do this...
Muscle does weigh more than fat ;)
The setting sun reminded me of the ending to this story, even more so with the others laughing in the distance.
I have to wrap things up... DAMN WORD LIMITS!
Can I just say, before I leave, that I was so proud of the beach scene and if I could fall in love with words, then this scene would force me to: the soft touch of their hands throughout conveyed that they were eternally bonded and always have been - that no time, manner, place or person could split them now for they have exchanged hearts. The way in which Arthur, the once proud and confused part of the relationship, is now the besotted and lovestruck one, with the expression of how women don't do it for him, and how he and Merlin are an item... the romance was literally POURING over me and the warmth was just so HEARTBREAKINGLY BLISSFUL! 'Arthur stared at the sun, probably soothed by its warmth, "It's just you and me now."' There was such weight to his words... of how after everything they have been through - after all their trials and tribulations and I'm sure I've said this before but I don't care because it needs to be said again... they are finally in their forever.
*sighs* and that ending was such... the hills sang.

Thanks For Sharing x And I Apologise For How Much I Repeated Myself :)
mintymolerat chapter 33 . 7/10/2012
Wow. Well the jumps in the story are a bit confusing but I don't really care! It's adorable and funny! Such a great chapter! :)
fire dragonheart chapter 33 . 7/9/2012
fire dragonheart chapter 32 . 6/16/2012
nannily chapter 32 . 6/7/2012
I love your story. :) I'm often confused... but I enjoy reading it. :D Especially the end of this chapter. Yay! :)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 32 . 6/7/2012

And... it was so nice, you have no idea how heartwarming your writing is, to finally see them as... yes, an official couple. There was just something about it - how they had gone from the aura of confused-What am I doing?-I can't breathe without you rush and yearning to a now content-I'll never leave you-and-love you forever and always silence of breath as they found that their heartbeats were in time. Just... and especially after Merlin's 'rollarcoaster' of not knowing how Arthur felt about him, to how suddenly find Arthur was completely smitten with him... it was just very nice... yes, very nice *grins to no end*

And can I say that... can we make 'Lego House' this story's theme song? Please? Because that would just be... oh my... someone shouldn't get this excited.

Okay - *fanfare* ;P Here comes your analysis:

From the very first line I found a double meaning to it. The fact that Arthur found it hard to walk not only said how... well... he was feeling weak and therefore couldn't walk... but how he also felt so terrible, so broken off from what his life was normally like that he just... well, not 'couldn't be bothered'... but found it hard to find meaning in putting in effort. Of course his pride played a lot into it - and Merlin's violent reaction to how Arthur wasn't helping himself by refusing the wheelchair truly portrayed that Merlin really did need Arthur to get better - or at least be as comfortable as possible.

As their first conversation took to light - there was a deep sadness in them both. Arthur turly felt that he couldn't do it and here Merlin was trying his best to get Arthur to see the light. Again - this part reminded me of how Arthur was like a candle in the wind - so very close to slipping. But here was Merlin, breaking slightly inside at a hopeless Arthur because Merlin was hopelessly devoted to him. And at the slightly self-bitter comment Arthur made about how Merlin would never understand... I thought that Merlin had 'real' courage - fighting a losing battle - for the way he was sighing drmatically protrayed how not only was he desperate for Arthur to try but he felt responsible in a way. But all of that atmosphere changed as soon as Arthur asked Merlin to kiss him. Suddenly now it turned into something of such tender breeding. Arthur's surge of the moment's courage was heartstopping and Merlin's stopping heart in shock was just brilliant. And then Arthur's blushing face was so adorable - realising what he just said and what he wanted. Then I realised, throughout this scene as well - that they knew the other loved them. After all their trials and tribulations they had come to a stand still of quiet knowing - having confessed their love to the other more through indirect means rather than a direct confession...

And that just made the atmoshpere all the more sweet - because Merlin's next line really did make it - how he was now playing Arthur - and his carefree, fearless state was just breathtaking. The next part was just beautiful, and I know that sounds really strange for this maybe, but it was for me: the way in which Merlin was just grinning through everything inside, how he had found a stable contentment with Arthur and they knew where they stood, they knew how the other felt and therefore... everything else just fell into place. Their affection was displayed - how Arthur searched for Merlin and felt cold without him in his lap, and then the way they stilled for a moment, having joined their fingertips, as if they needed to compose themselves otherwise kisses WOULD be coming quick and fast to make up for lost time. But it was also very just... FLUFFY! The way in which Merlin was trying to help Arthur now walk with the offer of a kiss - and then Arthur's sudden eagerness and desperation was just... Arthur WANTED to make up for lost time. There were lots of moments also where Arthur would 'read' Merlin's mind and in the future, where the reader is told Arthur's other sense were enhanced, maybe his connection with Merlin on an emotional and mental state had also been increased to new, wonderful, I-must-walk-to-him-and-claim-our-prize heights. And... was it a symbolism of how Merlin had always been there for Arthur to catch him when he fell when Arthur breathed his sigh of relief and fell into Merlin's arms?

And here... it was just so UPLIFTING and... I don't know how to describe it - just after everything they've been through to now have all that they ever wanted... the other... it just made me so warm-hearted: the way Merlin would breath Arthur's hair, the way Arthur demanded his kiss with pouts, and then the way Arthur reminded him that it was 'kissing' and it wouldn't be the first time. Then here was Merlin... thinking of how their first kiss had been somewhat filled with a confused melancholia and had been so quick that... well, it didn't count. And the reminded contrast of how Arthur then can been so disorientated in his emotions... but now wanted Merlin to kiss him and loved the fact that he could finally express their love openly... the sweet and cute game of 'Kiss n Run' was most adorable and it was so... again... so heartwarming to see Arthur talk of pride and then 'blushed like a virgin and crumbled to the ground' when Merlin kissed his cheek. And here it was that they just took the time to be together: Merlin kissing his forehead and then Arthur dare to peck his lips... and then... OH IT WAS SO FLUFFY HOW MERLIN SHOUTED FOR HIM TO COME BACK HERE!

And then it occured to me... even if Arthur didn't know it was inside or outside... the fact he kissed him anyway was... *feels brain turn into a cloud of happiness* Arthur didn't care, and didn't mind showing he loved Merlin in public. And the Arthur's transformation was just so intimate: the way he just felt so playful and care-free, how he just ambushed Merlin with his kiss attacks of affection and then ranaway... how it happened that Merlin would even wake to Arthur kissing him... it was just so exhilarating and so full of rapture that Merlin and Arthur now knew that they COULD be a couple and were absolutely loving it, Arthur milking it for every second.

Morgana, as always, was the reader's reaction. Seriously, how she was grinning, it was like I was looking in a mirror. 'Sure, except Arthur won't stand up properly if I don't snog him, and even if I walk away from him, he gets up and snogs me anyway.'... is there such thing as a blissful smile of happiness? So as Morgana just then advised Merlin to talk to Arthur and tell him that he loved him... it was now that Merlin found that this is exactly all he had desired.

And again... Arthur seemed lost, depressed and just down right cold without Merlin hereby. We were reminded of how self-bitter he had been, how when the offer of the singing lessons joining came he shut it down with sarcasism... But here - we saw a hopeful, lost boy, just so glad that he hadn't screwed everything up with the Merlin he loved... the way he perked up and compeltely brightened in hope to see Merlin was beautiful... and Merlin's sudden tearful undoing at that amount of love was also - amazing. They had found, what I'm going to call, a content balance of 'finally'. The way Merlin cuddled into Arthur and he in turn held Merlin tighter... there was a faint promise of forever in there that I just fell for. The way their heartbeats were so tender, soft smiles, and then Merlin asked what he smelt like... it was most sweet, even more as Arthur said his scent contained 'pixie dust'.

Then here... Merlin went through a phase of heartbreak. It was a beautiful symbol and really highlighted how they had come to far when Merlin thought about how everything related to them finding their destiny had all vanished... as if their mission was complete... as if they were no longer needed now that Merlin and Arthur were together. Then as Merlin remembered how broken Gwaine had been over Miranda... how he had wept into the surface of the Earth and completely shattered... I believe that reason Merlin was thinking of that moment was because he knew if Arthur were to leave in anyway now that his heart would unravel to no end and... that he wouldn't survive. So... when Merlin then told Arthur to never leave him, how Arthur tightened his hold again... there was such an intense emotion of connection - and the way in which Arthur replied "Why would I?" emphasised that he was here to stay - yes, their past wasn't perfect, but Arthur knew how he felt about Merlin now, and this lyric *Guess where it came from ;)* I believe it perfect for how they feel, 'I'll pick you up when you're getting down and out of all these things I've done, I will love you better now' for they have been through so many ups and downs that they have now found a level... and Merlin and Arthur are now together... Merlin's only fear is of losing that... but he won't... because the magnitude of gravitation in how Arthur told him that he'd never leave... it was just so yet again, filled with fluff and completion.

The Bridgette part was hilarious, how it turns out Arthur knows more about Merlin than Merlin originally thought. And the lighthearted intensity of how Merlin then just felt the need to kiss him on the cheek and Arthur then went for a real kiss... it made me feel all warm and FUZZY! Then of course, the ending part was hilariously funny too, how Merlin looked at the waiting and pouting Arthur and found that the only thing he could do was laugh. And what was the cherry on the top for me was how Merlin gave Arthur what he wanted... a kiss on the lips... and the way he wanted to deepen it but didn't so he could say he loved Arthur... well, that was something special.

Thanks For Sharing x
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