Reviews for The Galactic Trinity
Morgenstern15 chapter 47 . 4/15
Love this chapter, gorgeous writing style as ever. Are you planning on writing another sequel? I would love to see DJ, Katie, Alex and that generation grow up, do the whole marriage and find out about the identities of their kids from the past. Looking forward to the next chapter
Ms. Fairweather chapter 47 . 4/15
I am so excited to see a new chapter! It was wonderful. I really love this story line. I actually reread everything (I still think "when bad boys go good" is my favorite, just because it is so hilarious to see the generals trying so hard). Everything is just wonderful. Welcome back, and don't worry about how long you go between updates. Those of us in love with the story will still be here.
KageNoNeko chapter 47 . 4/15
I love the scene with Zoicite, Amy, and her parents (probably because I'm writing a fanfic that has some of that let's-get-back-together kind of thing). More Evan and Setsuna would be awesome.
Aurimaedre chapter 47 . 4/15
I hope you start feeling better soon! I loved the chapter and you always write so well and intricately that anyone who disagrees can suck it
Wonderwomanbatmanfan chapter 47 . 4/15
Rhis was so good. Please update soon :D
jade2nightwing chapter 47 . 4/15
. Oh how I've missed you! I have even been checking your page to make sure I didn't miss an update. No matter what story you Up date next I will be reading. O and love this chapter. Looking forward to the next one
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 47 . 4/15
It is so good to see you Back! And im glad that you are feeling better.. As usual I have Enjoyed the chapter alot.. And I cant wait to check the graduation and weddings but to me the one that deserves the most attention of course will be sere and dariens.. And what about serena birthday :) I hope you update soon and get the inspiration you need to keep on being Happy and get out of the dark.. I Loved the song and I hope I find my light we all need a Love like that!
sabina21 chapter 47 . 4/15
good chapter what is going to happen now that Andrew has told his parents about Serena and Darien being sailor moon and tuxedo mask and has told them who Katie and Alex really are update soon
infinitylove chapter 47 . 4/15
I am SO HAPPY that you updated this story, I am in love with it. Can not wait for the weddings.
horsecrazy04 chapter 16 . 3/16
I have been trying so hard to get throughout this story but there is so much cussing and name calling and hating on each other that t is down right ridiculous. It had great premise and the plot isn't bad but the character development is terrible. I understand teenage angst but this level of hatred and cussing is uncalled for. I have read several other storylines u have written and enjoyed them but this is disgusting how many times u have written the word b**** into the dialogue. Either u need to buy a thesaurus and find ways of describing anger and frustrations without the unnecessary curse words or post the excessive use of them in the plot summary so people are not wrapped up in a story and find themselves sick of it like I have. This has literally give me a stomach ache... thanks but no thanks.
DisneyFanGirl27 chapter 46 . 2/1
Wow this story has been phenomenal from the start. I love everything. I especially loved it when the past collided with the future. I love Emma I think she's my favorite of the new generation. I also am so happy for Trista. Sailor Mars from the future is awesome just like her past self. Well all the scouts in the future are awesome. You have done such a good job with this and your other story. You should consider writing professionally. Anyways can't wait for the next chapter!
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 45 . 1/23
And seres mom and the visit from queen Serenity I just never saw it coming! The story is just so full of surprises! Sammy knowimg since the beginning Was just so funny... And I cant even Tell how many times I laugh during my reading.. Been having an awesome time reading all your stories and I dont even remember all of the things I Wanted to say un the reviews because I Wanted to wait until I finished reading :p silly me... Aaawww before I forget... The visit from the queen and King Was the best part... I Was just so excited when sere screamed pappa when she saw him... And when they left it Was just so heartbreaking... I wish I could have does minutes with my dad and brother... It Was just an awesome feeling when they were all together..
gabeliz.castillocarin chapter 46 . 1/23
Omg! I just finished the story Well 46 chapters and I have to say I loved the story! I cant wait for the graduation, sere birthday, jess and drew wedding,... And more important sere and dare wedding! I hope that all of the children are there to see it! And Setsuna and her boyfriend is just something I never so coming . And kyrian omg I dont know why but I just went gaga for him! Also the interaction between the couples is just amazing.. I really loved all of it the drama the dark side the Love the sex the fights.. I would have loved to see more about sere embracing the full power of the moon but is Ok.. And the future and present going together and fight blow my mind!

I have so much to say but I think ir all sums to... I really think you did an awesome job with the story! I have to say I have loved Them all and I opten to read them un order so im hoping you update soon the story :)
Guest chapter 46 . 12/14/2014
First of all I love all your work, thanks for updating. I'm loving Sailor Moon Crystal and writing is what keeps me happy in between episodes SMC.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 46 . 12/11/2014
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