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Luthien Morgon chapter 8 . 6/19/2010
Wow, great chapter. I can't wait to see the next one. I like your battle scenes. Also it should be really interesting to see the valentines day festivities.
Tiny2008 chapter 8 . 6/19/2010
Very good and long chapter! No wait! I should say episode because your chapters are like solid 30 min episodes which is a good thing because a lot a things happens in your chapters! Omg! I was on the ground laughing when the Scouts and the Generals was fighting and intoxicated as hell! The trio betting on who was going to blow a fuse or in Amy's case freeze everything over was funny as hell! You go Amy! She showed everyone that she is not the quiet, smart, pushover like everyone thought she was! I am so glad they want back in the past and save Jess! Kat does have her mom tempter for real and I was shocked when she went off on her but I see it from Kat's point of view. Jess was seven years old and there is people out there that would take a little kid easily and she was at a perfect spot to get kidnapped too! Also with Kat's going off on her shows how much she loves her mom and would fight to keep her. I am so damn happy that Kat and D.J are very very friendly to each other. That was an "awe" moment when they was in the car but also blackmail for their sister and brother!I beg you as a fan of your work please let them stay this way for at least two more chapters!Please! :-) They are so much better this way. Don't let them start fighting again and on V-Day too! Let them go to the park, he give her a white rose, maybe her bracelet back and they kiss under the moonlight and Discord attacks again and ruins the romantic mood! Sounds plausible does it?(lol) Speaking of that asshole he is finally getting smarter a little bit! Naw! He is still dumb as hell! Yeah, He may have finally found where they are at but he should have realize that sooner that would be in the past with their parents. That would make sense to send them to the place where he got his second ass kicking from because they could protect them and kick his ass again along side with the trio so he can get his third and final ass kicking! He will never learn! Oh man! Those damn Cliffhangers again! I said it once and I am going to say it again you are the Queen of Cliffhangers !Update soon and I also hope Alex gets an surprise! :-) Take care!
Atem's Sister Atea chapter 8 . 6/19/2010
I'm sorry that I didn't say more on my last review, but being the klutz that I am, my hand slipped and I clicked the 'Submit" button before I finished typing my review. I swear I'm almost as klutzy as the Meatball Head Serena! !

Looks like the scouts are fulfilling their life-long dreams! ! ! I'm happy for them! ! ! !

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! ! Jess caught her future kids gambling! ! ! PRICELESS! ! !

Whoa! Sweet Katie's an imp! ! ! Using her power to sense auras to win a bet? ! ! XD! ! !

I wonder how Sammy's doing. We didn't see him during 'Lunar Princess' at all. I don't think he was at his sister's graduation either. Does he really have a secret girlfriend? Who could it be? *thinks for a minute, then eyes open in realization* Is it a certain sailor scout that has short, black hair, has the power to destroy a planet, and has a glaive?

How is it that Discord blocked Trista's vision of time? ! ! I still can't believe Trista wasn't able to see the disruption in the timeline! ! ! They were lucky that it was a situation that the would-be victim could actually remember! ! ! !

DANG! ! ! Jess blew up her eighth birthday cake after making it rain? YIKES!


*continues insulting Discord with various names that are better left unsaid for the sake of younger viewers*


*content blocked in respect of the rating*

You get my point right? I just can't stand that creep! Come to think of it, don't you guys think it was a little convenient that Jack and Sasha just HAPPENED to come across Discord when their mothers left them in the middle of nowhere? And Discord was a little EAGER to help them. Normally he couldn't care less about abandoned children. Maybe he had something to do with Jack and Sasha's mothers leaving them. They may have been totals floozies, but they were parents. The fact that they left them somewhat close to Crystal Tokyo proves that they did care for their children. They could've just dropped them off in an orphanage, but they didn't...

Oh brother. Even in this era, Melody's reincarnation has a bad habit of slipping away without a trace...

Way to go Alex and Katie! ! ! Way to protect your mom!

Jeez Louis! ! Andrew'snot even a father yet and he's already being over-protective about his future daughter! ! ! I get the feeling that there's going to be a repeat of what happened between Rini and her future parents when they tried to act all parental, only with Katie and HER future parents. Something tells me it won't be pretty...

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Jess blackmailing her friends with dirt all the way from the Silver Millenium? ? ! ! XD! ! ! ! ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! ! ! !

Oh-ho! ! ! DJ's FINALLY admitted out loud that he's in love with Katie! ! ! I'll be counting the chapters before he admits it to her! ! ! Note to self: have a bowl of popcorn and a pillow to muffle my delighted squeals when it happens! ! ! !

Was Miss Haruna really that bad? She seemed really nice in the anime. Strict, a bit boy-crazy sometimes, but nice...

Rini and Helios... having an argument? *think for a minute* I just can't see that happening...

Awwwww! Alex misses Emma! ! ! Is she going to come to the future? *snickers evilly* I wonder how Mina and Malacite would react to seeing their future daughter...

Oh, that reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask: Why is Malacite being called Kunzite? I don't remember him being called that in the show. And wasn't Zoicite a girl in the show?

OH NO! ! ! ! Discord's found them! ! ! NOT GOOD! ! ! NOT GOOD AT ALL! ! ! ! !

I hope that the scouts and generals blast Discord and his minions to pieces! ! ! !

Anyway, AWESOME JOB with this chapter! ! ! Even though you're being evil by leaving it in a cliffhanger...

Keep up the good work, good luck with the next chapter, and any other stories you're working on! ! ! I can't wait for your re-telling of the first season! ! !
CharmedSerenity3 chapter 8 . 6/19/2010
excited to see their valentine's day, and I hope the fight goes well, update soon!
S dot Serenity chapter 7 . 6/19/2010
Kudos to the trio for kickin' butt! I wonder if Discord will go after all of them in turn? Hmm...newho...3 it lots! Can't wait 4 the update!
My Veggie Burger chapter 7 . 6/17/2010
ooooo I loved this chapter! I'm so happy DJ and Katie are on friendly terms now. A possible relationship soon? :) Sasha's kiss to her brother was kinda disturbing there. I can't wait to see where Discords decides to strike again. Maybe he'll grow a pair and at least attack her when she's capable of defending herself. Update soon! Great work.
ange de l'aube chapter 7 . 6/15/2010
Aw...I loved this chapter... DJ, Alex, and Katie are a riot when they are working together...well when they are together in every way actually...

and even though DJ chickened out, I loved their new friendship... they were adorable, cute, *sighs*

I can't wait for those two to finally confess their feelings towards each other...

I almost feel bad fo Jack and Sasha...they warm me a little bit, they think they are doing the right thing after all, and they obviously love each other...they sort of remind me of Ann and Alan...

and the ending was perfect after the scare poor Dariend had when he thought he would lose Serena... how he watched her sleep and brushed her bangs... that's true love... so I'm glad they are "distracting" themselves after that...

which reminds me, what DJ felt, that magnetic pull, sounds very similar to Darien and Serena's bond...a soul mate's bond... *smiles*
nileena chapter 7 . 6/15/2010
awww...the two nearly love birds have made up! I can't wait till they get together.

i liked the way you intro-ed Jack back into the story with the made me go..euugh!


good job!
MeganLeBlanc chapter 3 . 6/15/2010
Once Again my Dear, Amazing.

I have nothing else to say, because nothing really compares to the intensity and passion of your stories.

Love, Love, Love

CharmedSerenity3 chapter 7 . 6/15/2010
yay for Dj and Katie starting to make amends, and for the cute Sere Dare moment, update soon!
MeganLeBlanc chapter 2 . 6/15/2010
Oh my dear lord woman, once again you are AMAZING! I love love LOVE your stories. When I get home from work, this is the first thing I go to! :) I can't wait to read more, Lunar Princess was great and this one is too. Keep up the amazing work.

Much Love,

LBricker88 chapter 7 . 6/14/2010
ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! loved it! i am really loving this story so very much! i can not wait until the next update! i know it will be good! hope to hear/read from you soon!
Luthien Morgon chapter 7 . 6/14/2010
Yeah! Katie and DJ are getting along! What a wonderful chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. I really love your writing style.
sunbeam07 chapter 7 . 6/14/2010
ahhh such a good chapter. i'm most happy about the DJ/Katie development! I'm hoping to see more exploration of their bond to each other(assuming thats what DJ felt this chapter)...maybe while in battle? I can't wait for the next chapter and the continuation of your "what if" series. _
fandomLife chapter 7 . 6/14/2010
There is no words in the world for how great your stories are. Wow, Serena hasn't changed much has she. At least she doesn't eat that much anymore,i don't think she does . But she still doesn't like to listen that much. That was hilarious when Katie found out about Jack working for Discord. I love the Sere and Dare moments, they were so cute. And I'm very happy that Katie and DJ are getting closer. They are just so CUTE! :) And I wonder will Alex tell them about him and Emma and if he does will Kunzite want to kill him too. Just thoughts. :)
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