Reviews for Goggles In the Rainbow
XxBlackRoseWitch378xX chapter 1 . 6/12/2010
Interesting oneshot of Dai-kun. Cool~!
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
Great story! Great writing style! Nice, descriptive, easy to relate to how the characters were feeling...

Very very nice! I love positive stories involving characters like Daisuke since others go out of their ways to bash him, but, I would expect no less from someone like you who isn't a Daisuke basher. _ Been a long time since I've read a Digi-fic in general, though.

I love how you came up with the original characters for Daisuke's friends, I love the background information you included for this (like the Tamagotchi stuff). Ironically, I always felt he'd be into Monster Training games or Monster Raising games for the reasons you mentioned. lol In an old fic of mine, I had him playing Monster Farmer (Rancher). lol

I like how you kept everything canon and actually had Daisuke and his friends show up for the soccer meet and how Taichi wasn't there and how Sora was. I liked the short discussion on Hikari and even back at the canyon when they were being forced to go home, how they were all wondering who "Takaishi Takeru" was. lol

I love how you included the stuff in the ending about why Daisuke wanted his own goggles. Kinda like how his image theme points out.

Not sure what else I could say, LP, but I am looking forward to your other installments of this for Iori and Miyako. I'm must curious about Miyako's, though, since, iirc, she was one of the few who wasn't at Big Sight or in the area when Vamdemon attack and how her first exposure was during the fight dealing with Diablomon that following year, iirc. Been a while. lol
RocketGirl3052 chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
That was a really cute, funny story, and I'm glad it's going to be a trilogy! It all felt very much in in character, like I was reading a lost episode. Can't wait to read the next two. You should really write more often. :)
BenignUser chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
Wow. This is incredible; brings tears to my eyes just by how good it is. I love your Daisuke, also your OC's Nao and Kikuji, and especially your wonderful narration. I could really see how hard you tried to have your characters acting like actual children, and though I think you had a bit of mixed success with it in the very beginning, everything fleshed out incredibly well and incredibly fast. It was funny seeing them discussing the strange weather patterns, and the only issue I had with it was that I felt it was all too accurate - despite how smart Kikuji was portrayed to be, the three of them are still second graders and I feel it would've been more showing of that had they gotten some of their facts wrong (Kinda like how they didn't know what a dodecahedron or a polygon were later on in the story).

The many allusions to the anime you had really added nicely to the story. It does well to tie in Daisuke's story with that of the Chosen Children; it sends goosebumps knowing he was so close to everything yet still so far away. The mention of Takeru during the camp, the news report about Tokyo Tower, the Sora and Mimi cameos, and even going off to watch the soccer club practice that Taichi so conveniently decided to skip. It was so interesting to see Daisuke, Nao, and Kikuji discussing Taichi and Hikari as simply other kids from school. It's a cute little foreshadowing of Daisuke's eventual infatuation with the two of them.

Speaking of cute things in the narrative... I loved the little quips that kept reminding us of Daisuke's age (or lack thereof in this case). There are so many great parts to quote! The ones the stood out the most for me were "Just before [Daisuke] went to bed, under which there were definitely no monsters because monsters weren't real...," and the bit when Daisuke locates one of the school teachers in the convention alongside a woman and child, "It occurred to him that they might be his family, but he decided that they couldn't be his wife and daughter because teachers don't have families." It's so fascinating how you added such cute little details that add so much to Daisuke's character. His silent prayer for Tailmon to not lie was also wonderful, in a heartbreaking way, and shows the gullibility of a child that likely thought Vamdemon would leave them all alone if only he wasn't lied to. Sadly the readers are fully aware that's not the case, though right there we can really feel and understood Daisuke's fear.

Another bit I wondered about when reading your story was when Taichi was going to be introduced. This was one of the main reasons I had quite the chuckle when I found out Daisuke was running off to watch the soccer club's practice, since I remembered that Taichi hadn't bothered to attend. With the introduction of the Bakemon and Daisuke's constant displeasure regarding his lack of bravery and his inability to confront the Bakemon, I figured one of the best ways to introduce Taichi here was to have Daisuke witness him ambushing that Bakemon guard just outside where the children were being held. I imagine it would have been quite the sight for Daisuke to see Taichi doing what he himself wanted to do yet couldn't quite find the courage to do so and then to see him riding off on Greymon with the "girl in the frilly pink pajamas." Of course the big issue with this was that Daisuke was likely still asleep during all that which would've made the scenario impossible. A shame, it could've also served as the scene that got Daisuke interested in girls. ;)

Regardless, the children waking up in time to see the Chosen going back to the Digital World served as quite the highlight to the story. It was amazing reading their reactions to the world being saved; the only disappointment I had was that Daisuke never fully found out Taichi was one of the heroes in this - he only had an aching suspicion. It's disappointing, but in the sense that I'm merely wishing the star of your story had a bit more closure regarding the events. It's very understandable that he shouldn't have figured out everything at this time, but it still leaves me wanting to see more.

I also must add: AMAZING last sentence there. With the goggles being the only thing Daisuke could really make out from the boy in the rainbow, it makes perfect sense that he would subconsciously begin attributing the goggles to those key aspects of his fading memories. Bravery and friendship, the traits of the goggle boy, heh. That really was a great way to end it. I'll really be looking forward to the Miyako and Iori chapters. I'm sure they'll be just as great as this one. You're a really an outstanding writer.
Hedgi chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
i once considered a story like this, but it never came to much. i'm glad someone could pull it off. good job.

wait, has it really been ten years? ten?

i feel old!