Reviews for Heed the Siren's Call
Fangirl101 chapter 17 . 9/28
Thanks so much for coming back and finishing this story! All the feeels. And baby Ace is perfect ;) keep up the writing.
Guest chapter 17 . 9/13
I didn't like the story ... I F&*& ING LOVE IT I ENJOYED it fror start till end good job verry well done keep up the good work
LaforayaWattpad chapter 17 . 8/27
Wow...I loved it...
Multitules chapter 17 . 8/9
Aaaah sO GOOD. Damn, I had so much fun reading this one. I specially loved the easy banter, the sarcastic remarks and really, really loved your take on Ben. Such a lovely man.

And this very last chapter, although overall happy, it made feel a bit sad because it made me think of dear Ace...ahhh my heart still cries at his departure, and knowing you named Makino's child like that...sobs into the horizon

But! Believe me when I say that I absolutely loved this very nice fic, and even your made up novels made me curious. especially the first one, whose name I've conveniently forgotten, hm.
Oh btw, did you know that the idea of a den den mushi suddenly came to me when I read the previous chapter, when Shanks repeated time and time again to Ben how long of a time ten years was...? Really now, a call now and then wouldn't have hurt, would it.
Anah chapter 17 . 6/28
Loved it! I was deeply into it like makino into her novels, thank you for doin this!
Guest chapter 17 . 6/28
LongPastMidnight chapter 10 . 6/27
This was sooo sweet. 3
Dissolving sugar in honey wouldnt compare :D
LongPastMidnight chapter 8 . 6/26
I really shouldnt read this in pubic. My luffy like grin is probably starting to scare people :D
LongPastMidnight chapter 5 . 6/26
Jup. Biggest mistake of my life. Cost me a dear friend. At least i grew a backbone
TheOnePeace chapter 17 . 6/21
After like my 5th time reading this story through and still not sick of it:

Miss Mungoe, your writing style is absolutely amazing! All of your sentences flow so nicely and smoothly and enhance the plot tenfold because I don't have to be distracted by weird sentence structures or whatever. Everyone's personalities, especially Shanks' and Makino's, are portrayed so flawlessly, and I loooove the sarcasm in this story, because it actually gave me cramps from laughing so hard! xD I also love that the OC's are thankfully NOT random Mary Sue's that just get in the way of everything.

This story made ShanksxMakino my OTP, and now I'm dying to know who the father of THAT baby is!
ficklesticks chapter 17 . 5/5
fkcing fucc I have no words it's 4 in the morning merciful lord that was one of the most satisfying reads I've had in a long long while I cannot accept any other backstory this is canon to me
ficklesticks chapter 13 . 5/5
emiko? but rogue
JustThatKindOfSpecial chapter 17 . 5/4
OMFG I LOVED THIS! Although a bit confused, I thought Makino was going to be on the ship with him from what you said in previous chapters? *shrugs* meh, still loved this, completely in character too. And I know you also asked for what type of story you should do for this pairing next and if you're still wanting that.. AU PLEASE! AGAIN LOVED THIS! XXX
ficklesticks chapter 2 . 5/4
who IS it? Shiki? Whitebeard? This story is good!
Inkwell of Stars chapter 17 . 4/13
Oh gods this pairing I've never considered it but it's perfect and your story's beautiful. I think you made me fall in love with Shanks.

Thanks for the wonderful story!
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