Reviews for Nightmares
siobhan.22 chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
Good chapter
robyn77285 chapter 10 . 3/21/2011
I loved this entire story. It had nothing but love and affection that Richard and Kahlan had for each other. Please keep your success up. I'll be watching you. Thanks so much.
Lord of Kavaka chapter 10 . 11/12/2010
Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your stories for a while and created an account with just because I wanted to thank you so much for your stories. They've been just what I needed with no new SEEKER on TV and the achingly wait for Mr. Goodkind's THE OMEN MACHINE to come out.

Wanted to say I thought this was an interesting story. I loved the concept of everyone living out their nightmares. I thought you did a brilliant job with the characters, especially Cara! She's a hard one to figure out and write for. But you pulled it off! Wonderful! And loved the ending! Keep up the good work!

Now I'm on to reading your sequel.
MontyPythonFan chapter 10 . 4/17/2010

Omg WELL worth missing just so I could read the whole thing in one and be rid of your damn cliffhangers Keri! lol. Mind you, chapter 9 had me panicking slightly cause I thought that was the last one for a brief second :-p

Bring on the next instalment man! :-D


Tatablp chapter 10 . 4/15/2010
Awesome fic! Can't wait to read the sequel
astacia chapter 10 . 4/14/2010
Just love happy endings. How funny was Kahlan when she first woke up? Can't wait for your next one.
MistressDarkness chapter 10 . 4/13/2010
aww, nice ending :) I love Kahlan's first words to him "you need a bath" LOL! nice touch
firelight3000 chapter 10 . 4/13/2010
Yay, another happy ending :) Love this story as much as the last. I'm glad that you put so many stories in one. It made it really interesting. Good luck on writing the sequal. XD
eagle219406 chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
Not bad. Can't wait for the next chapter. I am wondering if he is starting to hallucinate a little again. He took his mask off to get through to Kahlan. And while he put a mask on her, you never said anything about Richard putting his own mask back on. Granted that could have been an oversight on your part, but if it wasn't it would make sense.
MetalChickCrisis2040 chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
Great job! Can't wait for more! :D
NinjaSheik chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
Lord Darken Rahl chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
wow last chapter was amazing

please update soon

will Darken be included again?
Faye Cullen-Fraser chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
Excellent story. PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I hope Zedd and Cara find Richard and Kahlan. Great job!
YellowFlash1290 chapter 9 . 4/12/2010
wow! crazy good!

This story is amazing ! I totally love it!

I love your writing! It is absolutely excellent! And your crazy cliff hangers! ahh! Frustrating and exciting at the same time. You make me beg for more but I'm still happy with how each chapter ends.

Incredible! Keep up the great work!
astacia chapter 8 . 4/11/2010
Man, when you said worst nightmares, you really meant it. Can't wait for more.
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