Reviews for Innocent Ignorance
TraumaQueenAmy chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
This was a very beautifully written fan fic. I think it also does a great job of explaining their feelings for each other. Since it has also already been revealed that Ayanami was Verloren in the manga, it really shows how gentle he possibly was before his downfall. Ayanami is always shown as being cold, heartless and caring only about himself and even though he is the big bad of the story, you still feel sad for him and his situation. He probably loved Eve, but then she's killed and Verloren is blamed by the Chief of Heaven himself for her death, which pretty much doomed his fate from that point on. In a panic Verloren goes searching for the reincarnated soul of Eve in the form of taking the souls of other people. Although he had no right to do what he was doing which, was basically killing people, somehow you still feel sorry for him when you consider that he's pretty much lost everything that was important to him. Ayanami's angry, lonely, unable to open up to others, and ultimately suffers through all this but still never let's anyone know this, with the slight exception of Hyuuga, maybe. I think you captured what Verloren's personality was probably like in this fan fic. It's shows the more human side of Ayanami that he once might've shown. You did a great job with this. Sorry this review got a little off track and long-winded.
vylin00spunx chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
Wow, what an amazing story! This was very well written, and I loved how you explained Verloren and Eve's relationship.