Reviews for Control
Frosten chapter 11 . 8/9
This is one of the best stories I've ever read. I have to ask if you are going to update this. Are you?
Rowan-the-red chapter 11 . 7/26
Please, please don't be gone! Please write more!
Cortax chapter 11 . 7/24
This story is amazing and quite honestly one of the best I've ever read! I wish you had continued to update!
Guest chapter 11 . 7/5
I do hope you will finish this.
TL14 chapter 11 . 6/25
Love this story! I hope to one day see you come back to finish it regardless of the likelihood of such an action.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/3
This is such a grim story. I'm asking myself why I'm still reading it.
Lord nedved chapter 11 . 5/29
wish I knew what angle you wanted this to go I would work with you in an attempt to finish it for you
CaptainRumbro chapter 11 . 5/5
You're a cunt for abandoning this.
Dark Lord Nedved chapter 5 . 4/14
"Will cleave you in half and send your filthy mud blood organs spraying over my pure floors!"

fuck yeah. that's what I am talking about.

Certified fuckin LEGIT.
cheekypig56 chapter 11 . 4/14
So dark!... Its Brilliant, makes me crackle like Bella
CHAOS AND TRANQUILITY chapter 11 . 3/25
What I wouldn't give to see this rebooted*sigh*
clementbeklin chapter 1 . 3/4
This is the best HP fanfic I've ever read if someone is continuing it MP please or maybe you could consider an update that wpuld be amazing even magical
UnusualOutlet chapter 5 . 2/16
If someone continues this, PM me please cus this is some good shit.
Chicwowwow chapter 11 . 2/14
more soon please. one of the best fanfics I've seen in ages
automaton14 chapter 11 . 12/13/2016
Damn but this is a good story. Holy shit I love it.
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