Reviews for The Cost Of Courage
Guest chapter 1 . 2/14/2015
OMFG glenn beck make fanfics
The Conquerors chapter 1 . 7/28/2014
I, C of the conquerors have been watching your stories for quite some time. As such we like to say, We hate you, and all your ideals and your a tea-bagger, and- ha-ha just joking. We love you so much. That said what we respect here most at Conquerors Co. is people who have a belief and stand by it and defend it. As such you have our highest respects. We understand that having this particular belief is hard as liberals seem to be infesting the internet and will slam anyone who holds a different view then them (despite being the "tolerant" side). Sometimes its hard to say what needs to be said and you may be hated for it. That still doesn't change the fact that it needs to and should be said.

Anywho its good to see a Glen Beck fan. Ironically I originally found out about him through a link in YouTube video by a guy who supported Palestinian terrorism, calling Glen Beck a "filthy Zionist". I watched said video and failed to see anything wrong with it other than Glen telling the truth about Palestine. I digress. Anyway keep doing what you do and stay strong. The world needs more conservative voices to balance out the drivel liberals scream and shout to sway the idiotic masses. :)
Twin4'soldaccounthackedtoomuch chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Obama is an ass. Don't see how he was reelected.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Well done. I haven't read a fic this funny in a long, long time.
Zelbethia chapter 1 . 5/2/2012
I just felt the need to review and tell you how grateful I am that you wrote this story. I am a conservative teenager going to a mostly liberal high school and every day I have to deal with people being so smug with me about things Obama has gotten through. Sometimes I feel so hopeless and tired trying to deal with them and defend myself and my views day after day. I am so frustrated by how deceptive Obama was coming into presidency. I am so frustrated that he thinks it's acceptable to go around apologizing for things America has done that NEEDED to be done as well as for simply being successful. I feel as though Alfred would feel exactly as you have portrayed him. Angry, tired, frustrated, and betrayed. I know that's certainly how I feel as well as many of my friends and family. I love listening to Glenn Beck. He gives me hope. He recharges me when I'm too tired to keep arguing with the people I deal with. He reminds me that punching them in the face when they shout over me so that I can't make my points will only sink me to their level. I appreciate all he does and the risks he takes to do so. I also appreciate you for writing this story and including the transcript of this part of that particular show. It was one of my favorites. Thank you for writing and posting this. Reading it really helped me and gave me a pick-me-up after a long, hard day. Let's hope that the American people will be able to vote in someone who can fix Obama's mess. It's certainly going to take a long time, because he's done a lot of damage, but I have faith in this country and its people to make things right. God bless America.
Blah chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
I understand that you are pro-conserative and pro-Glenn Beck. But the personification of America- no matter how much of a mush brain he may be in Hetalia stands for both sides of the argument, not just the conservative. And i wouldn't publicly announce that 'America' would like to punch the President in the nose- you might get troubled waters there.

So basically, what I'm trying to get out is that just because you may dislike the President alot- dosn't mean you have to blame every little problem that rears it's ugly head on him. He was just the unlucky guy who inherited the crap Bush started.

I am trying not to sound to pro-Obama here. And I don't want any hurt feelings- so sorry if I offended you.
toastxkun chapter 1 . 8/17/2010
: D this is a great fan fic i agree with you all the way...and i also like glenn beck : D

maybe if your government would open a history book it would be better..or watched hetalia , XD
Kael Hyun chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Good Fic, if you ever plan on making more like this I recommend: Watch Glenn beck . com. Hopefully you do one based on the Founders Friday segment that Glenn is starting (He did a great first one yesterday on Samuel Addams
caligo-lux chapter 1 . 4/21/2010
i believe aou are pretty based and have a good live without having to fear to get ill or something...

how can you despice it so say in your story that it is the right of the people to live and get hospital care but at the same you are spitting on the health ensurence...

you should remember that americas wealth is rather onesided and alot of people are poor and cant pay the hospitals

by the way other nations manage too...

and for your last part with fighting and such...

hitler too told the people only what they wanted to the very person america seems to like so much...

yeah whatever...
roundabout225 chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
So~I already reviewed, but I was curious as to how this story would be recieved and came back to check the reveiws...and found quite a few things I was majorly disagreed on. especially "-"'s review.

1- Like what? Increase the national debt? I'm sorry, Obama's really not one to make decisions, and hasn't really done anything. He's too concerned with hi popularity to actually make decisions. Have you seen the movie "Citizen Kane"? Obama's just like Kane.

2-...It sounds liek you're justifying what they did. What they did was wrong. The method they used to get this bill through was just plain corrupt and disgusting. It's something you'd expect to find in a third world nation, not america.

3-4; You have a point. America wouldn't be so biased, and violence is a bad thing...

...I'm sorry, but have you seen the national budget! Where did you get the idea that social security will not be an issue! It's probably going to bankrupt this nation, and it's not an issue! And social security, like most of FDR's actions, was doomed as a failure from the start. On social security, we should have listened to Bush. He honesly had the best idea anyone's ever had as how to deal with social security...but we were too pissed off to care. And now obama, too worried about losing the support of the elderly, won't touch it.

Again, I applaud you for having the guts to write a conservative fic. while i do wish it was a little less biased, it's the first fic concerning america and healthcare that isn't totally liberally biased, so it's a nice change.
B. Tommorrow chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
Um... hi...

So yeah, your summary caught my attention. And I read your story, admittedly I don't really know much about this issue, which is really one of the reasons I read this in the first place. But um... some of the things you wrote in here, just caught me as... well... wrong.

I definately agree that Obama didn't turn out to be the shining knight that a lot of people were hoping for. But I mean, expectations in him should never have been so high, afterall he was inheiriting a bit of a mess off of Bush. And that is just refering to Afghanistan/Iraq and the economy.

But why shouldn't Obama be allowed to be happy that his bill got passed? And since when has 250$ been barely scraping by? I mean, that's a lot of zeroes. Also isn't America suppose to represent the views of all of his citizens? The view point shown here is far too biased to be the views of all of his people. As a lot of other reviews have mentioned, he'd be more conflicted. Because there would be a porportion of the population, however small or large, that would support the passing of this bill. Alfred would have to represent them as well. Alfred wouldn't just listen to one side of the arguement, and Glenn Beck is definately only showing one side of the arguement and I can't believe that all of America is actually that biased. So um... sorry.

Though I suppose that wouldn't be the case if Obama's little theory were true. Which would be so cool! I mean think about, so like Alfred is all Conservative America and than there is like a little kid Liberal America running around. You could totally do an entire series on that! They could like meet, and then Alfred would be like, oh damn, but not be able to kill the boy, because he's like, a hero! And then the boy could be all like sute, and little America like, from like, you know, how England found him. But they'd be never able to agree on anything, it would be all, Prussia/Germany style relationship. Ah ha, sorry, I just thought that Obama's idea was really neat... no dah. I apologize for my long, and poorly informed review. I hope you can find it within your heart to forgive me.

shoot chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
In my laughing at you, my keyboard smashing reviewed early. Whoopsie~

Anywho, my brother got a brand new car for LESS then my used one doing CAHS FOR CLUNKERS~! Ha ha, you listen to everything Glenn Beck says, huh? That's weird, considering he always says stuff like, "I'm not a -insert noun-, BUT I KNOW MORE THAN YOU !"
LOL-ING FOREVER chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
Seriously, SO FUNNY! Especially this:

"Even better, $250,0 dollars wasn't even a lot of money. The man would be scraping by in profits rather than making a genuine profit."

Are you serious? $250,0 is plenty to get by, even after being taxed! I mean, if you're right then I don't know how my father manages his business, ESPECIALLY for all my 21 years of life! He doesn't make nearly that much and yet all three of us kids have cars and everything! I'll do you one better: we got my younger brother's BRAND NEW
Guest chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
1.) A president doesn't have the right to be happy that a bill he's been working on for months finally passed? What’s he supposed to do? You probably only see it as smug since you didn’t like the bill. I don’t remember him saying much about it, honestly, except what was necessary. He has other things to do.

2.) If I'm not mistaken, representatives from the states voted for this bill to pass and it was roughly 50/51. These representatives were elected by the people, right? Therefore, that would mean that at a LEAST half of the people wanted the bill as that is how our system works. And if your counter argument would be that the democrats used all of this “back door” crap and acted behind our backs then mine would be that are you so ignorant to think that NO government does that? Anyway, just because you say you’re the majority doesn’t mean you are. Not to mention that many republicans have stepped down from “Kill the Bill” lately, due to the immediate effects showing to be good. But if you still think you’re the majority it’s probably because of the media. They only show the angry people, you do realize this, right? They make better TV.

3.) WHY do you think America only stands for YOUR opinions? I saw the summaries of your other fics and all you seem to do is preach about how Obama sucks and America hates him. How can he when he represents ALL of the American people, even if they are the minority?

4.) Why are you so violent? I mean, MY GOD, I didn’t like Bush but I never had thoughts about physically hurting him. That’s flat out crazy and I pity you in that you have so much negativity running through yourself.

Seriously, this isn't a new thing in the government. How do you think social security went down? The same, complete with calling the president socialist and all the other crazy stuff. It’ll blow over and I highly doubt that it will be an issue for the next election.
LupinandHarry chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
I think that Alfred would be a less angry with the issue, and more split on the idea, as other have said.

Still, I give you kudos for using Beck. He's great, I really admire him.
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