Reviews for The White Lord
Beathprincess23 chapter 17 . 4/8
Who the Dom and sub in this ? Is harry the sub or Dom or tom the sub or Dom? Good story to
Guest chapter 1 . 4/5
Please update
Mukuro234 chapter 17 . 4/1
This is an amazing fic. So love it
gabriall.grimm.1 chapter 17 . 3/27
please do update soon.
Ladymadonna1899 chapter 2 . 3/27
Omg all my favourite subjects!
naiika chapter 17 . 2/25
I loved this story ! Is this story discontinued ? I hope not ... I read it twice already and I would really like to read more. It was just going to get exciting :)
SilverWolfsbane chapter 17 . 2/25
Very well crafted story, with an interesting plot. I look forward to reading the story as you update it.
solsere chapter 17 . 2/22
Lovely lovely story! I really adore the politics/light/dark explanations you have here. At first, I was a bit skeptical of Harry turning into a Muggle professor at Oxford, but that grew on me eventually, haha. It's pretty cool that he didn't just forget about the Muggle world and managed to make an impact there as well before he got to Hogwarts. I really like the way you wrote Harry and his Slytherin personality/sneakiness and his decision to keep under the radar during his time at Hogwarts. I never thought the canon Slytherins (particularly Draco) expressed their traits that well, so it's refreshing to read about Harry like this! I love that he was able to manipulate Dumbledore into thinking he was harmless - and I love Neville's new backbone and friendship they have. (I want to mention a typo I noticed in the Prologue: Harry is introduced as "Hadrian Jove Potter," then it becomes "Hadrian Nexus Potter" a few paragraphs later.)

It's so cool to have Harry as the Light Lord chosen by magic (usually Harry/Tom stories have Harry as dark or neutral-dark-ish), so I love that they're matched and opposite in this manner. I also love the way you explained the difference between Light and Dark magic types and the part about Salazar Slytherin being a Light Lord was just fantastic! Love that you are breaking expectations of the "norm" here!

I am rather excited about reading about the upcoming Yule ball and Hadrian's first meeting with restored Voldemort and how their Courts will interact. (And whether Voldemort recognize their connection and Hadrian as the Light Lord!) I wonder if the Horcruxes or Hallows will come into play in your story? I assume that since Voldemort isn't looking like a snake, he either got back some of his Horcruxes or that the Stone was able to help him better than the canon 4th year ritual? Regardless, though it's been almost a year since your last update, I do hope you get inspiration to keep writing this story!
Randa1 chapter 2 . 2/18
ljhjhtfrtr chapter 17 . 2/17
great story, please continue, can't wait for harry and tom ;) will harry be pregnant? what about sirius and remus? where are they?
Emelyne chapter 17 . 2/14

I would like to tell you that your stories are wonderfull, I really love them.

I wanted to know if you will finish the white lord, one day or not. just so I know.

Whatever is your choice, thank you for writting them.

Kaya70 chapter 17 . 1/29
Love it plz update soon
kittyrsocute chapter 17 . 1/23
This is brilliant!
Anaelyssa chapter 17 . 1/18
Quite quite interesting. I've always liked the idea of Harry as the Light Lord in balance to the Dark and not a second or consort Dark Lord.
Levin chapter 17 . 1/18
I love your story and hope it will get updated at some point, it would be a real shame if it were abandoned, but can I ask a question(or rather would you answer me a question, seeing as you can't really stop me asking)?
Why is Harry the WHITE Lord of the WHITE Court of the beings of LIGHT Magic, while his counterpart is the DARK Lord with a DARK Court and DARK magic?
Sorry, sometimes I just get stuck on such trivia and can't get it out of my head until I at least try to find out.
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