Reviews for Secret Truths
Katana Black chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
This was so good, I wish there was more. Great writing!
Kawari chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Nice story, especially the last sentence:

"He had already won."

No need to apologize for the translation. It is pretty good - for an online translater.

May I help you out?

Was suchst du? (What are you looking for?)

Here is the question if you want to write it in a more formal tone or not so formal tone.

"Was suchst du?" is the not formal

"Was suchen Sie?" is the formal.

Today only in business meetings we use the formal form. When talking to people our age and on the street it's the none-formal.

Back then... 1945... the formal form was generally used, to signal a superior, a person on the street who you didn't know (even if said person was your age and you yourself were above 20) etc. The formal form was a signal to show distance.

Like the japanese speak the surname and only the given name when they know one another really, really good.

On the other hand you could let it stand the way it is, to show that Strife doesn't think the "dog" has earned any right for respect.

; Du bist German. (You are German.)

Here again with the "Du" (none formal) and the "Sie" (formal).

BUT the translater didn't translate German. German in...well..German is "Deutscher". Furthermore the grammer would be wrong.

"Du bist ein Deutscher." (none formal)

"Sie sind ein Deutscher." (formal)

; Wahrheit (Truth)

Correct translation.

; Ich darf wohl sagen (I dare say)

Hm... here is the problem of what exactly you meant.

"Ich darf wohl sagen" is more along the lines of "I'm allowed to say".

And the german translation of "I dare say" would be "Ich wage es zu sagen".

The meaning is slightly different.

"Ich darf wohl sagen" has a little bit of a plea in it's meaning.

"Ich wage es zu sagen" is smug, with no submission. As I read it out of the scene Leon says it to provoke Cloud.

When that was your intention then "Ich wage es zu sagen" would be better.

; Du bist an gekommen. (You have arrived.)

Cloud says it to his superior Sepiroth, then it would be "Sie sind angekommen." or "Sie sind da." (You are there (meaning the completed act. He doesn't just arrive, he is already there.))

; Hast du es? (Do you have it?)

Again formal or not formal:

"Hast du es?" not formal

"Haben Sie es?" formal

But because they are in the military I would say the formal version.

; Ich hoerte English. (I heard English.)

Ich habe Englisch gehört.

(Correct translated into English it would be: "I have heard English."

The translation "Ich hoerte Englisch" is for "I heard English" correct.

But German is weird that way... in this case one would say "Ich habe Englisch gehört".

Hm... you can also write the ö like oe, both are correct.

Hope I could help you with the translation.

Bye Kawari
Wends chapter 1 . 4/4/2010
Very well written AU! Nice characterizations throughout. I like. :)

The only bad thing is that, being open-ended as it is (more or less), I lust for a conclusive continuation. :P Another fine fic, though!