Reviews for Azula The Prisoner: Arrival II
practically chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Oh, psh...

I completely looked right past this, when I reviewed The Arrival I


It's fascinating to watch Azula come across doppelgangers of her old enemies in the Village. Her responses are not all too sharp, but almost mellow, now. She faced the new Number 2, but she can remember that faces are faces, and she must have her own identity...

Ah, Azula watches the show as the chronicles of her past deeds. No, Azula, to take the case from her is the first sign of groveling!

It feels so far away in the past, with this dream-like tone to the story.

And it'll take more than an ample supply of speakers, but I fear for the "harsh methods" that loom beside Number Two and Eighteen...

NOW, I think I can beg for an update? :]