Reviews for There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
ale chapter 16 . 8/20/2017
me gusta mucho tu historia
sandyholl chapter 16 . 3/26/2017
This is the second time I've read this! I really wish that you had finished it! I would love to know how it works out!
sandyholl chapter 16 . 2/13/2016
This is the second time I've read this ! I love it and wish you would PLEASE finish it!
sandyholl chapter 16 . 9/8/2014
I have read this story 3 times, crying every time! I really wish you would finish it ! I want to know how everything works out! It is a fantastic story so far!
sandyholl chapter 16 . 8/18/2014
This is such a great story! Why did you stop writing ?Please try to finish it!
sandyholl chapter 16 . 7/27/2013
This story is very good...This is the second time I've read it and cried both times! I really wish you would finish it!
sandyholl chapter 16 . 3/1/2013
This is the second time I've read this and wish that it was complete .I know it has been over a year but PLEASE FINISH IT...It is VERY GOOD!
sandy chapter 16 . 11/3/2012
why didn't you finish this! It is way too good!Please finish it!
Martreiya chapter 16 . 6/15/2012
I read the whole story and I can say it's an amazing story! Love AU stories and yours is perfect but it's a pity is an incomplete one :( So I wonder if u r planning updating it any time soon?
Liv it up 124 chapter 16 . 6/5/2012
I love this story! It's written amazingly so please keep going with it and update soon!
mindy.18 chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Good chapter
em shorty chapter 16 . 9/26/2011
please update soon. he has to find out about bones please.
MMWillow13 chapter 16 . 9/18/2011
I love glimpses into Parker's psyche and it will be every interesting to see how he approaches this discussion between his dad and Bones that is incredibly long over due.
Tamarakv chapter 16 . 9/17/2011
Found this story today, and so glad I did! Love it and can't wait to see where it goes, hope you update soon!
mendenbar chapter 16 . 9/17/2011
WOW! (hmmm. anything else? No. That sums it up. Wow.)
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