Reviews for Subtlety
kate811 chapter 1 . 7/1/2015
OH SNAP. DO I DARE TRY AND GET TWO REVIEWS DONE IN ONE DAY AT THIS PLACE? DO I? I DO! I always forget how much I like this episode for Niles and CC because when I hear the title all I think about is Fran singing/rapping. But CC looks crazy hot in this episode and she’s so flirty with Niles SEASON 4 IS A GIFT A GIFT I TELL YOU!

“The high she got out of finally, finally, getting a good zinger over Niles rivaled the strongest martini she'd ever hope to have in her life.” YEAH SON.

“The boyish excitement on his face had nearly caused her to leave it at that, until the minuscule twinge of jealousy that he'd wanted help to find other women spurred her on.” lIKE COME ON YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THIS. I never would have thought to make CC jealous over this moment but like she totally would be. But if season 4 CC knew what we know now, that the only women Niles will be scoring in the next year are 1. Aunt Freida, 2. A CC Lookalike and 3. Maybe someone at Maxwell’s bachelor party? I forget. Is that the one where a cop has to bring him home? Niles why – anyway, if CC knew what we know now, she’d totally chill. AT LEAST CHANDLER WAS GOOD LOOKING IF I RECALL.

“and CC heard Fran whine to Niles that she needed some tea to soothe her vocal chords.
"It's about thirty years too late, Nanny Fine," CC muttered” one of my favorite things CC does is these little comments even when no one is around. Like in season 6 when Fran and Maggie (ugh) are in the bathroom taking the pregnancy test and CC knocks and I forget what exactly Fran says but CC has a remark about it. She’s so funny and underappreciated. Lauren Lane should have been catapulted into fame after playing such a wonderful character. WHY IS THE WORLD DUMB?

“CC dallied around the office for a few more moments before deciding that tea sounded delicious.” Sure, cc, that’s why you wanted to go to the kitchen. It’s not because you just heard Niles over the intercom in the kitchen. Nope.

"Again with the humor, Niles. Did you get tapes about that, too? Winning Women With Winsome Wit?" MY PRINCESS

"What's this? No response?" CC asked, more unnerved by this than she'd confess. I love how unnerved they get when the other doesn’t fight back. Like when Niles had his heart attack and CC was most upset about waiting for a zinger and getting nothing

"After all of the embarrassing things you've done to me, it's sad to see that you can't take it."
"I think you'll find I excel more in dishing it out, Miss Babcock," Niles returned swiftly, pushing aside the sliced zucchini and reaching for the squash. IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE (SO HOT) SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES, NILES AND CC. (didn’t you sing this in a review of mine once? Or was that me? How beautiful is our friendship that quoting Nelly is the norm? How lucky are we? Look what love has done to us.)

"A man with such alleged skills wouldn't need to resort to tapes to find a woman, then." AW SNAP YOU TELL HIM CHAS. YOU TELL HIM.

“CC's bright blues looked away from Niles' clear ones, and CC reached for a small piece of a carrot so her hands could have something to do” what if this turned into that episode of Friends when Monica tries to make carrots sexy and accidentally chops off Chandler’s toe

“Niles made a noncommittal noise in his throat and set down his knife.” Okay good all toes are safe.

“His arm brushed her hip as he did so and it took all of her willpower to remain in place and act as though she hadn't felt anything.” No but really it’s getting hot in here should I start taking off all my clothes? Do you think they’d let me leave early and maybe take tomorrow off if I did that?

“But the subtlety was what made the interaction entirely Niles and CC; the look in his eyes when she walked in, the full meaning behind CC mentioning dances and kisses, and the gentle physical contact spoke volumes that an innocent bystander would never have noticed. So it had been for the past several years, and so it would be for two full years before Maxwell and Fran would be so surprised to find that their friends had been doing more than insulting each other all along.” This is just really great, dead on writing for these two sexy mofos. (insert musical montage of all their little moments set to the Nelly song)

"You know, Niles," she said softly, "as long as you're dishing it out, I have no problem receiving it." A meaningful look passed between them before CC turned and ambled out of the kitchen. AND JUST FOR THIS MOMENT AS LONG AS YOU’RE MINE I’LL WAKE UP MY BODY AND MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME (it was a tossup between quoting this and Defying Gravity but seeing how this is hot and that song is meant for a hot moment I went with it)

CC returned to the office in time to hear Fran click on the intercom and ask, "Ni-yules, did your soufflé rise yet?"
CC grinned wickedly as she heard a strained British voice grumble, "Just now did.


I can’t believe I managed to get this done as quickly as I did. It had caps lock, it had Wicked. It was even almost 1000 words. I am impressed with myself. That’s right. It’s all about me. (no but forreal I loved this fic and you can feel free to write more little sexy one shots of little moments between them throughout the series IF YOU WANT I MEAN THAT’S FINE WITH ME.)

Now it IS 1000 words. Wow.

Peace, love, & CC Babcock
thedeardeer chapter 1 . 5/18/2015
I love how you illustrate why C.C. says the things she says to Niles in the beginning. And I love how they talk about, yet don’t talk about their relationship when C.C. walks into the kitchen. Perfect!
And then the omniscient narrator part about how it’d go on like that for two more years.

“It’s about thirty years too late, Nanny Fine” Hahahaha!

“Ni-yules, did your soufflé rise yet?” Ambiguity, anyone?

Thank you, Jilian! And Happy Birthday!
AllTheSnakes chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
My God, I just love this story!
GothicFairy1593 chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
Hehehehe. Simply amazing! I loved this. My kudos to you! :)
negschainsaw chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
XD love this one-shot!

"Ni-yules, did your soufflé rise yet?"

CC grinned wickedly as she heard a strained British voice grumble, "Just now did. I'll bring your tea in a moment, Miss Fine." HIS soufflé xD

keep on going ! ;)
ichbin chapter 1 . 4/10/2010
So you're suggesting that they were always sleeping together, throughout the series, and only got caught in Dummy Twins? That's an interesting way to look at them, and not highly improbable actually! Liked the story, enjoyed the flow.
nrfan chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
sorry for using the same word as everyone else but perfection truly is the only way to describe this. btw this deserves to be on runhp u should consider posting it there too :) please write more stories ur awesome.
solieluna chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
How do you write amazing stories? This was amazing! Can you come and like fought my head or something and maybe your amazingness will rub off on me?
NilesLover101 chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
I think the part where cc smiles because niles knows how to make her tea just the way she likes it is really cute:)
beMMADfabulous chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Wow, that was brilliant. Beyond brilliant. The whole thing was kept so purely in character. I loved it. The only downside is that you had to end it there. ;D haha. PLEASE write another Niles/C.C. story soon; you're truly fantastic at it.
DannyFan66 chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Nicely done! I'd like to see this

Jack's Phryne chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
That was fantastic! Very Niles and CCish.

Niles' CC
LaurenLaneLover chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Ah I loved it!

the last part was perfect!\

-Triple L