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buffmage chapter 7 . 9/1/2021
Excellent storytelling, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you
romancejunky chapter 7 . 8/6/2016
I have to say when I started reading this story I didn't know really what to expect bit now I really would like to know more about this story's possible futures more than I ever expected. I know you may not frequent the site anymore since it has been six years since you released a story but I would love to know more about what you may have planned for the possible sequel since there is so much potential for a sequel that it's hard not to think about. If you ever see this I would love to hear about what you had planned at the time you finished this story. I hope your doing well and i hope to hear from you in the future.

Guest chapter 3 . 7/5/2015
Once you revealed that he was a NWC member & 1 of the girls, I thought
then Shampoo, Nabiki, Akane
FireInLife chapter 7 . 5/18/2015
Ugh...I don't like tragedies. And yeah, this might not be a REAL tragedy, but it's still pretty close. I guess I'm a bit upset at the break up between Ranma and Akane, especially since you spent so much time detailing their interactions (and attractions) to each other. I guess I'm also a sucker for "fantasy" romance, and I struggle to read the more realistic ones like this. Still, I feel like it's cruel to give so much pain to your characters, say that they'll heal (but always remember), and then let the reader imagine where they go from there.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the story. I figured out that it was Akane pretty quickly, but the picture being of Ranma's daughter was quite surprising. Of course, the reason Ranma slept with Shampoo became pretty obvious once I realized a child came from that had good foreshadowing sometimes, but other times your hints were just way too obvious.

The sparring session between Ranma and Akane was a bit disappointing, however. Akane said that she was unable to go all out because of the body she had. Yet Ranma gets his male form back, and is sparring in full force just a little bit later? He couldn't become a guy in the first half of the story, but then you don't bother to write his female form in the later half of the story. I'm sure you did that on purpose, but it was kinda disappointing either way; the sparring session would have been a good excuse, at the very least.

Given that I found this story from somebody who only wrote and favorited femslash fics, I was expecting that "wrong feeling" to mean Akane wasn't truly bisexual (or at least, not 50/50), and Ranma to be confused over his attraction as a guy. I mean, I was expecting femslash the entire time. Not just do I find that Akane and Ranma agree to break up (with very little chance of love in the future), but Ranma isn't even female D:

Speaking of...What's Ranma's problem at this point? He says he didn't LIKE being a girl, but he just spent the past 15 years hiding as one (and 24/7 at that). Basically, he spent almost double the time he was a guy as a woman (and that's not to mention he didn't even remember those first 5 years as a guy). For that matter, he never was an adult man. Sure, I can't expect that he'd prefer to be female, but I also can't expect him to be truly satisfied being male again. It's not a familiar body anymore than his female form was right after falling into Jusenkyo. I'm a bit biased here given that I was hoping for femslash, but it's still not very realistic for Ranma to suddenly be satisfied and adjusted to his male form.

Although, the bit about Akane training under Saffron was quite original, and an awesome idea in general. And I have to admit, burning off arm hair but not your skin? Awesome!

Anyways, it was a decent story overall, but it wasn't what I expected in the end. Definitely a disappointing story, but it also had some great writing in it and I enjoyed how the characters had grown. I can't truly appreciate fanfics that involve pain and hardship like this, yet it's easy to see how well written it is. The ending may have spoiled the story, but I certainly couldn't stop reading even when it took a turn away from what I expected. The only chapter that I didn't enjoy at least a little was the flashback chapter (given that Ranma and Shampoo were essentially raped and/or abused on the same day they lost what they valued most). I didn't go into that, but suffice to say that it wasn't pleasant to read through.
Jfmam chapter 7 . 11/18/2014
This was a very interesting story. I really didn't know what I was going to get when I started it, but it was quite the read. It is kind of sad to see a world where the issues of the series came to a head long before without really being resolved until later, but it really made that later resolution all the stronger.

While I was rather uncomfortable with many of the ideas in this story, you presented them so well that I can hardly fault you for using them, so essential as they are to the story you've crafted. On that note, while I don't believe that these interpretations really apply to the characters in canon, you've written it so convincingly, and in keeping with the original characterisations, that I did feel sometimes that I had to remind myself that these were in fact, just an interpretation.

While I would love to see a sequel, or even a couple, I agree that this story has to be allowed to stand on its own, regardless of what else comes next. As someone else suggested, perhaps exploring where some of the other characters are now would be good. I would certainly like to find out how the past events affected the others. As I said before though, that should only be done as long as it doesn't adversely affect the story and character resolutions you have achieved here.
The destroyer of fate chapter 7 . 6/10/2013
I think your ending is perfect . I wouldn't change anything.

though if your tempted to do something to explore these other things may I suggest (one shots or them kind of things ;p so its a "bonus" thing ;p *shrugs*)

anyways I really enjoyed this story and im glad I had read it
shugokage chapter 7 . 3/10/2013
Wow impressive story and beautiful story!
Guest chapter 7 . 2/26/2013
It's a great story, I really enjoyed to read it.
Would like to read a sequel to it someday.
Wordlurker chapter 7 . 10/22/2012
Objectively, I believe this is a good fic, and I especially liked the Kazesenken and Morisenken. Personally, however, something about "The Lady of the Mountain" makes my teetch itch with dislike.

I have no idea why, though. It's reasonably well written, has no major grammar or spelling errors and it has a fairly original storyline. There's no real reason to dislike it, yet I do. Severely.

That said, I don't regret reading it.
uragaaru chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
This really pushes the limit of what fan-fiction can be and what it means to create work using older creative works as inspiration. I think only Deborah Goldsmith has gone farther in that regard. I think the story does a great job of capturing well how, on the one hand both characters have greatly matured and, on the other, how fixated they were on the past and running away from it.

While the pacing was somewhat irregular, for the most part it had a somewhat lyrical quality, a melodrama with the pacing and sentimentality of a slice of life story.

Definitely one of my favorite of the recent Ranma fanfiction.
Saggit chapter 7 . 4/17/2012
Great story: thoughtful, well characterized, just the right amount of incident to keep things moving, and the gradual unfolding of past and present kept things interesting. Very good job.
JReyBr chapter 7 . 2/15/2012
Glad to see something new from you after your, understandable, explosion? For lack of a better word. I remembered that for a while.

Anyway thoughts on this work. Liked how you kept the focus of this part of this story to what you set out to make it, stories begin before the beginning and end after they are done. To often are people tempted to through in every little random thought. Not to say I wouldn't be interested in what might come next or developing your OC but they have nothing to do with the "lady" who is gone or the "mountain" which has been left.

Also bang up job with the dialog, it felt natural. As did the characters.

In sum good story, characters, and dialog, very impressed with framing and glad to see something new, from my perspective, from you.
ijpowers92 chapter 7 . 2/14/2012
I like this fic. Very maturely handled. To bad about the sequel thing though. I usually enjoy reading about kids of Ranma.
Partition chapter 7 . 2/13/2012
Wow, this was good. I don't particularly care for Akane(though I'm definitely not her biggest detractor, I just find her boring), but this definitely caught my attention. Good job. Thanks for the story.
AkaiKamiRyu chapter 7 . 11/21/2011
This was a good story.

i was a little upset that Ranma & Akane couldn't get together, but you wrote this story well, that I can live with how it ended.

Great job.
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