Reviews for Domination
jjisme chapter 1 . 11/30/2017
amazingly sexy! loved the power play
Hirami chapter 1 . 10/16/2016
This thing deserves 12 out of 10 points alone for the A Strip Duel Monsters smut. Perfect. Purrrrrfect. Well done. (how come I never commented here... Hngh.) Anyway. Perfectly written, from start till end. (*insert actually useful review here*) w
homine chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
OMFG THIS STORY IS THE MOST AMAZAYN and SINGLEHANDEDLY THE MOST SEXY thing I HAVE EVER READ! I kept reading it over and over and over... UGH, a seme!Seto is my MOST FAVORITE THING EVER! The way he dominates Yami is just UGH, perfection! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it, especially the office sex scene! Rough, possessive Seto is HOT and I enjoyed every minute of it, GOD BLESS YOU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! LET ME LOVE YOU! I am a pile of mush on the floor, OK? That is not good for my health, why would you do this to me? I wish more authors were like you... this was the most beautiful piece of work on the planet. Sorry if I seem like I'm overreacting, but GIRL, this is truly how I feel. Love you so much! 3
CandyassGoth chapter 3 . 3/3/2012
I'm back! Unfortunately I cannot say much as I suck with words and have the vocabulary of a chicken, not to mention you BLEW MY MIND!

It took forever to finish, I never have a free second, but It was wellllll worth it! I am currently half asleep but I finished it! YAAAAAY!

Miss Mel, this was an astounding fic and you should hold your head high with it! There were so many twists and turns and emotions that I coudl never keep on a straight path, but that is what made it great! I was crying and squeeing then giggling then crying.

You are excellent at prideshipping, you truly are, I loved this fic and I appreciate all the work and thought you put into it! Once again I apologize fr my lack of words, but... stubborn Seto...marriage, was beautiful!
CandyassGoth chapter 2 . 2/24/2012
OOH! Chapter 2! And I like how you started it, very…’prideshipping’-ish. You capture their qualities and personalities so well, and for Yami to slip Seto roofies? HAHA! Oh, they do make a challenging pair, always trying to best each other.

ZOMR! THE BONDAGE! –squeals- You…wow. Yami created such a hot situation! I admit it ~is~ a little strange with Seto as the uke in some parts, but I love the fact that your way of explaining it doesn’t make me cringe or want to skip it, you do it well! Seto’s will power is strong, and he needs a strong-will power to keep up with Yami’s own. They fit so well together, and you explore their relationship in an interesting way!

-drools- Damn, your lemony smuts are yummy! Beautiful, and yet pervy images just flow through when reading this, phwroar! –drools again- I’m going to need a mop just now.

I loved that Yami brought up the relationship thing, I knew he would, I can’t see him simply sleeping with Seto as a one night stand. And unfortunately, Seto isn’t one to woo anyone with ‘words’, he just isn’t romantic enough. At least Yami got some form of an answer out of him, after all that smexing.

Truly beautiful, and I wish I could say more, but I am drifting into the land of Nod and will try continue tomorrow!

I loved every detailed and hard-worked second of this -

CandyassGoth chapter 1 . 2/24/2012
HELUUUUR! It is I! Me! This person. And I’m not this annoying is general, just feeling happy, been watching YGOTAS all night.

I have finally made it here! And I blew off impregnating men in the Sims just to read your work! Amazing actually, seeing as it’s a mission to get me to stop playing.

I must say I never know why some writers add duels into their stories, its like ‘WTF?’ But the way YOU have done it, is how it should be done, if done at all! You did the dueling really well, along with all the emotion and feel to go with and in between to remind us this isn’t just any duel, you remind us that we are witnessing Kaiba and Yami duel in a yaoi universe, so…heee…the possibilities are waaaay more exciting than the canon.

Yami’s strip duel monsters idea made me squee and giggle! Oh the images! But who needs images when you create such vivid ones for us! I mean, WOW. Your style is indeed difficult to follow, but it is so so so rewarding and terrific, don’t change it for anything.

Seto as uke? I’m glad I read almost everything, otherwise I’d have thought it too weird to read. The way you made it happen, with Seto as uke was unlike I’ve seen it before. I mean, technically he was bottoming, but in a way he was still so dominating that I could barely tell he was the one receiving! That was awesome, greeeeeat job!

-shivers- Your talent for smut is amazing, and I love the sentimental parts you add, the intimate emotions and actually love they display to each other in small gestures in amidst everything, it so lovely!

Oh my Ra, Yugi and Joey overheard? HAHA! That is embarrassing! Oh, and these lines had me laughing my ass off! :

“Its’ pant,” Seto lied smoothly.

“Was it so hot that the paint was melting, sir?”


HAHAHAHA! I love that! Good on Seto saving Yami from more embarrassment.

All in all, I loved this so far! I’m glad I finally have time to read it! It was expertly done and you are fantastic!

Now…to chapter 2! If I can stop the drowsiness, its so late…I’m trying!
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 3 . 10/5/2011
I've read this three time and never got the chance to fully sit downa nd appreicate reading the whole thing until now! now that i have i love it! i'm as bugged as Yami that Seto still never says I love you to him but then again knowing Seto he has his own ways of showing it and saying it, and I've always been one to believe you don't have to say the words to prove you love someone.

I love the flipped povs back and forth espeically with the duel, it shows the both fo them and makes them all so real and i loved the flashbacks. Beleive it ot not i loved their arugments, like Seto said all strong relationships have arguments small and serious: if i had a nickle for every time my parents fought I'd have enough to pay my college titution and they act like newelyweds sometimes. LOL.

Still i felt so bad for them both, I think they both overreacted at times, but then again all arguments are spring from misunderstandings and I loved in the end how even thought nothing was technically resolved it was still better, cause that's what love and life is.

I can kinda understand Yami's aversion to them being seen in public, but at the same time i see Seto as the kind of person who once he decides some or something as his he's gotta let the whole world know-did i mention how awesome it was that he waited until the last day to propose and then they got married on the spot? I mean how awesome was that! you even got Kaiba's copter and that he didn't invite joey! How awesome was that! i almost died at Yami's reaction. I did not think it was possible to render him speechless and seto did it twice, by proposing to him and by telling him it was okay fi they kept things secert. I love that about Seto, it shows just how much Yaim has an affect on him.

And he's right Yami does act just like a wife, thought some of Seto's rude comments annoyed but at the same time they just screamed Seto.

The only thing that bugged me was Seto's fit when Yami said he got a job. In all honesty, i was happy and understood exactly why Yami wanted a job. Everyone needs something to do with their lives and their spare time and if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life, hell even Seto works not cause he has too, he legibly loves building 3-D holograms, designing games and building amusement parks for orphans, granted its not always fun but he still likes it right? Same thing for Yami, plus I don't think Yami would like being one of those spoiled housewives who has their rich husband take care of them and has everyone wait on the hand and foot and spends all their money, especially since Yami was a pharoah and is probably used to being independent, he'd die of boredom (I know i would) but again that's one of those things that can escalate into one of those fights that you don't even remember how they start.

I love how you did Yami in this, I almost cried reading him in the beginning when he thought that would be his and Seto's last duel and that he wanted to break up with him-though i can understand why, he made it clear that he wanted them to get married and its understandable breaking it off if he thinks it won't work-which is why i loved it even mroe when seto finally proposed to him!

I loves those rings! they were so beautiful, though i was surprised you didn';t have Yugi as Yami's man of honor-or best man, don't know why but for some reason i have a feeling Yami would be the bride, but i loved it! Leave it seto to plan an entire wedding, literally go all out (the bahams and the presidential sweet seriously?) and then not propose until the last minute-of course Yami would say yes but still! I just died! i didn;t know if i should laugh, cry or fall over in amazement, I honestly think i did all three!

And i loved the end! perfect way to end it!

And i loved how Yami speaks in arabic when he's mad, flustered, nervous or swooning. This was awesome! by far my fav chapter! By the way, you wouln't happen to have a copy of Be Mine in engligh would you? cause i read the jap version (and honey in englihs-loved it!) but I want to read the english verion since it looks like a really sweet prideshipping and its so hard to find a doujinshi where Seto shows his softer side...anyway I loved this story! thanks so much for sharing!
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 2 . 10/5/2011
I finally got to review this chapter! My usual excuse: college.

I was actually reluctant to read this since bondage isn't much my thing, so i was stunned by how much i did like it! Don't even get me started on how wrong and funny it was that Yami drugged Seto with Roofies without knowing what it actually was-the slang term anyway! I thought Seto would blow a gasgit!

I gotta say, I'm normally not into bondage but this was phenomenally done. I noticed Sex and control seems to be a huge issue with these too.

I especially liked how Seto being Seto STILl managed to get the jump on Yami and turn the situation to his favor: double-jointed, i never thought of that, I figured he might've been amisextrius, like my brother is ut i didn't see that coming. Leave it Seto to turn all this in to a war of dominance.

And yet i'm still trying to figrure out how they've only had two "dates" and they jump to the topic of marriage.

I loved how Yami said he wanted a June wedding. I did not think it was possible to render Seto speechless without it being cheasy! boy was i wrong.

I could go on forever about how mucyh i loved Yami getting all flustered when Seto said Yami's like a wife, personally i don';t think he nags that much but it was still cute: lord knows they bicker like an old married couple!

And i loved the end- i acutally read the doujinshi honey (which i finally found) cause you mentioned it and I could see where you got that from. So cute!

like i said nice job!
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
OH MY GOD! THAT WAS AWESOME! That fircken SCREAMED sexual tension though, also excellent job with the duels and all the cards since those are a BITCH! The strip duel was HYSTERICAL! and i saw more of their dirty thoughts than i thought were possible. I normally can't picture Seto as the one to be dominated but you REALLY pulled it off in this one! that was awesome!

Oh god the the secretary and the phone calls, holy crap! and while they were screwing, and how Seto's dialect fit both! oh my god i almost got a heart attack from lauhing so hard./ The lemons was phenomenal, tell me how they both topped, technically and Seto still managed to come out on top, but i love how Yami still beyond control.

I died when Yugi and Joey overheard the whole thing! Oh my god! Poor Yami!

That was so awesome!
Shr00m chapter 3 . 8/11/2011
This is so adorable :')
Shr00m chapter 2 . 8/10/2011
That's some badass BDSM.
JollyBigSis chapter 3 . 2/10/2011
Yay, finally here’s my long overdue review…again, my sincere apologies for the tardiness. *bows*

Well, what can I say? If the previous chapters were HOT on the smex and smut, this one was overwhelming on the angst and drama… and I loved every word of it! Without a doubt the contrast of this chapter and the themes that ran through it, compared to the previous two, was indeed very stark yet refreshing.

The emotional and psychological state of the pair here in this chapter, illustrates just how fragile and unstable the relationship can be when two very strong-minded, stubborn and proud individuals get together. Throughout we could see glimpses of Yami’s wilfulness, usually in form of a provocative remark or by refusing to drop a subject when asked to. It causes Kaiba to despair of him which then further frustrates the ex-Pharaoh adding more friction to the relationship.

At times I can understand Yami’s desire to have Kaiba provide him some kind of meaningful sentiment to abate his insecurities. I can see his need for some form of acknowledgement/attachment from his lover - to have a token of Kaiba’s affection, which was why I felt the ‘June Wedding’ significance was purely symbolic. At the same time, it was an excuse to see if Kaiba can carry it out – to fulfil a whim so to speak. Sometimes I wonder if Yami was so persistent over the matter because he took it as a personal challenge to himself, like a ‘game’ to see if Kaiba could fulfil his request. Unfortunately, he set the stakes too high and he became fearful when he realised that he could not achieve it. The stress and insecurity that came with the possible failure made Yami depressed.

So we get to see a very vulnerable Yami which angers Kaiba thus creating more tension in an already volatile relationship and things just escalate from bad to worse. I truly fretted for the pair! That’s not to say it was all Yami’s fault. Kaiba’s inability to express himself openly is in itself a major problem. Whilst expecting his lover to ‘understand’ his actions, Kaiba’s feelings remains unspoken and Yami agonises over the silence. I guess Kaiba’s belief that ‘actions speak louder than words’ might be more effective than a few random endearments but actions can easily be misconstrued or may not appreciated thus more problems follows. Moreover, why is it sometimes, I feel as though one of them talks too much whilst the other not enough? Perhaps, it’s not a good combination to a healthy relationship between the two.

However, I am glad that they finally got their misunderstanding cleared up. I thought it was rather sneaky of Kaiba to have kept Yami in the dark for so long despite knowing the duellist was torturing himself over the direction the relationship was going. The level of angst certainly went up a few notches there, I might add! Still, I love how you illustrated their problems and the issues they faced… just like any other regular couples. It showed us a different side of the pair that wasn’t all smut and duelling and I really appreciated that.

Overall, I loved the fic in its entirety but the final chapter made it more ‘real’ for me. With the emotions exposed on both sides, I was enthralled by the complexities it entailed. It in turn, it drove my own feelings into turmoil when I was confronted with the pain and anguish the pair faced. It was only when I finished the story did I feel a wave of relief and contentment wash over me. You certainly had me on the edge throughout but it was well worth it. This was a real pleasure to read and worthy addition to the fandom.

Thank you so much for sharing…
Kureru Elric chapter 3 . 1/29/2011
H-holy shit... that was... that was... hell I don't know what that was! Those lemons were... is epic the right word? Sexy? The kind of lemon that makes my brain turn to mush? I don't know... WOW...

Keep up the good work...!

~Kureru Elric
GirlyGirl68 chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
i loved it sooo much! it was fabulous. i can't wait to see what the other two chapters have in store.
nAna chapter 3 . 10/22/2010
that was a really wonderful story! what I liked the most is the fact that you got the characters of yami and seto perfectly right! good job, and thanks for writing this! It was really exating and never boring, with a really nice ending!
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