Reviews for The Wanderer
Guest chapter 22 . 2/8
Where's the next chapters?
xxlevantinexx chapter 10 . 3/11/2013
It is quite an interesting story and lots of original ideas. Especially when it involve a certain hero from suikoden ii. It provides a certain perspectives on how the world continues from suikoden iii timeline. How immortality changes Riou's naivete personality to a sort of calm and calculating persona; and yet despite the apparent changes, he still retains the same old kindness in him.

There's however one thing I find a bit odd. The new Highland Kingdom. I take it that this is not the same Highland kingdom that Dunan was liberated from? if it is not, I still a bit confused regarding Alberto Hawk the supposedly a Highland royalty. As far as I know from the moment Dunan was established, royalty was quite possibly eliminated. Jowy at that time, knowing his loss continued to erase all evidence of the Blight lineage. And in doing so maybe abolish the so called noble/aristocracy model as the main royal family was completely decimated.

Another reason I believe was that, The Higheast Rebellion, the recently short war that was supported by the Harmonian to take back Dunan territory and bring the Highland Kingdom to its former glory was stopped. It is not unrealistic that some of the disgruntled nobles who had their privileged revoked would undoubtedly joined this upraising, but ultimately failed.

Where's Chris and Hugo by the way? If there's Geddoe and Riou interaction, I demand there's somewhat interaction between the three of them any tie soon, beside the brief encounter with Chris in the Kuput Forest.

But so far I had enjoyed the story despite some of the grammatical error. It seriously needed some review and love.
Yami no Majou077 chapter 22 . 9/30/2012
Well you said got no serious plot inside but look at it. Talk about hunting for true runes is already a serious plot. From what i have seen,everyone changed so much. But this is reasonable. Times do changed peoples especially for those who are immortal.
I seem find lazlo in the story is it? Glad to see that. Couldn't help i love him:)
The only thing is i can't believe hugo die like that...
Yami no Majou077 chapter 8 . 9/27/2012
I still haven't finish reading this yet but i think good story derserve review. This story is good in my opinion. I can understand why ryu choose to leave jowy and nanami in previous chapter. If i am ryu i'll certainly leave them. It's more painful to see someone we love die in front of us but that's just my opinion...
Anyway please continue the story. I'll have this story in my favorite and read until i finish the last chapter you have wrote.