Reviews for Sins of the Brother
asdfjkl chapter 3 . 5/3/2010
dang. DANG! i'm so excited to see where this goes next...its DARK and looks like its gonna be an awesome story. dang. dean's gonna HATE himself when he realizes!

update soon please xD
jensengirl4eva chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
OMG I love this. Poor Sammy how much more can he take. What will Dean do cause I'm pretty sure he' gonna remember everything. Just great please update soon.
Wandering Raccoon chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
OMG this is amazing!
supernaturalsammy67 chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
OMG! :0


LIKE AAH! ROCKEDROEKKOdnwbcfjuldsblafu!

I LOVE IT! OMG...bless Sam...this was so intense! AND OUCH! ohh I loved it

utterly amazing! this just gets better! x
Noninone chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
Dammit Sam. I think you should restrain him before he kills you idiot!
Menthol Pixie chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
I've really enjoyed reading this so far. Neat idea! I'm looking forward to more. :)
maxibatts chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
Aw. I really feel for Sam and Dean in this story. I mean, Dean's gonna be gutted when he gets back to himself and Sam, ah well Sam. Seriously, what a legend. Yeah, i can't really think of much to say, the amazingness of this chapter has totally bamboozled me. Suppose that's an achievement really. :D
ginger4life chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
sweet keep going please!
Vanessa Sgroi chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
Oh, wow, this chapter was so hard to read. Dean is being so very mean. And I know he can't help it Me being a hurt!Dean junkie I tend to love lots of hurt Dean but I also love some limp!Sam so this is a win-win story for me. Is there more hurt!Dean coming? I hope so.

I'm assuming from the opening drabble that Dean's going to remember all this-and man, is he ever going to feel incredibly guilty. But I'm selfish so I'm hoping there's more story goodness before we reach that point.

And now I'm completely rambling so I stop here...
babyreaper chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
Is Dean going to totally forget everything he's said and done to his brother while under the influence of the poison? How will Sam be able to cope with it all, Dean will be able to tell that something is wrong, surely? Cab't wait for the next chapter.
Amy Renee chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
The idea of this story is very interesting. And talk about emotional torture and angst. I like how Sam is still trying to remain stoic and still take care of Dean, because I bet that's what he would really do. I can't wait to see what happens when Dean finally snaps out of it and finds out what happened.
angeleyenc chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
poor sammy! plz update!
teal-lover chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
oh, this is really good. it's kind of what I expected to happen at one point or another, so I'm glad you decided to write it. And I really like the fact that Sam is still looking out for Dean, trying to hide that fact that he tried and nearly succeeded in killing him.
EnsignRo chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
Gosh this was hard to read; would break my heart to see something like this play out...
oKay2beme chapter 2 . 4/22/2010
I love it so far! I especially like the term "badassery". It's classic! Can't wait to read the next chapter.
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