Reviews for The Sun Kunoichi
Eulogist chapter 22 . 8/23
I really enjoy your story. It has an interesting plot and is cute in a sort of... natural way. It's a shame that you decided to remove flashbacks, I thought that they were bringing it all together. Keep up on good work.
kamkong chapter 22 . 8/22
Such an amazing story. Your characterizations of team 8 are so well done and your plot is always great. Your idea to separate the past stories with hiashi and hikari and make it a story of it own is a good idea because while I do enjoy the flashbacks, they do tend to break up the flow of the story. Keep on writing!
TimeShifter chapter 22 . 8/20
I haven't reviewed the last few chapters, but I've enjoyed the Hikari flashbacks so long as they didn't comprise whole chapters. It was interesting seeing their parents as kids, and at least last chapter it paid off into Jirou's appearance at the end. You should release it as a Gaiden since it was meant to help us understand some of the characters.

As to this chapter, I really enjoyed your Killer Bee. I notice he doesn't rap, perhaps because he has a darker past and a dead brother. I'm also wondering if the Knife is at all tied to the knife the Reaper holds in it's mouth. There was a revelation about Naruto's relation to Whirlpool this chapter, so hopefully when Hinata and Naruto reunity they'll figure out part of his heritage. Especially this "Shadows' thing, which is obviously going to pay off somehow. Between that and your ghost villains, I'm curious to learn more about Shadows.

I'm also really enjoying your Naruto and how his innocent and kindness are winning over Tsunade. He's still pretty brash, but somehow still more polite and thoughtful at the same time. I can see why Jiraiya and Tsunade care for him. And seeing him say hello to every slug was endearing!
Gabzilla chapter 22 . 8/20
First of all, I wanted to say I loved the flashbacks. I think it adds to the worldbuilding and you have managed to make me care about OCs, which practically never happens. So for what it's worth, I'm going to miss them greatly.

This said, I want to thank you for this story. It's one of my favourite Team 8 stories of all time (and probably my favourite when it comes to multichapter team 8 fics). This team gets so little love, both in canon and in fandom, and this feels like an oasis full of Team 8 love. I love your characterization, love the beautiful worldbuilding you have created with this story, it feels like all that potential these characters have is finally shining in this fic.

So thank you, I can't wait for next chapter!
Prodigy Of War chapter 22 . 8/20
I liked the past flashbacks, I thought you were doing an amazing job telling a excellent story. Still do, please keep up the good work.
euroteres chapter 22 . 8/20
So if Hinata is the DAYMAN! who is the NIGHTMAN!?

Also, holy shit is the imagery of Hinata drawing kittens and swords in her math notebook fucking hilarious. Your Hinata is an adorable, quirky girl, and even if she doesn't really line up with the canon!Hinata that I love and adore, yours is still absolutely wonderful and amazing. CHAMPION OF THEEEE SUN! SHE'S A MASTER OF TAIJUTSU, AND FRIENDSHIP...FOR EVERYONE! (i love that song so much)

Wait...if she's the DAYMAN! that means she was transformed by the strong, musky power of the true love she has for Naruto. Oh my god now I'm thinking of how she looked at him during that filler episode titled "The Heart's Eye" complete with bishie sparkles and everything. I think I'm gonna cry that's so funny.

Oh and I absolutely love Hinata's line of thinking. Why bother ransacking a boat when you can just steal it?

As for the Hikari bits, I personally liked them, though I will share the sentiment that they occasionally felt intrusive on the main story. I figured they were going somewhere to do with the rest of the story, but it wasn't going there fast enough for them to feel like much more than interesting, but mostly unrelated filler material. I'd definitely be interested in reading a Hikari Gaiden though, especially if it eventually gives some insight into how certain situations ended up the way they did.
Lovina chapter 21 . 8/19
nice chap! ill be waiting for the next :)
NCA chapter 21 . 8/18
These flashbacks are ruining the story for me and sadly they're in EVERY chapter. This chapter was a complete waste of time and didn't even bother reading once I seen it's nothing but flashbacks. I don't read any of them since they don't pertain to anything in the present and I'm not interested in OC's.

Think I'll step away from this story until I see you're not flashback happy anymore. The story is getting worse and worse the more they're being used. If not than good luck with the rest of the story.
Wondering Knight chapter 21 . 8/15
I enjoy the story but what does the flashbacks have to do with the main story? I think some clarification would help people understand.
Kintoki-kun chapter 21 . 8/15
Omg that ending, i had my suspicions that it was Seiro but when i read that it was Jiro, I straight up gasped and yelled "OH SHIT!" :') awesome chapter, as usual!
guedesbrawl chapter 20 . 8/12
Konan, huh? I wonder what will come out of this...

by the way will The Sun Kunoichi continue for the time skip or will it become a new fic?
Luckyreader2000 chapter 20 . 8/11
Awesome you updated ! Yay I literally can't wait for the next update. Woah so Konan has talked to them
XaoOfTheMists chapter 19 . 8/5
I'm really missing my team eight fix with this chapter...
Luckyreader2000 chapter 19 . 8/5
Awesome you updated. This story is really awesome. I like the plot and I hope team 8 and naruto meet again. Preferably to see Kiba and Naruto argue. Like come on Kiba got to go on a mission without an jounin instructor with Hinata and Shino. I could see them argue who is more better than the other. But yeah that's me rambling. Well have a great day or night. Ciao
NCA chapter 19 . 8/4
Great chapter minus the flashbacks which were completely and utterly pointless to the present events in the goings on of the chapter. Now if they contained past Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and or Naruto's parents I can see an excuse to use it. Otherwise this just looked like some piss poor attempt to keep Team 8 in the chapter of sorts and did nothing but disrupt your flow. Plus I doubt anyone will remember what happened when the next chapter comes out.
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