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MinakoTrickster chapter 32 . 1/31
The last time I reviewed this story was… chapter 25?! What have I been doing?! Okay, I know the answer to that since, in truth, I kind of haven’t been on this site really for almost half a year. School three jobs, volunteering and holidays have kicked my arse. So I hope you can forgive me, especially since I can see it’s been awhile for you too.

How are you, by the way? Hope well, since it seems you got in a number of chapters for me to catch up too. And that is okay. I plan on trying to review the developments since I was last here. So this might not be my longest review, but I hope to at least provide some proverbial ‘meat’ to it.

Chomie, I find, is an excellent character to introduce along with Saiken. I mean, the ten tailed beast of canon Naruto can’t be the only ones out there right? We’ve seen all sorts of creatures of this world, some a lot like animals of our reality and then there have been stranger ones in the Naruto world that makes me think that this is more. That there are more demons and monsters to fight, or befriend and you incorporating these two characters broadens that subject more to be like, “Look, you think you know this aspect, but there is always more” because perspective of the world can only be viewed through one scope, one’s own view. The world of ninja, as we’ve seen it, has generally been a world in Naruto’s scope. With this story, as I have likely stated before, you’ve broadened the perception a bit, though now we see the world in another’s view. Hinata’s, but bits of every member of team eight.

And it’s beautiful.

I admit, I had not thought this arc would go for so long, but I also have to say I ain’t complaining. Because it’s an arc, we often take for granted how long some of these more serious missions can take since we only see them, mostly, in a span of a half-hour to an hour. The spacing of the chapters has allowed others to view that, even if these kids are on a mission of importance, they’re still being who they are. They still feel, they still live just as they will kick butt and dance with death. There is a lot they’re discovering with the myths and discovery, especially as they follow the path of lore that is shaping much of these events now.

While I know this might not be huge, I also enjoy how you make the team fight a bit. Like when Hinata and Shino had that little tiff, because it’s real and how we overcome such obstacles can only help them as a team and as friends. It’s weird to nitpick that, I know, but it adds to the dynamics of them as people and as a group, especially while they still were undertaking the mission. So I must commend you for that a lot.
There was a lot of seriousness, but you also brought in funny moments that lightened things up as well as added to the fact that life was unpredictable. Such as Naruto popping in to help them and then this last chapter with the kids telling Chomie a story. The world of ninja can’t always be all angst, otherwise, why would these guys do what they do? Like soldiers, they have to have reasons to fight, to live and die for a village and people. I always like to think it’s the little moments we’re seeing, such as those.

Also going back to Hinata’s remembering moments from when she and Naruto were younger, it’s cute. Definitely something to feed those waiting for these two to unite and further builds up what canon kind of left lacking. I did not enjoy how they ended up together in the show, since it seemed out of the blue and seemingly no basis even if she told him she loved him. He kind of never addressed it for a long time and then, suddenly, “Oh my gosh, I’m suddenly seeing her!” So, you ways of flashbacks to add further to the growing relationship, to give them more depth are constantly amazing and gratifying.

I have noticed that ghosts, along with the concept of death and life has held some presence further in this story. Especially in these latest chapters as we explore Reido’s machinations further, Kamikiri (I spell his name wrong every time) and with Naganori – who I’m glad to see get a conclusion. I guess this also ties in with my early statement of you exploring the Naruto world a bit more, because if demons exists, what else can? Plus, I think the concept of ghosts had been explored a small bit before in canon, but I can’t quite pinpoint when. But honestly, probably not as well as you did – I’m honestly trying to not constantly compare canon to fanfic life.

Because, duh, some fanfics are way fucking better – like this one.

I think for now, I shall end the review here and try and go back to re-read a lot of the story, because as I love what you have thus far I realize I have forgotten a lot of the details. My fault from my own absence, though. And honestly, I feel like I’ve rushed and bruised this review a bit because of that aspect, but I hope it gave you some idea that your fic is appreciated and I do understand what you’re trying to do with this piece.

I guess, what I mean is, I love what you bring to these characters and to this fandom with your story and ideas. Never give up and keep up the awesome writing.
AMMO121 chapter 32 . 7/24/2017
You made it seem like the Reaper was Kiba idk and the thought hurts my soul! Thank you for the wonderful story! I read it in one go! Looking forward to a new chapter whenever you can!
equastar chapter 32 . 7/1/2017
the story is good, hope u continue it
gabster357 chapter 32 . 3/26/2017
Beautiful ending!
currents chapter 32 . 1/27/2017
I never responded to your PM and I'm sorry about that! But you updated again! I'm a little late to review too, but I promise to make it long to make up for it. The romances are progressing without the characters being with eachother and without sacrificing independent growth which is AWESOME. Even Shino and Ino, which is kind of rare pair, is growing on me to the extent that I'm actively rooting for them. I have so many questions and weird outlandish theories about your version of canon. At one point I almost convinced myself that Yuto and Seiro were Naruto and Sasuke from the future and in disguise. I'm a crazy person, it's fine. I'm constantly praising your Hinata characterization in reviews, so I thought I'd switch over to how much I love your Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki is so precious to me and especially in your fic because I think you've captured the innate goodness inside of him. The thing that makes Naruto a real hero isn't Rad Jutsu (though that helps), it's his kind and giving nature, with Katsuya and the new Slug Tailed Beast Who's Name I Can't Recall. He makes friends in the unlikliest places and cares so much about the people around him. Naruto is the Boy Scout of Ninjas and I love that you've represented him so well in this fic! I know the gang won't return for a while, but I miss Konoha. Alas, more Gato thugs need an ass-kicking before our intrepid heroes can return home. About those continuity errors I was messaging you about last time: In Toride, I'm pretty sure Team 8 chakra-walks on water multiple times, but in Kyozo they can't? That's the most major thing I can remember. Still one of the best stories I've ever read.

Faithfully awaiting the next update,
Guest chapter 7 . 1/20/2017
The word very is spelled veyr
Guest chapter 32 . 1/8/2017
Thank you for updating.
herrDoktorat chapter 29 . 9/21/2016
This... is the best chapter. I plan to write a longer review but you should know that Naruto randomly teleporting in and Hinata's reaction to it and the ensuing notepad conversation might just collectively be my favorite fanfic scene, ever. Thank you so much for writing things that make me happy.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/16/2016
Please continue
currents chapter 30 . 7/27/2016
OKAY HELLO IT IS ME. YOU MAY NOT KNOW WHO ME IS, BECAUSE I'VE ONLY REVIEWED ON THIS FIC ONCE BEFORE BUT HAHAHA, IT IS TIME FOR ME TO REVEAL MY OBSESSION WITH THIS FIC. I re-read the whole thing when you posted ch 29 and then AGAIN when you posted ch 30. This is not including the couple of times I had re-read the whole fic previously. So, yes. Hi. I really like your fic. I got some stuff to say. 1. Don't remember what I said in my last review, so if I end up repeating myself, please take it as a compliment towards your consistency in skill. 2. Wow, you are good at writing. You balance humor and romance and adventure and I never get bored. People get bored with adventure fics, because it's "interrupting" their big love story. But this story is so interesting and complex and it makes me want to know more, wanna guess what happens next 2. Characterization has got to be your strong suit. You have a complete grasp on every character's voice and it's a distinct and sincere portrayal of how they grow and develop. Hinata isn't just maturing as a person—which is rare enough in fic to have incredible merit alone—she's maturing realistically. She has set-backs. Even though she now has a support base, she can sometimes still fall back into old habits and that's very humanizing to see. 3. Sooooo, about my obsession. I dunno if you want any feedback on grammar or continuity stuff. But, I have been goin through the story pretty painstakingly and seen some (fairly minor) things if you want me to point them out to you for a later fixing, then feel free to PM me 4. On that same vein, THANK YOU FOR BEING LEGIBLE. Aside from minor stuff this fic has used really awesome diction and grammar and all of your writin is clear but sophisticated and yeah. I'm a big fan. Big, big fan. I can't wait to find out why Itachi's more of a dick than usual (you gotta admit, when Naruto FIRST met Itachi in the anime, Itachi was a freak trying to kidnap him but he almost had this rough gentleman vibe, calling him "Naruto-kun" and asking him to come quietly) and what will happen once Tsunade and Jiraiya find out what happened with Naruto. I also can't wait for Tsunade to come back to the village and start rolling out some BAMF medic-nins! I miss ensemble cast moments with Ino and Sakura and Neji and the whole gang tho tbh I gotta be greatful that Team Eight is finally getting th it deserves in this fic. Sorry for this possibly being the most long-winded annoying and confusing review of all time. Can't wait for the next update!

hinataellis chapter 30 . 7/23/2016
Lol Hinata is so silly
Eulogist chapter 30 . 7/23/2016
Your story is the most adorable one I've read so far. It is incredibly cute, like fluff, flowers, and rainbows without being at the same time naïve. Despite the occasional spelling errors (which are extremely rare) it is one of the best stories I've read here, although it is so unlike any other.
gio08 chapter 30 . 7/22/2016
That ending made this chapter for me. So funny and so cute lol. Great chapter
rk-tronix chapter 30 . 7/22/2016
Hinata getting giddy at the end was so cute! I really love your characterization of Hinata, as well as the rest of Team 8 and Naruto. Too bad the reunion has come to an end. Hopefully they'll meet again soon after all of this.

Onto the next team adventure!
NarHina chapter 30 . 7/22/2016
That was fun I hope Naruto won't be side lined when they report what happened.

Also Naruto calling Hinata his was amazing I loved it and the bit at the end even more so were she freaked out, why the hell aren't they married yet.

Chomei seems kind of under powered was he holding back, I mean Itachi seemed to be beating him and he said that if he lost control he could destroy everything, makes more sense then Itachi being able to beat him so easily.

Damn there won't be much NaruHina for awhile now.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
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