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hinataellis chapter 30 . 7/23
Lol Hinata is so silly
Eulogist chapter 30 . 7/23
Your story is the most adorable one I've read so far. It is incredibly cute, like fluff, flowers, and rainbows without being at the same time naïve. Despite the occasional spelling errors (which are extremely rare) it is one of the best stories I've read here, although it is so unlike any other.
gio08 chapter 30 . 7/22
That ending made this chapter for me. So funny and so cute lol. Great chapter
rk-tronix chapter 30 . 7/22
Hinata getting giddy at the end was so cute! I really love your characterization of Hinata, as well as the rest of Team 8 and Naruto. Too bad the reunion has come to an end. Hopefully they'll meet again soon after all of this.

Onto the next team adventure!
NarHina chapter 30 . 7/22
That was fun I hope Naruto won't be side lined when they report what happened.

Also Naruto calling Hinata his was amazing I loved it and the bit at the end even more so were she freaked out, why the hell aren't they married yet.

Chomei seems kind of under powered was he holding back, I mean Itachi seemed to be beating him and he said that if he lost control he could destroy everything, makes more sense then Itachi being able to beat him so easily.

Damn there won't be much NaruHina for awhile now.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
Guest chapter 29 . 7/14
This is awesome! I loved the bit where Hinata tried to imagine herself without arms to write from the last chapter. And it was amazing how you fulfilled your promise that Naruto and Hinata would not meet with nothing short of teleportation. I really loved watching your Hinata grow. I can't wait for the next chapter.
rk-tronix chapter 29 . 7/10
Heh, what a clever way to bring Naruto and Hinata together in this arc. That was totally unexpected. More interactions from them please!
TimeShifter chapter 29 . 7/10
Haha, you sneaky bugger! While I was enjoying their separate adventures, this story is much more fun when they're together. This felt exactly like how I imagined teens going on adventures would; even in the midst of action and danger they're still often thinking about the opposite sex. I particularly liked she missed Kamakiri with a kunai and thought "There was so much that Naruto didn’t mind, and that was why Hinata dedicated so much time to making up ways to propose to him." Not only is that funny in the scene, it shows that she's growing more comfortable with the idea that there are some things she isn't great at but it doesn't diminish her overall worth, thanks to her team, Anko and Naruto. Also, I love the idea of a Hinata that dreams of doing the proposing, instead of being proposed to. I really hope she's the one to finally initiate a confession.

I enjoyed a lot of the byplay this chapter, like Team Eight and Naruto writing notes to each other and Naruto and Kiba communicating about girls with hand gestures. Shino's plan against Kamikiri was clever, and having Naruto be able to instictually use the Flying Thunder God technique was a cool twist. I liked the description of him floating in a void of teleportation points, and that the first naginata was bending time on the island. I'm curious how Jiraiya and Tsunade will explain how he used that technique. It's clearly because he's Minato's son, but it seems they're still not ready to tell him the truth. And while he's getting smarter, I imagine you'll have him accept some stupid excuse instead and continue not realizing the connection.

But that's for the future! First we get to see Chomei v. Itachi! And I'm hoping Chomei might be able to explain a bit about Kuruma to Naruto. That friendship would be really beneficial to him in the future. My main question now is if you have an expected length for this story. I know that will change, but I was curious how far we've come in this adventure. We now know most of the main villains (I assume there's someone behind Itachi, Kamikiri etc. running this whole thing), and they've learned how to deal with Kamikiri. Reido and Ashinoura aren't really enemies either, so right now that just leaves Itachi as the threat. And Orochimaru of course.
The Flare Blade chapter 29 . 7/10
Okay... at first I thought it was just me being dumb due to reading this late at night and missing something, but...

It feels like some steps are missing. Like, the story move on from point-to-point and I get a little lost because I don't know how Team 8 went from point A to point B. Honestly, It doesn't help that you are good at painting an environment, which while its usually a good thing it only makes me more lost as I try to take in everything that is happening and wonder what point in time the chapter is on.

You need to explain a little better the circumstances between the changes in scenes. What happened offscreen that led to these moments? This is something that is affecting Hinata's side of the story for a while...

That aside, what I saw in this chapter was nice! Interactions are as fluffy and funny as always, though... Naruto offering a hug to, uh, deal with Hinata's hunger was kinda forced. It felt like a major logic leap. The situation afterwards was good, as was seeing Hinata's rage at missing shirtless Naruto.

As always, you leave me curious to know where you will go from here. hope to see more from you soon!
NarHina chapter 29 . 7/10
Loved it glad that Naruto back in action and hope he meets Chomei.

Also I really don't want team eight to be promoted straight to Jonin or at least not with out Naruto, I could see them as Chunin well Hinata at least and Naruto but not Kiba and Shino.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
SailingShips3218 chapter 24 . 7/4
Cross Marian chapter 19 . 7/2
I've been skimming through this story and reading some select passages between characters, and I just have to say, WOW. Some of the dialogue in here is just amazing. I loved the passage between Naruto and Gaara and his weapon analogy, as well as Naruto's analogy concerning Sasuke in chapter 19.

I've never read a Hinata centric story, because they tend to overcompensate for her lack of combat prowess and turn her into something she's not. But I think the title of this story, "The Sun Kunoichi", even though it's a play on her name, is really fitting for her role in this story, and exactly the way I believe she would act if she had been a main character in the series.

There's 300k of words, so this is quite a monster of a story, but I'm going to sit down and read it all, because it really is great from what I've read so far. Hopefully this story gets the recognition it deserves.
SumoTheGreat chapter 9 . 6/24
I don't know. Here, I'm torn. I typically ditch any fanfiction where Sakura is unfairly portrayed as unreasonable and Sasuke-obsessed, but this one is just so good. The writing style is perfection, and the plot twists are brilliant. I want to see what happens next, but I don't want to be the idiot who continues reading even though they'll just get angrier and angrier.

Do you get what I'm saying?

Feel free to message me saying that it's fine to read on, or I should stop immediately, or something.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30
Ya know what i just realized? Shino IS the Shino and Ino ship name. Lol
lady pomegranates chapter 20 . 5/29
I do like how you weave in all the characters from the series, but I do wonder where Shizune is. Then again, this is AU, so I suppose I can't expect to meet everyone.
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