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Guest chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
do u accept ocs from reviews? if so:
Name: Eric Orc
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scraggy hair kept in a ponytail, he tends to wear a lot of blue clothing and always has brown boots.
Hair and eye colors: Blond hair and icy blue eyes that tint violet
Other physical features: his facial expression usually gives off a calm, wise vibe. His left hand looks bandaged up but isn't wounded at all.
Clothing style: He wears long sleeved silky shirts and skinny jeans.
Speech style: He speaks in a calm manner and has an accent that sounds either british or Scottish.
Personality: Calm and collected, he's usually seen reading a book. despite his usual emotionless expression, he can be a kind or angry person depending on his trust toward people.
Best qualities: His best qualities are his speed, hearing and intelligence.
Worst qualities: He isn't very athletic or strong.
Background: not quite sure what to put here "
Family: He's an only child who's raised by his father, his mother left the family.
Hometown: Nimbasa city
Childhood history: As a child he loved to explore, exploring taught him new, strange, or dangerous things. He seemed to soak up anything he learned like a sponge. He doesn't know his mother very well because she left at a very young age for him. Hes always had a huge love and connection for grass types. he started his pokemon journey late at the age of 12 and his very first pokemon was a turtwig.
Recent history: He's been devoting himself to try and get strong enough to beat the elite four, his team included a torterra, a carnavine, an alakazam, a rosarade, a gyrados, and a pigeyot. (don't know what else to put.)
Element: Grass

he ok?
cougartail99 chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
a very good chapter and i can't wait to read the next chapters.
Order reporter lucario chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
Name: Aaron



Appearance: Your basic Riolu, but taller and more lanky.

Hair and eye colors:Red eyes, normal hair for a Riolu, but darker coloaration

Other physical features:No bumps on backs of paws

Clothing style:Generally wears thick black cloak to disguise himself.

Speech style:Rather quick and joyful

Personality:Happy, a little childish

Best qualities:Cheerful, good at keeping teams working together

Worst qualities:Unpredictable, terrible at fighting

Background:Your basic teenager, transformed by a mysterious organization when young. Doesn't remember humanity, except for little bits.

Family:Missing, presumed dead.

Hometown: Lillypad town

Childhood history:Turned into Riolu, abandoned

Recent history:Recently figured out that he used to be human

Element: Fighting
underdog929 chapter 1 . 4/30/2010
hope you are still accepting oc:

Name:Jaden Namikaze




Hair and eye colors: sipky red hair and brown eyes

Other physical features: he is not small but hes not tall eather, medium-weight

Clothing style: he has a black t-shirt with a red jacket, black pants and some red fingerless gloves, he wears a black hat with a thunder symbol in it

Speech style:normal

Personality:inamture never gives up no matter the consequenses he always protects his friends he acts like a goof, but he is really strong when fighting

Best qualities:he is loyal and likes to make everyone happy, and hes always looking for new friends

Worst qualities:he has a big mouth and he has low temper

Background:he doesnt have parents his an orphan so he never experienced the love of a familly
and depsite he acts like a goof he yust does that to get attention because he has a scar in his heart

Family:hes an orphan

Hometown:petalburg city, hoen

Childhood history:everyone treated him like trash, nobody ever took him in and he was the deadleast of the class, he had to work sinse he was 5 years old so he could get money and live by himself everyday after classes when he was 5 he always waited for his parents to pick him up but they never came, he was always gentle with everyone but nobody ever looked up to him they treated him like trash and depsite that he has never given up

Recent history:lives in petalburg city

Element: fire or electric
YukitheRedFox chapter 1 . 4/18/2010
This has potential to be a pretty good story. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress and should you still be accepting OCs, seeing my own in there when I've a little extra time to finish it off. (I also sent a PM asking about that, should you have not yet seen it)

Looking forward to see how you start this once its under way.
randomness34 chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
When's the first official chapter? Dur?
altaria fan chapter 1 . 4/13/2010
Name: Lauren Silverfeather

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: blue hat with silver winged pokeball pin on the side, white scarf, black coat over a blue

t-shirt,and blue jeans. Wears a silver bag around her waist.

Hair and eye colors: brown hair, olive green eyes

Other physical features: 5'5, and pretty slim

Clothing style: clothing is overall pretty tight

Speech style: speaks incredibly politely and humbly, does not really have any accent.

Personality: likes the quiet and being alone. She is normally very mature, calm and intelligent until you

anger her. She is incredibly stubborn and will not give up once she has her sights on something. Tends

to be critical and negative. She is very cold, but will become incredibly loyal to someone

If befriended, which is difficult to do.

Best qualities: Very clever and keeps calm in dire situations.

Worst qualities: because she is suspicious, she has difficulty trusting others. She also has difficulty

opening her options.

Background:once a theif with ties to team rocket, Lauren started stealing pokemon for them when she

Turned twelve to get money because of poverty. She has since stopped and gained a strong sense of


Family: Mother and little sister, Michayla. Father comitted suicide two years ago.

Hometown: Ecruteak City

Childhood history: grew up in poverty with her family and started stealing pokemon for team rocket

to pay for food.

Recent History: she and her family (aside from her dad comitting suicide) are in a lot better state.

Her mother got a job at a local dance theater as a musician. Lauren has broke her ties to team rocket

after being confronted by Morty about it.

Element: Flying
Magi chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
sory i am Munia i use this pen name for anonimous reviews. just so you won't be confused. sorry.

i really like the idea of the story by teh way.
Magi chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
sorry it is me Munia i forgot to tell you about her some things sorry.

hairstyle: has long straight black hair untill midle of dislikes it when her hair is tangled

background: she did not go on her pokemon journey but plans to soon. first she wants to be prepared.

recent history: she has a pokemon egg with her that is going to hatch soon. that pokemon will be her first.

there sorry about that.

live long and prosper.
Munia chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
Name: Kira Samore

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: tall, slender girl with very pale skin. She is not muscular but rather wiry and very agile. Is currently wearing gray coat with a hood and a lot of pockets. Grey combat boots. Grey pants. Everything is grey. Changes colors of clothing and style depending on the situation

Hair and eye colors: hair: black, eyes: deep red

Other physical features: has a number of scars from her martial arts training. her hands are calloused

Clothing style: prefers darker shade of clothing. She does not like revealing clothing. Prefers comfortable clothing with hoods

Speech style: quiet murmuring tones. Her voice is pleasant to hear

Personality: Is a loner. tends to be very quiet. She does not like to socialize with people very much. She hates watermellon. She also dislikes it when people rely too much on others. She thinks that everyone should make mistakes and learn from tehm. She likes to be in control of her life. She does not like to rely on others much. She dislikes it when weak are being abused by strong. She will fight off the attackers and then she will try to help the weak become strong. She is a very good cook and knows how to survive in harshest of places. Because of that she is always prepared. It is very hard to provoke her. You have to actually work to get to the point when she will snap and kick your ass. She is an incredibly good fighter. She prefers kicking and punching and has arm braces. The boots are steel bottomed. She dislikes bright colors and spicy and bitter food. She will realign herself depending on situation. She will manipulate people to get to an acceptable in her opinion goal. The only thing on her mind is survival. Like sweet foods. Dislikes how weatehr as she lives in the cold of the Snowpoint City.

Best qualities: extremely resourcefull, is highly protective to precious people, has patience

Worst qualities: is very violent if provoked. Is highly antisocial to strangers. Is a manipulative person.

Background: is considered to be very pretty by the people of Snowpoint City. However they do not like her very much because they are afraid of her. Althhogh little kids like her very much. She looks after them usually. She likes to observe. She and her grandmother live on the outskirts of Snowpoint City. Her grandmother was and still is a powerfull trainer. At some point her grandmother was the Gym Leader for the Snowpoint Gym and is still being referred to as an adviserby the current gym leaders. Kira was taught from an early age not to underestimate an opponent , ever. Was taught how to fight by her grandmother.

Family: grandmother Ariana Samore

Hometown: Snowpoint City of Sinnoh

Childhood history: was given to her grandmother when she was born. Her motehr left as soon as she was able to. She does not know who her father is. However she does not hold it against her mother. In fact she does not think of her at all, she does not know her. In fact never seen her even. And how can you care about someone that you have never seen?

Recent history: is currently on a training mission consisting of her living out in the woods for a week. Without anyone with her. Survival training is the reason

Element: either psychic or water…or you can decide.

There hope that you like her. Please PM me id you are going to use her.
winterkitten chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
The summary you've given seems promising. Looking forward to see how the characters interact with Mew, I haven't seen a lazy Mew in quite a while. :D

OC time!

Name: Caroline 'Carly' Amperae

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with pake skin.

Hair and eye colors: Dull black with coppery streaks; slightly wavy and reaching slightly beyond her shoulder. Usually tied in a ponytail. Honey-gold eyes.

Other physical features: There's a burn mark on her left forearm.

Clothing style: Casual and more practical than fashionable. Prefers comfortable trousers to skirts, wears a maroon watch almost all the time.

Speech style: Usually she speaks with a slightly British accent. Her voice goes up an octave when she's frightened out of her wits.

Personality: Outgoing, outspoken and with a knife-sharp tongue. She isn't afraid to make friends even if he/she might not be trustworthy, or to voice her opinions. Extremely loyal and stubborn, she will go to great lengths to protect or help a friend. If her friendship is betrayed it instantly ends, period, and the person will forever be her enemy. Often sarcastic.

Best qualities: Very outgoing and loyal. Also independent.

Worst qualities: Often sarcastic and stubborn. She bears grudges for a very long time; few people have managed to redeem themselves in her eyes after a major betrayal.

Background: Grew up an only child. Parents weren't very well-to-do, they usually stayed out working till very late (midnight).

Family: Father works as an accountant, mother works as a cook. Has a cousin (living somewhere else in the same region) training Steel types, she has learnt a lot about battling strategies, types, etc. from him.

Hometown: Lilycove, Hoenn

Childhood history: Because's she often alone at home, she's learnt to become independent, and has a fear of fire after she burnt herself when discovering and then playing with the lighters by accident.

Recent history: Training to be one of the Mauville Gym trainers- she has a fascination with Electric types. Her Pokemon consist of: Beacon the Ampharos, Spice the Raichu and Thor the Electrike.

Element: Electric
jhfdsklf chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Sounds interesting. I'll send in an OC.

Name: Ryanu (Ri for short)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Slightly tall, pale, medium-weight.

Hair and eye colors: Black hair that reaches her mid-back and chocolate brown eyes.

Other physical features: Has a small birthmark under her eye; nothing big.

Clothing style: Very casual, usually just puts on whatever's laying around and almost always finishes with a pale blue scarf.

Speech style: Normal; no accent.

Personality: Slightly hyper but can control herself when necessary. It's almost impossible to stay still for even a full minute, however. She usually jokes around with her friends, and enjoys shouting all the things she can think of at her enemies.

Best qualities: Very optimistic, bright, and is a very good liar.

Worst qualities: Can't stay still, loud, automatically assumes everyone is good until they prove themselves to be evil.

Background: Lives a fairly normal life; with plenty of friends.

Family: A working mom and dad who are kind, and a four year old brother who always cries if he doesn't get his way.

Hometown: Blackthorn City in Johto

Childhood history: Was very outgoing and had a lot of friends. Nothing much to influence how she is in the present.

Recent history: Wants to become a Pokemon Trainer, but her overprotective parents insist that it's too dangerous.

Element: Flying
Anonymous chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Ha. Ought to be fun. I'm sure you'll get a lot of people wanting to play as legendaries in their charas. Good luck.
Snowy-Leopard chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Sounds good, can't wait for the first actual chapter

Name: Leah Thomas

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, thin build with pale, freckly skin

Hair and eye colours: Short ginger hair cut to the chin and brown eyes

Other physical features: Has a large nose and small ears

Clothing style: Very tomboyish- she usually wears a light brown and cream beanie, a white long sleeved shirt with a light blue overshirt, green skater trousers and white trainers

Speech style: Hmm- she has a soft Scottish accent

Personality: Is quite quiet and usually sticks to herself, she is often very serious and has a short temper. Leah is very loyal and even talkative around friends but struggles to make any lasting friendships. She has a sarcastic sense of humour and is can mischievous at times, though holds grudges against those who play tricks on her.

Best qualities: Loyal and quite intelligent

Worst qualities: Quiet around those she doesn't know very well and has a short temper

Background: She lived a normal life, but her family moved around a lot during her childhood.

Family: Father (in the army), mother (stay home mother), and younger brother (aged 8)

Hometown: She was born in Goldenrod, but considers Olivine her hometown as Leah moved there when she was six

Childhood history: Leah lived a relatively normal life, apart from the fact that she moved around a lot and changed schools often

Recent history: Lives in Ecuteak with family after moving recently, she started taking up martial arts and currently has a yellow belt in Taekwondo

Element: Fighting
Mochytea chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
Name- Hana (means flower in Korean [or Japanese])

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Appearance- Pale skin, doesn't burn easily

Hair and eye colors- long black hair (soft), dark purply-blue eyes

Other physical features- a small but vibrant scar right under her right eye (slightly parallel)

Clothing style- light, summery clothes but no skirts (you can choose), long overcoat and scarf for winter, tall traveling boots

Speech style- normal, i guess? -_-'

Personality- Sarcastic and strong, can be scary when her friends are threatened

Best qualities- protective and a strategic fighter

Worst qualities- sarcastic and hates being teased

Background- um...

Family- a not-very-nice aunt who raises her because her parents were killed in a freak accident (origin of scar)

Hometown- Saffron City in Kanto Region

Childhood history- the accident? she had a good life with her parents until team rocket came in (you know, there was that whole thing about Saffron and Team Rocket, Silph Co.? oh nevermind)

Recent history- lives with a mean aunt who secretly supported team rocket

Element- Psychic (I thought of Espeon for her. If you want...)

PM me if there are any questions cause I would love for this story to continue. And you don't have to use everything i listed. Just saying.
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