Reviews for Blossom
stopnow chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Yet another dreadfully written self-insert Mary Sue story. Why would anyone want to read about your silly little fantasies about being in a CARTOON CHARACTER band? Why not try Josie and the Pussycats instead? And another stupid original character like Coby?

Zero talent. You don't even know the difference between 'new' and 'knew' in your summary.

And this is a garbled mess. This reads like an attempt at an original story you're trying but you're throwing cartoon characters in it because you have no talent to come up with your own interesting ones. Yours are one-dimensional and unappealing. You have no clue about plotline or story arc, either.

Most of your stories don't have reviews - get a clue - they're terrible.

Do a web search on writing and do some of the exercises at those sites. LEARN how to write before coming back here. Prove me wrong.

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Stop now.