Reviews for New Divide
Katsy17 chapter 17 . 7/29
ivanganev1992 chapter 3 . 7/28
Ch 3

Flashbacks, Hockruxes . Blah .
ivanganev1992 chapter 2 . 7/28
Ch 2

Expulsu is some kind of mid powerful frag grenade . Nasty stuff. On living things gross gory with bones and organs as shrapnel's. Everything close might be damaged from something. Bone or organ . Recommended on close enemy group on middle and long range to find cover from the gross explosion of tissues.
JulietHalperin chapter 17 . 6/26
ooooooo this is good. this is very very very good. brilliant writing and a wonderful conclusion. so worth the read
Lilith Melantha chapter 10 . 6/7
That scene was perfect, much better than I ever imagined. I can totally see the insane workings that Tom was like. I think you captured the moment perfectly...
another boring flobberworm chapter 10 . 5/24
I literally just started crying. I think my mom is worried about me now
Yenaya chapter 16 . 5/21
Gosh, this made me so sad. I cried. Poor Voldemort.
Diamondgirl3 chapter 17 . 5/10
I found this story again today, and I can't believe I ever managed to read it once without crying. This is truly a beautiful story with an amazing concept and great writing, and I'm so glad is stumbled upon it once again.
Chelsea chapter 10 . 5/6
I love this story. It's dark and twisted, the messed up way voldemort feels love is perfect.
I thought it was beautifully written.
twinkminded chapter 17 . 5/3
wow. this was much more than I was expecting, very emotional. very good!
scipio96 chapter 17 . 4/23
Wow... I have mixed feelings about how the ending turned out. I guess I never expected a happy ending where things change and as I like happy endings I suppose I'm a little sad about that. At the same time I really enjoyed reading this story. I was expecting for Voldemort to realize a little sooner that Harry was Anathema's reincarnation or something, and I was kind of hoping for more bargaining between the two of them, just because those scenes were really interesting to me. I really like how you ended this not with the happy family, but with Hermione and how her perspective in all this is very different from Harry's or Voldemort's. I like how Hermione's quite a resilient character and how her stay in Azkaban didn't do any permanent damage to her brain or studying power. Thank you for writing this!
MyLiloITAChIassasin chapter 17 . 4/12
Good story.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/27
I think I come back to this story when I need a bit of romance but not too much of it. At first I didn't really understand Voldemort and Harry's relationship. To me, it seemed like a very unhealthy, very abusive one. Reading the fic several more times, I still don't understand but I've learnt to accept it. You've really written a beautiful piece of work. It's dark, it's twisted, and it certainly isn't logical, but love rarely is. I'm glad Harry and Voldemort will live happily ever after with their beautiful children. It's really strange how at the end of the story, I've been persuaded to believe that a world with Voldemort ruling it might not be so bad. It's the matter of what kind of values you think are more important. I'm just happy at least in the end Harry is happy. He deserves it.
BlackDoctor chapter 17 . 3/7
Harry or Anathema hate his father coz he abused him, but still loves Tom who literally killed him TWICE and killed their unborn child. Right, this story is out of my logic. Perhaps there is another meaning of "love" in Harry's dictionary. Because in my dictionary, it's certainly not
anerol152 chapter 10 . 2/25
. . .
*you wish to say something but you are lost for words*
. . .
*you may also be crying*
. . .
*you may also put this story and author to your favourites now*
. . .
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