Reviews for Tangled
sarcasticsunbeam chapter 1 . 4/7/2010
I think you should continue with this story. I am interested in the fallout with the (possible) demise of Chuck and Blair. Such as the effect on Nate-especially considering (in my opinion at least) his lack of closure from their break up last spring. I never got how he went from wanting to live with her to being so accepting of her and Chuck being so, well Chuck and Blair: OTP. I love that you picked up on his protective tendencies with Blair (although maybe its just hero-complex since he's like that with Jenny too).

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your story. (sorry it sort of became a ff request)

I doubt the writers will go there, now that Nate/Serena is happening, but I think there is interesting Nate/Blair stories to tell, as evidenced by her confiding in him and most likely transferring to Columbia.

Blood Red Kiss of Death chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
HOLY SHIT. This was amazing.

I LOVE BN SO MUCH! I love that he'd do this. (And the 'flashback' words.)

Chuck just...god, he makes me want to cry. He TRULY believes it and I don't know what to do think about that.

But, seriously, Nate is AMAZING.
D chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
aw very sad. i am so afraid if blair and chuck get back together it won't be the same (
suspensegirlinc chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
Okay, the punch seems unrealistic, even though it is seriously awful what Chuck did. And then he pats him on the back? *hmms* Well anyways, I liked it. lol. The flashback lines were great. I really think that Chuck was startling to realize what he 'lost' by the end of the episode though. He wasn't so carefree as he was intially. but yes, I liked this. lol. good job.
TriGemini chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
WOW! This was very impressive to read.

It's true for the most part, that there's no physical or verbal action that Nate could use against Chuck to hurt him. Since, unfortunately there's nothing worse than what Chuck has already done to himself. Chuck didn't just hurt and Blair, when he sold her out to Jack-ironically enough, he lost himself, as well.

Not to mention, Nate made a good point to Chuck, even if Blair does take him back (which presently, may not be happen)...there's a real good chance that things between them will never be the same. And for, what Chuck did-he's only got himself to blame, in the end.

So, it'll be interesting to see how the writers will continue with these two characters.

Again, enjoyed reading your story.
nygirl26 chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
Okay, this is definitely my favorite reaction piece to 3.17/3.18 so far. Even though I'm hardcore C/B, I'm not quite as full of unadulterated rage as most people seem to be. Because as dickish as Chuck was, it's almost sad to watch him. He so clearly believes, or is trying to, that they will easily rebound from this, and that Blair will have little problem getting over this. And I mean, seeing tough, ballsy Chuck Bass is better than pathetic, boring Chuck Bass anyday. Anyway, I love that your Chuck seems to have the same misguided belief that he was only doing what he had to, and that Blair will understand. And please, I would give ANYTHING to see a conversation like this play out onscreen. It'd be nice to see someone defend/protect Blair, for once. And it would be doubly nice if Nate stepped in. In conclusion, LOVE it. (Sorry for the longest review ever!) Oh, and where did you find the UK promo? Jealous!
snitchbludger chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
This was heartwrenchingly true! I could picture Nate's fury (limo scene in 1.13) and Chuck's old wise man attitude. I always held a torch for Chuck but I honestly think after this plotline that he is beyond redeption. He was so afraid of becoming his own father that he did become his own father (I am my father's son after all.) This story was exceptionally well written and the characters were amazing. I honestly don't understand why would Savage and Shwarz broke Chuck and Blair up this way (it would have been easy enough to break them up with a single cheating on either character's part) if they want them to be the "endgame" of this show. If Blair would ever forgive him for this then she would basically admit that she loves him more than her own dignity which is practically saying that she is not Blair Waldorf anymore. Chuck would have to do something increadible for her, something so utterly selfless to regain even a small portion of her trust that i cannot think the Chuck charater on the show after this episode has in him. In my oppinion if anything else happens then it would be more out of character for them then this whole seson's plotlines have been (which is saying a lot). What I wanted to say was (sorry for my rambling:)) that thank you for your grasp of rality in this fic.
flipped chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
simple. raw.
Guardian Izz chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
Yeah, we all wish SOMEBODY would stand up for Blair, but I doubt this will ever happen

if we are lucky Nate will say I 'm sorry I never htought Chuck would do that to you.

Or mayeb sErena will hug her, that's it, and then by the finale episode he will make some grand gesture without even admitting his mistake and that what he did is HORRIFYING and thenshe will just forgive him and seaosn 4 will be the same as season 3 onlyu this tume he will cheat on her or somehting, allbecause of their "trust issues" and "characetr growth"

*rolls eyes* F*CK YOU Josh and STephenie! I hope this show gets cancelled cause now it is down right discriminating women and equality!

Anyway, sorry for the angry rant, I LOVE Nate in your story, and you have portrayed season 3 Chuck (THE JACK*SS!) perfectly.

That hehas the nerve to try and take it out on her and then he just leaves like with no carei nthe world. I just want to beat him up and smash his head into a brick wall, until he is onhis knees and tells us where the REAL Chuck is and if there are anymore eeil fake cloans of him out there.

) )))
asha chapter 1 . 4/6/2010

That's exactly how I'd like Nate to react. Defend Chuck, beat him up, tell him his mistakes, yet still be there for him!

Brilliant story.. thanks for posting this!