Reviews for The Keening Blade
Chandagnac chapter 50 . 4/15
I've been mainlining this story for the past two days and I've enjoyed it. Pleased to see an alternate ending for Kirkwall that doesn't involve any of the idiocy that took place at the end of Dragon Age 2. This story is a lot of fun and I will be happy when you continue it.


Chandagnac chapter 28 . 4/14
Maude's rant in this chapter was/is awesome and richly deserved. Her anger has obviously been simmering for a long time and this seemed like the right time for it to boil over. Great stuff!
Chandagnac chapter 24 . 4/14
Huh. Justice was dealt with rather quickly. Probably the best outcome, all things considered. Was there an option to do that in the actual 'Awakenings' game? I feel like maybe there should have been...

Anyway, good chapter. Good story.
Chandagnac chapter 20 . 4/14
Shale gets a happy ending! Nice. Well, it's as close to a happy ending as it's possible to get. I like.
Chandagnac chapter 14 . 4/14
I like the politicking that's going on here. In all of your works you seem to have a keenly cynical/accurate idea of the political situation. I like that.
Chandagnac chapter 10 . 4/14
I'm enjoying this story so far. It's obvious that you enjoyed poking fun at some of Dragon Age's weirder game mechanics. I'm amused by it.

I think the build-up to the romance between Loghain and Maude was very well written. It works for me.
ex-ellent chapter 1 . 3/30
I wonder ... why do people so many CouslandxLoghain stories? I wonder, will you ever write a story using all those little schemes you used in those short stories?
The Shadowless Nuance chapter 50 . 3/29
I really really love tale. It's so well written and consistent, full of just the right amount of intrigue, romance, action, anger, politics, plot, character development, and is just so wholy cohesive I can't help but stand helplessly in awe. And I'm really not exaggerating in the slightest. You stick to Loghain's point of view, Maude is decisively human with all the gory gruesome bits that entails, the side characters are fleshed out just enough to be human, but are not over arching enough to detract from the main story line or the main protagonists and their goals. (And I can't say how glad I am that you got rid of justice.) You have decisively dealt with some of the most annoying plot points in DA2 and I applauded you for all you have accomplished. This is a story very well worth the read, and I would love for you to continue it.
shom chapter 50 . 2/23
What a great story! I love Maude! She is the best! Hopefully you will finish this story now that VAO(another great story) is done!
traube.xp chapter 50 . 2/11
One of the greatest characters ever imagined and of the greatest fanfiction ever written. What can one more say about the epic Maude and her advanture.
cellester chapter 50 . 2/3
love this story! really hope you continue it now that Victory at Ostagar is complete.
Wizco chapter 21 . 1/7
It's been a while since I've read this and had thus forgotten the shameful way Maude was once again passed. Perhaps Loghain has more experience leading, Maude has the respect of the majority of the Warden Allies, isn't responsible for the prosecution of the Wardens within Ferelden's borders, is the senior Warden and is the one who wrote all the correspondence with the foreign Wardens. Furthermore Loghain is extremely anti-Orlesian and considering your foreign Wardens were very willing to follow the Empress' scheming I'd think they would be skirty of giving Loghain that much pull over the Orlesian Wardens they sent.
You probably have tons of reasons for denying Maude her right, but it still bugs the hell out of me.

Azinine chapter 50 . 12/24/2013
I can't wait for the continuation of this fic. I'll be blunt here and admit that I love this fic of yours compared to the Victory of Ostagar. I'm more inclined for the light-hearted, humorous and a little bit happy fic. VaO kinda depressed me at the end even with the alternate ending. I'm a fan f Happy Endings you see. I do hope this fic will have that. If not... Well I'll still read it. D I've fallen in-love with all the work you've done here and it's inspiring to create my own Maude for my game. xD Such an epic fic. Makes me wonder if you'll be inspired when DA: Inquisition comes. Thank you for sharing your work! Happy Holidays! D
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GlysMari chapter 16 . 11/23/2013
Very nice how you introduced Anders and worked in Ranger's desire for puppies added to the pack. Chances of Maric having more than one child conceived on the wrong side of the banket seems quite likely.
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