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Anon chapter 3 . 8/10/2010
Can we ever expect an update?
Miss Snicket chapter 3 . 5/25/2010
YAY! Chrissy and Germain got in! i can't wait for the frist challange!
Can't Get Any Better chapter 3 . 5/4/2010
Oh YEAH! Greenlee made it in! And the interns all seem really cool too. I liked Monica the best, I found her funny. And Madrid, isn't that like an island or something somewhere...? I'm not sure, I'm not very great at Geology. But anywho, thanks for choosing Greenlee!
iggmaahv chapter 3 . 5/3/2010
Name (First and Last): Newton Hale

Nickname: prefers to be called Newton, but people like calling him Figgy, Newtie, etc.

Age (15-17): 17

Gender: Male

Stereotype: The Juvenile Delinquent

Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other): Short, choppy & scruffy sandy blonde hair; hazel eyes; a light-tannish skin tone; 6'2"; a toned body.

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc) He has a tattoo on his back. And dimples. :D

Everyday Clothing: A plaid flannel (fully unbuttoned) with a plain shirt underneath, jeans, and a pair of laced Vans.

Bathing Suit: Black swim trunks

PJs: Black boxers

Athletic: He hates sports, but he'd do it if he had to.

Accessories: Nothing.

Personality: He's a funny guy, but in that crude type of way. He's sarcastic and witty, but either than that, he's pretty nice and chill. If someone wants to start a fight with him, he'd fight without hesitation.

Pet Peeves: annoyance people

Likes (and Favorites): Drinking, smoking, girls, partying, fighting, etc...

Dislikes: party poopers.

Phobia: Spiders.

Things he/she likes to do in spare time: In his 'likes' section

Talents: He can actually play a little bit of the guitar.

Weakness: withdrawal

Odd quirk: Once he sees a spider, he jumps and screams like a girl.

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?): Yep, one that can settle him down.

Flirting Type: He's very...seductive and straight forward? But he can almost get any girl.

Family: One alcoholic dad.

Why come on the show?: To get away from his homelife.

What would they do with the money?: Find a better place and get away from his hellhole.

History: He was born, raised, and lived in Seattle, Washington. Newton's the only child of Nate and Helen Hale. But when Helen died when Newton was 10, everything spiraled down. Newton's dad drank everyday and night, he also abused Newton at times.

Anything Else: He smokes every 3 hours.

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you): Where people have to face their fears? And whoever faces it the longest wins?

Audition Tape: -the camera buzzes on to see a blonde kid who appears drunk and a whole party of people behind him dancing-

"Hey, hold that sh*t up!" Newton says as he smiles into the camera, "Anyways, I'm Newton."

"I'm 17 years old and I dig partying...yeah."

"I think you should pick me, because then there won't be a such thing as fun over there-,"

-off the screen, you hear gagging and loud barfing sounds coming from Newton before the camera buzzes off-
Akela Victoire chapter 3 . 5/2/2010
Woot! Shaniqua and Marshall made it in!

Looking forward to first chapter!
TheAuthor123 chapter 3 . 5/2/2010
If you're wondering, the above name is my real account name here, I just don't wanna log in. Anyways, here's my OC, Chris. I've given an alternate name if you think having two Chris' is too much.

Name (First and Last): Chris Koon (alternate name: James Koon)

Nickname: None; if James, it is Jim

Age (15-17): 16

Gender: male

Stereotype: the determined disable

Appearance: Chris has short, light-brown hair and deep blue eyes. He is of a scrawny build and is extremely pale. He always has a down or depressed look on his face due to him being in a wheelchair. He has dark rings around his eyes that always give him a down, tired look on his face.

Other: He wears a silver cross necklace around his neck at all times.

Everyday Clothing: Worn out, faded blue jeans, a plain, black t-shirt and white sneakers.

Bathing Suit: He has never been swimming due to his disability and doesn’t plan on it anytime soon.

PJs: The same plain black t-shirt he wears everyday and gray, basketball jersey shorts.

Athletic: He is skilled in only one sport: wheelchair basketball. This is one of his only true outlets to the life he hates so much, so he plays frequently and is on a travel team in his hometown.

Accessories: His wheelchair, and a laptop. He is very smart and uses it to strategize and to keep in touch with people.
Personality: Very depressed and a very lonely person. He has some friends, and can open up to them about anything. When people hang out with him, he always seems to smile and can get excited during nail-biting moments in challenges. Usually, though, he will wheel off by himself because no one ever befriends him. He is determined to take down the competition and to win due to his disability.

Pet Peeves: People who make fun of the disabled, when he sees people walk around.

Likes (and Favorites): Wheelchair basketball, using his laptop, strategizing, writing poetry, hanging out with the friends he does have.

Dislikes: People who make fun of the disabled, house flies, athletes, overly-happy people

Phobia: Stairs. He fell down them when he was three and was badly injured. He pulled through, but was never able to walk again due to paralysis.

Things he/she likes to do in spare time: Play wheelchair basketball, hang out with friends, strategize on his laptop.
Talents: Can make a full court basketball shot within two tries.

Weakness: Being made fun of for his disability.

Odd quirk: He needs everything to be arranged in a specific order and is simply a perfectionist. Think Adrian Monk, except a billion times less obsessed.

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?): No

Family: Fredrick Koon, father (40 years old); Mary Koon, mother (39 years old); Jessica Koon, sister (17 years old); Timothy Koon, brother (14 years old)

Why come on the show?: To prove to the world disabled people can do big things like win a reality TV show.

What would they do with the money?: Try to buy a cure for his paralysis. If he can’t do that, he would save it for college and then just use it generally in life. He would give give 10% to his Church (Christian) no matter what.

History: Chris was born and raised in a middle class neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. When he was three, he fell down a flight of stairs in his house, causing him to be cursed in a wheelchair with an incurable paralysis. Despite this, he was still able to go to school, although some rotten students harassed him frequently about his disability. Lucky, he has a few good friends, Jake and June, who have been with him since kindergarten. He is forcing his way through high school, good grades and all. He just wishes he could prove to the world that disabled people can do great things. Then one day Jake told him about Total Drama Island…

Anything Else: Not really.

Challenge Ideas: None for now…

Audition Tape: Camera turns on. A teenage boy with a tired look on his face is sitting in a wheelchair in what appears to be a high school gym. “It’s on, dude!” a teenage boy yells from behind the camera.
The boy in the wheelchair nods and smiles. “What’s up Total Drama People? I’m Chris Koon comin’ at you from Vancouver High School. As you can see, I’m disabled. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s given me time to think about life…and to, well, perfect this.”
The boy from behind the camera, Jake, tosses a basketball to Chris as he wheels himself to the far end of the basketball court. Chris takes a full court shot from his wheelchair. The camera never takes its lens off the ball as it miraculously hits the backboard and falls into the basket. Jake yells from behind the camera. “Dude! You’re invincible! That’s the third time I’ve seen you do that!”
Chris smiles. “Yeah. I’m going to prove to the world disabled people can be great. Peace out. Can’t wait to get on TV!” The camera shuts off.
ZERO MASON chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
Cool I'm in. I think Bradshaw and Mike will get along great.
PsychoticSushi chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
yay! first official chap's up! it seems pretty good from here, the only thing i would suggest is watch like the grammar and there were a few extra words where there shouldn't be. but other than that, great job!
Just Another Fanatic chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
Looks good so far. Anyway, my guess is that you were watching Angel when coming up with the names for the characters, weren't you. Can't wait for the campers to arrive.
A Fading Memory chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
Name (First and Last): Robert Master

Nickname: The Master, rob

Age (15-17):17


Stereotype: the football star

Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other) hair: blonde, style: spiky, skin: tan, eyes: blue, Height: 6 foot 7, Build: muscular

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc): a mustach beard combo that looks like Al off of Homi improvement, tattop of a heart with his families name in it on his lower right arm

Everyday Clothing: Tennessee Titans jersey dshirt and blue jeans

Bathing Suit: tennesse titans swim trunks

PJs: tennesse titans t-shirt and black silk shorts

Athletic: plays football, and wrestles

Accessories: tennesse titans hat

Personality: kind, tough, wants to win

Pet Peeves: titans memoribilia

Likes (and Favorites): football, the tennese titans. espn, and WWE RAW

Dislikes: soccer, hockey, bowling

Phobia: having to play football at the super bowl (he gets nervous from big crowds

Things he/she likes to do in spare time: play football, read, watch reality shows like total drama

Talents: strength and smarts, can play the drums superbly

Weakness: stagefright

Odd quirk: he speaks about football ALL the time

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?): athletic girl, maybe someone who would argue with them about what is better, so probanly a soccer girl

Flirting Type: he gets a sexy voice and asks how it is going and then makes small talk

Family: Dad- Ricky Master
Mom- Casandra Master
(both are younger)Brother- Richard Master
Brother- Kenny Master

Why come on the show?: to get coverage for an atempt to get hired for a NFL team

What would they do with the money?: start a football team in His homestate of Kentucky

History: watched football all his life, joined his high school team when he was a Freshman

Anything Else: he is straight, has a slight kentucky accent (kind of southern ish) and that is it, can't do more than one thing at a time

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you): Football game where the ball is explosive or something else dramatic and the team that loses goes to the campfire pit

Audition Tape: shows robert throwing and catching a football

Robert- hello i want to join to prove that football is awesome and it deserves some recognition and not just soccer, i believe that football is the american pasttime and deserves respect (looks at the camera while throwing the football) and if there are any NFL scouts out there watching watch for me (the football hits a guy off screen)
Offscreen- ow right in the balls

Robert- well looks like i can't multitask looks like i have to go (walks toward the voice) hang on ill be there in a second it was a throw from like 200 feet away dude it can't hurt that much, dude you should have saw it coming towards you

(screen fades to black)
RoyalShowstopperXIII chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
thanks for taking Bradshaw.
Alexex chapter 3 . 5/1/2010
Yay Maxine made it! Can't wait, you're a funny writer!
xoxnickayxox chapter 1 . 4/22/2010
I'll make a guy :) if ya still need one!

Name (First and Last):

Brody Boles


brod? (i couldnt think of anything!)

Age (15-17):



male ;)



Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other)

light brown hair at his ears,eyes teal :), 5'11

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc)an i 3 boobies bracelet!

Everyday Clothing:

White skinny jeans, orange t-shirt, orange vans

Bathing Suit:

Green board shorts


white tank top and black boxers


surfs, skate boards, can bowl?




nice, hyper, cant listen to directions

Pet Peeves:

People who blame anything but themselves for THEIR failure,

When people take 20 napkins, use one, then throw them all away

Likes (and Favorites):

friends (girls), water, Italian food, skating, surfing


Hunting, bitches (:o), Mexican Food



Things he/she likes to do in spare time:

skates, makes really weird free style raps that he cant remember hours later


beatboxing, skating, plays the drums


spiders, girls boyfriends, quick sand, Taylor lautner,

Odd quirk:

shakes leg when siting

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?):

yes someone nice :) who not so clinging

Flirting Type:



a dad and little sister (realoly close to his sister)

Why come on the show?:

to get away from dad. his dad hates him and is abusive (feels bad for leaving his sister)

What would they do with the money?:

Take his sister and get away from his dad


his mom dies whe he was 10 his dad blames him for it. his dad's a alcoholic beats him

Anything Else:

he keeps a picture of his little sister at the bottom of his suitcase

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you):

what about a rap off? haha that would be funny..

Audition Tape:

a boy about the age of 17 i9s shown on the screen with a little 5 year old girl with her long brown hair in pigtails on his lap. "there Claire" the boy said as he tightened the ponytail. As she runs off he turns to the camera. "hey :) my names Brody Boles. Im 17 and am hoping to be on this Total drama season. i could use the break away. met new people *winks* and if i win grab my sister and split." the last thing the camera shows is Brody smirking
Just Another Fanatic chapter 1 . 4/18/2010
It looks pretty good so far. Anyway, here's my character (I do want to submit a girl, but for now I'll stick with a guy. If you want the girl, you can PM me and I'll send her in).

Name (First and Last): Carson Urban

Nickname: Most people call him Carson, but he also gets Urbana or 'Outfitters' (granted, only one person calls him the second one and he will only respond to that one person when called that)

Age (15-17): 16

Gender: Male

Stereotype: The Photographer

Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other): He's 5'10", lean, not really muscular at all. He's a cute guy, but not really handsome. He's got messy light brown hair, dark brown eyes, Caucasian skin. His most attractive feature his his smile with his perfect white teeth.

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc) None

Everyday Clothing: He wears dark khaki pants that fit well and a green polo shirt. As well, he has brown leather shoes (I won't call them loafers, but they're similar)

Bathing Suit: green trunks

PJs: grey drawstring bottoms that fall to about his knee and a white t-shirt

Athletic: black t-shirt, green basketball shorts, and black Nikes

Accessories: The only thing he'll ever carry like an accessory will be his camera and it's case. He has three cameras, one is a really nice professional, one is a tiny (and i mean miniscule) digital, and then he will almost always have a disposable one on hand. He'll only carry the other two if he knows they will be safe.

Personality: Carson is a hard guy to figure out. He starts out really friendly, and seems to want to get to know everyone. When you meet him, you immediately think "Now this is a guy I want to be friends with." However, as time goes by, he usually starts to back off and becomes a bit more quiet and introspective. Not to say he will become unfriendly, but he goes from the approacher to the approachee. A lot of the time, he'll go off with just his camera to take pictures. Most people will think that he actually wants to be alone when he does, but that's actually when he would prefer the company the most so he can express what he sees in words. However, he also does have an evil side to him, but he usually saves it for some like a queen bee, where he likes to become the object of her affection, and then be just out of her reach.

Pet Peeves: rules, and when people put clamps on his ideas

Likes (and Favorites): photography, girls, poetry (he writes and reads), other art forms (though he's not nearly as good), Woody Allen movies, reading really good books (his books for camp will be The Namesake, Les Miserables, and King Lear), smoking

Dislikes: His parents expectation of him, the Fortune 500 company his dad runs, his early addiction to smoking (though he'll never give it up), his political science teacher trying to convince him to become a lawyer

Phobia: small blue frogs, because his friends played a trick on him once, taking a small frog and dying it blue, putting it on his chest when he was asleep. When Carson woke up, he thought it was one of those poisonous frogs from the Amazon and wouldn't move because he was afraid to tough it until his friends came bursting into his room laughing.

Things he/she likes to do in spare time: take pictures, write poetry, cloud watch (or so it seems to everyone else, but he's actually thinking up lines for poetry or clearing his mind for his next ambitious art project)

Talents: taking amazing pictures, wooing girls (usually through art and poetry, though he's learned of other ways as well)

Odd quirk: He likes to quote tasteful comedies, like Woody Allen, or most British comedies

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?): Yes, with a queen bee or a backstabber, so he can soften her up a little

Flirting Type: He'll write poetry, and pretend it's not for her, just so she'll want to know even more who it is for. And then, he'll ask her her opinion on it, and it's usually really good.

Family: He lives with his parents (who don't really love each other but stick together because it is good for both of their businesses). He rather likes to pretends that he only has his dogs, two prize-winning cocker spaniels that he loves to play with (yet another way he gets girls attention because he is so sweet with his dogs)

Why come on the show?: Mostly to annoy his parents

What would they do with the money?: either rent out an art studio or donate some to charity and buy more art supplies

History: He's from New York City's Upper East Side and he absolutely hates it there, which is why he's more often found riding the subway than taking his mother's limo, usually spends time in Brooklyn, and has a tendency to wind up at political rallies against his father's company. However, at the same time, he does reap certain other benefits, like he wouldn't give up his education for anything, and he also finds it very easy for his poetry to get published in certain News Papers or Magazines because his father has a lot of stock in most of them.

Anything Else: He does smoke sometimes

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you): Maybe a race upstream on a river, or some relay where everyone has to pass a baton. Like one person will swim upstream against a river, and then someone will have to navigate through a cave with no light, and someone else will have to scale up a cliff, etc.

Audition Tape: He's sitting on his bed and plucks a few strings on a guitar. However, the last string snaps. "Aw *," he mumbles. "Drew is not going to be happy about that." He puts the guitar down. "Anyway, since you now know that I know nothing about guitars, I might as well not pretend to be a musician like I originally planned. Instead, I'm a photographer. My name is Carson Urban and I'd like to be on your show mostly because my parents will go apesh!t over it. That, and I think I could put the money toward better use bettering the world rather than buying cheese or filling a closet with shoes like most of the other contestants. Instead, I'd either give the money to charity or enrich the current world with good art, not flicks of paint across a canvas or a picture of a girl in next to nothing." He nods, then pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one. "So, pick me."
Can't Get Any Better chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
Name (First and Last): Greenlee Jones

Nickname: Lee

Age (15-17): 16

Gender: M

Stereotype: The Male Cheerleader

Appearance (Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Eyes, Height, Build/Body, Other) He is 5'6" with lime green eyes, a medium olive skin tone, scene-style long blond hair and a 4-pack from his dancing and cheerleading.

Other: (Accessories, Tattoos, Piercings, Freckles, Facial Hair, etc) He has two piercings: one eyebrow and a lip ring. He wears

Everyday Clothing: Tight white t-shirt that says 'Stop Telephoning Me-e-e-e' in black letters, acid wash ripped skinny jeans, a black studded belt, and black and white low tops.

Bathing Suit:

PJs: Black tank top and superman pajama pants

Athletic: White loose long-sleeved t-shirts where the sleeves nearly fall off his shoulder, black gym shorts, sport socks and sneakers.

Accessories: His Blackberry, his iPod (his favorite bands are AC/DC, Paramore, and Lady Gaga) and the lucky charm bracelet his bf gave him before he came on the show.

Personality: Greenlee is very friendly and peppy. He likes to avoid any form of confrontation unless a close friend of his is being attacked.

Pet Peeves: Crusty mustard, he can't stand the stuff.

Likes (and Favorites): Cheering (FAVORITE), dancing, roller skating (favorite), eating, listening to his iPod

Dislikes: People insulting his sexuality, bad hair days, people picking on his friends, drama

Phobia: Climbing to the top of a cheerleading pyramid (or more or less, heights)

Things he/she likes to do in spare time: Work on new cheer routines or text his bf, Sander, back home.

Talents: Dancing and Gymnastics

Weakness: He's not a very talented singer. Nor is he the best chef.

Odd quirk: He tends to hiccup a little when he gets nervous.

Paired up? (If yes, what type of guy/girl?): No, he's in a serious relationship back home.

Flirting Type: He's very open and collected when he gets comfortable around someone he likes, but when he's in the 'crush' phase he gets really nervous and hiccups or giggles like an idiot.

Family: Greenlee comes from a very wealthy family that won a oil-company back in Denver Colorado. His parents never really spend much time with him, nor his younger brother Tyler. He's practically been raising his brother since his parents are always away on business and they decided that he was too old for a nanny at 13.

Why come on the show?: He figures what better way to put his skills to the test than on a challenge reality show.

What would they do with the money?: He wants to win the money on his own without his parents help so that he, his brother, Sander can get away from their demanding lives in Colorado and go off to college together.

History: I pretty much answered half of this in the 'family' section. But I'll explain how he and Sander met, as well as how his fear of the pyramid came: On Greenlee's sophomore year, he was climbing for the first time to the top of the pyramid, but his sneezed and fell over, and sprained his ankle (he was sidelined from cheering for a few months). Sander, who was their high school running back was at practice on the opposite side of the field and ran over to carry Greenlee all the way to the nurse office. After Greenlee woke up from his unconscious state and Sander was the first one he saw, the two have basically been inseparable ever since.

Anything Else: Nope... that's about it. Oh, and he's a vegetarian

Challenge Ideas (I have some, but I like your ideas too, credit will be given to you):

Extreme Go Kart Madness. A team of campers will assemble a Go Kart and choose a driver to race it on a track across the camp layered with diverse obstacles. Oh, and if each Go Kart had some sort of special tricks like a sludge bomber or banana peel-dropper, that would be cool... but that's all I got.

Audition Tape: (The camera fizzles on and shakes a few times as a blonde boy comes into view)

Greenlee: Um... Sander?

Sander: Yeah, babe?

Greenlee: Could ya hold it steady?

Sander: (Shaking abruptly stops) Sorry, I guess I shoulda peed first huh?

Greenlee: Okay... then I'll make this quick. Hi, my name is Greenlee Jones, I'm 16, and heir to the Jones Family & Co. Oil Company. (sarcastic) Yay me. Anyways. I wanna be on Total Drama 'Ailana because I want a chance to prove that I'm not just some spoiled, rich, stuck up, daddy's boy. Quite the opposite actually. So pick me and I'll guarantee you good ratings, and maybe a little extra cash may just slip out of my pocket... I dunno.

Sander: Babe, did you just bribe the casting directors?

Greenlee: Um... yeah.. I think I did.

Sander: Damn... you're sexy when you're being all manipulative.

Greenlee: And you're about to soak my new carpet so lets wrap this up shall we. Once again, I'm Greenlee Jones and if you pick me then you won't be sorry.

Sander: And Cut! I gotta go! (camera suddenly drops to the floor and running is heard in the background)

Greenlee: (stepping over to pick up the camera) Wow... what a man (camera clicks off)
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