Reviews for Pitch
torikasa chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
I was really amused by your little dashes of humor here and there. Ash's Pikachu really is weird, huh? I always seem to yell at my tv whenever it loses, because, C'MON; it's been through all three regions and has taken part of many challenging battles, yet it manages to lose to...Roark. Then again, the show wouldn't be nearly as exciting if all Ash did was win all the time, right? (Though, I honestly think it would be better to just replace him with another trainer if that were the case; don't get me wrong, I love Ash to bits...but things need to change.)

Annnnnnnyway, I digress. I really liked this. It's really fun to try to look for the deeper meaning in these, and I definitely enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll be seeing more works from you, preferrably Lucian/Aaron; but then again I'm not all too picky with pairings. :) Keep on writing!

~ MM
Farla chapter 1 . 4/8/2010
[Alas, we are always searching.

What for, right? When we find it, it's always the same thing, and when you come to this startling conclusion, you realize you don't need, or for that matter even want, it anymore.]

This seems to be pretentious nonsense.

...and still nonsense...

...and nonsense...

[He cried, internally, begging for the pompous donkey in beautiful bloody suits to hear his pleading. Though, the command in his gut was lost along the way to his vocal chords, but still pried and scratched up and up. A balloon lost in the midst of fate and faith.]

...and yet more nonsense.

Possibly there may be an interesting story underneath the extremely forced and pretentious writing, but I can't make one out.