Reviews for Meus Contraho
Valery Hlinka chapter 49 . 6/30
Wow! That was very different from all other stories in this collection. Vulnerable and broken Draco was great, you did wonderful job here!Thank you for this amazing collection of catching, touching, heart-breaking and interesting stories with often unsatisfying endings! I enjoyed them nonetheless!Although I wish you came back to write the continuation for some stories... Well, one may hope
Valery Hlinka chapter 47 . 6/28
It seems like you're a fan of open endings... This one is hopeful but immensely unsatisfying, in my opinion.
But I was really impressed with you refreshing concept of Friendship Law as opposed to a little bit absurd Marriage Lawthough I like some fics with this trope quite a lot.
I relished watching the progression of the relationship of our favourite couple no matter how anticlimactic and disappointing the ending was. Thank you, nevertheless!
Valery Hlinka chapter 48 . 6/20
Yuck! And how am I supposed to wash that disgusting aftertaste of supposedly happy marriage of Hermione and Weasel? Guess I'll visit Malfoy Manor for some lessons
Valery Hlinka chapter 44 . 6/20
OMG! What a devastating story! My heart is bleeding...
Valery Hlinka chapter 43 . 6/20
I had a good laugh!) Thanks!
Valery Hlinka chapter 42 . 6/20
Missy, it is the 3rd AU/nobility/Regency era story that you end in more than unsatisfactory way! How could you do this to us?:(
But I relish these stories nonetheless!)
Valery Hlinka chapter 41 . 6/20
Harsh words of the man in pain...though they are not less painful...
Valery Hlinka chapter 40 . 6/20
The letter is so touching!) I hope Hermione will forgive him.
Valery Hlinka chapter 34 . 6/18
Ahahah :D Cunning bastard! LOL
Valery Hlinka chapter 33 . 6/18
Painfully beautiful...:"(
Valery Hlinka chapter 32 . 6/15
Although it is more satisfying than your previous nobility story, I want Masked Man Take Two so-so-so much! Hope I'll find it in the next chapters.
Valery Hlinka chapter 28 . 6/15
Men...Why are they that stupid?LOL
Valery Hlinka chapter 39 . 6/15
The series was great! My heart was breaking at first for Hermione and then for both of them. I'm glad that Hermione was persistent enough to dig up the truth.
Ahhh, how I love happy endings!)
Valery Hlinka chapter 25 . 6/15
While I like the way you wrote it, I don't really believe in this kind of stories. The whole situation is just a matter of choice, namely Draco's choice. The choice is simple - her, meaning love, or his name and money. We can see what he chose so I sympathise only his nameless her (for me it is Hermione). Though I pity Draco for his cowardice.
Valery Hlinka chapter 24 . 6/14
That was brilliant! But I want to know what will happen next!
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