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Miss Sheila M Go chapter 20 . 7/8/2012
This story is so great! Lately I've been very interested in reading about Giovanni. I've been trying to find a good story about him and this one fits my style of reading perfectly! The storyline is really gripping to me. I've only made it 20 chapters in, but I am planning on finishing reading for the next few days. :)
Gormanbros chapter 112 . 2/13/2012
This story has been a really enjoyable read. My favorite fanfic I've read so far. You really have a writing talent, MikariStar. I started reading this around when Chapter 50 or so was uploaded, and read the first half in a couple days. This was a really long story, haha. 112 chapters. I'm looking foward to reading more from you.
dogtrainer89 chapter 112 . 2/7/2012
This was an amazing story. I liked all the background about the characters and things added from the shows. I enjoyed reading this story. Your writing is great and very descriptive it made the story flow easily. Continue writing you have a real talent.
dittoeevee8888 chapter 112 . 1/8/2012
I really enjoyed this story. The one problem I had with it was the way you started it out - making Delia's past a story within the present [I hope you know where I'm getting at]. Usually, with those kinds of stories [especially if they're really long], I keep forgetting why the story was in the first place [and I did, for a bit, before I remembered]. But I'm not sure if Delia's concerns still held true - like her being concerned that Ash was going after the money, the "power" wasn't really addressed after the story.

I'm not to sure what was the whole point with Vandal [I think that's how you spell his name]...ignoring the fact that time travel shouldn't happen period, how was it possible that by preventing the psychologist [I forget her name, sorry] from killing Delia, that wouldn't change a bunch of other facets from the future, completely changing it, and not necessarily for the better?

And anyway, how did Giovanni & Delia get reborn as a Persian and a Vulpix? [Like, why didn't they retain their "Mystery Dungeon" forms; even if it would have been odd for a Mew to be wandering around].

I really liked the main theme of the novel - is it better for somebody to rule the world, yet most of its citizens are well, or for "nobody" to rule the world, and most of the world is in chaos. Definitely an interesting question to ponder, and I quite enjoyed the way you answered that throughout the book, especially through Delia's main narration.

I would have liked to seen more Giovanni/Ash time, especially since that seemed to be the main focus point [ least in the summary of the book], but what happens, happens.

I quite liked the explanation for Pokerus, though the implication was that if the Pokemon didn't catch Pokerus, they'd eventually die? [And seeing how hard it is to catch it in the games, as I've never had a Pokemon infected with Pokerus...]...a lot of the Pokemon would still die due to the virus?

I'm assuming from the future that eventually, Giovanni/Delia's descendents became "Queen" & "Kings" of the world?

Still, great plot, and really long story - I didn't realize it was 112 chapters, [as I had *conveniently* forgot to look at that part] and couldn't really stop reading...(took around 8-ish hours over two days). And I also hope my writing isn't too much of a mess to follow :/
Macy Webber chapter 112 . 1/5/2012
Wow. That was, wow. I loved it. Never stop writing, ever.
Fan from FreedomofSpeech site chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
It is good to see that you have finished this brilliant story. I hope that fos-ff will be back up again soon. I am surprised to see that this was also on this website.

Good job with your story, you're the best.
Rediamond chapter 112 . 12/21/2011
Wow. Just wow.

I started this story after you posted chapter 111, and finished it today, so this is the first time I have ever finished a fanfic by reaching the end, and not the end of the author's updates. As such, I can for once give a relatively recent memory review of the entire story.

To put it simply: it was really good.

To expand:

Obviously since I made it through 112 chapters over about a month means that it was good.

If I had to summarize why it was good in two points, it would probably be plot structure and originality. Obviously, you had a pretty detailed plan of the entire story from the start given the huge amount of times that it builds on a minor detail from a previous chapter. While I've seen writers do that, this is the only story that took advantage of a clear plot diagram in such a brilliant way.

Originality is another huge factor that contributes to this story. While it could just be that I've never actually seen a decent fanfic on Delia x Giovanni, I think it's a bit more. Outside of the PMD parts, the atmosphere of a mafia war and an attempt to conquer Kanto from the underground is something that I've never seen and was quite intrigued by.

Effective characterization was also there, and it was very amusing at times. Madame Boss in particular was brilliantly pulled off by staying true to the (insanely minimal) references from the anime and building an amazing character. Rune in particular was also done quite well.

As for many of the other characters (Pixel, Comet, Laiki, etc.), it seemed very good but not in such an amazing way that naturally attracted interest to the character as Madame Boss.



Seriously, that is a very major point in making the fic good. A lot of writers (and most shippers) can't seem to make things work in their story while staying in character. You would be one of the shining examples that prove that it's possible to do. Thank you so much for that.

If the story had one curse, it would be the expected one: it dragged on.

First off, this is wholly inevitable with 100 chapters, so it is not your fault at all and it actually dragged on much less than I would've anticipated seeing the massive chapter count. The huge variety of interesting and varied subplots did it an amazing service in that regard. Except for one.

It could just be me, but I seriously considered stopping during the second PMD arc. Even if they did advance the plot line, they break the mood and flow considerably and caused a huge crash in momentum. The main factor behind this is mood, which tended to be the underlying problem when it was dragging on.

The first 30-ish chapters of flashback set up a very distinctive mood about the fic, with darker themes and danger periodically pierced by lighter trends. Thus when the carefree nature of the PMD arcs, and the anime-esque feel of most of the Ash/Misty sequences came in, it helped to stop the vital momentum readers need to keep going in such a tremendously long fic.

Mood is one of the best possible tools an author can have. When planning a fic, I always consider plot and mood on equal grounds when deciding to include a scene. While it usually wasn't a problem, it periodically came up as an issue.

Overall, perhaps you could've found a different way to unlock Gio's memories than the PMD sequence? Either way, I kept going so it clearly wasn't that bad.

As for the two last points I give when typing full fic reviews: beginning and end.

The beginning was quite effective in setting up mood and plot, as well as being interesting. Therefore, it was highly successful.

The ending:

WTF Iron Mask. You'd been doing such a great job with calling things from previous chapters that I was incredibly surprised when the master antagonist only appeared as... the master antagonist. Even if you'd referenced him once before hand it would've been so much better. I'm sorry, but I lost you there.

Also, I will recognize that Porygon and New Island were important at the end, but I feel as if the climax could've gone back to a more long-standing issue or villain. It almost seems like in a break with the otherwise meticulously planned story, you threw in a random bad guy and some supporting plot so that you could get it done. While it did it's job, I feel as if it could've done so in a way that would evoke more emotion if there was more than ten chapters of build up. I realize that there was a Mewtwo reference in the future scene and a number of reference's to Gio as "Mewtwo's enemy" (props on the irony), but it still didn't seem as epic as I expected it would be.

Once again, if Mewtwo or Iron Mask had made previous appearances, or you put a more long-standing enemy up for the last battle, I feel as if it could've been more epic.

Overall, great read and I hope you return back to Pokemon Fanfiction soon.
Rediamond chapter 112 . 12/21/2011
Wow. Just wow.

I started this story after you posted chapter 111, and finished it today, so this is the first time I have ever finished a fanfic by reaching the end, and not the end of the author's updates. As such, I can for once give a relatively recent memory review of the entire story.

To put it simply: it was really good.

To expand:

Obviously since I made it through 112 chapters over about a month means that it was good.

If I had to summarize why it was good in two points, it would probably be plot structure and originality. Obviously, you had a pretty detailed
Lotusnapper chapter 112 . 12/4/2011
The ending is rather pleasant with Mewtwo finally free from being controlled, and free of any guilt from the battle thanks to Ash.

I liked how Team Rocket respected Mewtwo enough to try and help Mewtwo recover and rest, even if they did try to confine it.

I liked how Mewtwo was rescued by Mew and Celebi, and even after time traveling to come to era when Vandel was from, just to see that everything would possibly be okay.

I also liked how Ash managed to prepose the idea to Giovanni to cause the change in Team Rocket to lead to it future success.

Well written and much enjoyed.
27dayz chapter 112 . 12/3/2011
It took me ages to finish this gem of a fanfic, but I'm so glad that I stuck with it. You're a very talented writer and this was a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing your creation.
DeathGoblin chapter 112 . 12/3/2011
I like the ending, (even though the thought of a single organization controlling the entire world terrifies me), and I liked how you brought Vandel back and had Mewtwo watching him, and I also liked how Mewtwo was able to escape. It was also cool when Giovanni beat up the iron masked marauder after Mewtwo lost consciousness, and I can easily imagine Ash doing the same thing.
splitheart1120 chapter 112 . 12/2/2011
At least we know where Mewtwo went...

Maybe a world ruled by Team Rocket won't be that bad after all...
The Great Butler chapter 112 . 12/1/2011
As others have stated, if I could give you applause right now, I would. You have pulled off one of the hardest accomplishments in fanfic writing - successfully completing an extremely long, intricate story without dropping in quality - and done so in a simply glorious way. You were consistent and thorough, weaving a wonderful web of a story that delivered on everything it promised.

Among many of the things you deserve bonus points for is just how intricate everything really was. Everything presented in the story was important, with several uses of the Chekhov's gun plot device (such as the missiles) pulled off masterfully. I also want to compliment how consistently *good* the plot actually was - it went through many long arcs, but it was always telling a single full narrative, and your strength in doing so never wavered. Long stories, even professional ones, can often get shaky in certain parts and become weak. That never happened here.

I only have a couple of criticisms in the end. As I expressed to you via email, I'm not really a fan of depicting Vicious as the most logically extreme version of his character, perhaps because he always felt a bit on the generic side and becomes hard to depict. You didn't do him poorly, I just don't find him to be the greatest character. Also, I thought the ending felt just a little bit rushed. I would enjoy a side-story chapter to wrap up everyone's storylines, like for example Jessie and James's.

In short, I hope we hear from you again soon in the future. This stands out a shining gem among its genre and fanfics in general.
Tanya Adams 64 chapter 112 . 12/1/2011
I very much enjoy the ending. It's so sad to see a epic tale like this to end so soon. You did an excellent job and I enjoy this story a lot! I will look forward to any new projects you have in store.

Tanya Adams 64
Rocketlord6485 chapter 112 . 12/1/2011
Woo! Thunderous applause for you, MikariStar! This story was just stunning, not to mention creative and brilliant! I'm seriously going to miss those Dont Give me Diamonds FF Chapter updates that appear in my e-mail inbox :(

Story wise, you tied everything well so exquisitely. The climatic finale if the Maurderer's downfall was a breathtaking thrill ride, especially when Mew appeared! Now THAT caught me by surprise! LOL! I loved how the future Mewtwo has learned to coincide peacefully with Team Rocket. Ash's theory was correct. Perhaps Team Rocket isn't the worst thing in the world. :)

When I was reading the last couple of final scenes, "I need more time" from the Dexter soundtrack began playing on my YouTube playlist and it made it that much more emotional as everything in the story concluded. I'm sorry . . . but when I have to say goodbye to such a great story, I become very glum :(

Thanks for the shout out! But let's face it, your story has definitely surpassed the two of mine combined. Please know that you're a huge inspiration to me, especially since you are a fellow diamondshipper! :D

I look forward the spin off you mentioned, not to mention your supportive feedback on my current project.

And once again, thank you for the amazing adventure that is "Don't Give me Diamonds" :D
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