Reviews for A Brilliant Mind
The Rushing Wind chapter 1 . 3/1/2011

A long time ago, you and I wrote in a fanfiction RPG group. Wow... has it been that long? Has it been more than ten years? I went by the name Andromeda back then. Not sure if you remember me, but just in case.

I'm not sure if I ever told you, but you were my greatest inspiration back then. I wanted to write like you, because if I could, then certainly, I could make it as a professional writer. You wove (and still weave) words together into flowing poetry, a skill I have always admired and never, ever forgot. Not one time over the years did I forget.

I tried to send you a PM, but FFN wouldn't let me do it for some reason. If you'd like to get back in touch, you can check my profile for my email. I would love so very much to hear from you. If not (or, if you don't ever read this review, heh), then good luck to you in whatever you do. Know that you were the single greatest writing inspiration I ever had, and without your wonderful example, I never would have begun work on my own novel, and probably wouldn't have kept writing at all.

Thank you for being awesome. I hope life treats you equally awesome in the future.

Angel Peach Blossom chapter 1 . 8/9/2010
At first, I couldn't really see the connection to Lufia. It was only when Melvin got that assignment, and started learning about Dekar, that I could sense the connection.

That actually sounds like the kind of conflict that a smart person would think about. Being disappointed in those who do have the same knowledge as he does. Heck, it can be even worse if your ancestor is that way. But like Melvin was told, you can't just go by how smart a person is.

My concern was that it isn't explained to us that this is a long time after the first war. I mean, we are automatically thrust into the story, with no clue on who Melvin is, only that he got First Honors again for the fifth time.

Another is just a small error I noticed. While true that Dekar did help in defeating Gades, it was not Maxim's first battle with him. For Dekar it was, but for Maxim, he ended up fighting Gades with Tia, Guy and Artea by his side, but they lost. If you were referring to Dekar's first time, it's not that big of a deal. However, if the first was supposed to be referenced to Maxim, then it was his second fight.

Now, I do like your choice of descriptions, and the intentional misspellings and stuff in Dekar's letter worked perfectly. I don't normally get to say that, but misspellings are better used in that way, whether it is said, or being read off of something, like say a letter.

Keep it up!