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Guest chapter 6 . 12/16/2016
2016 and needing more of this...
Neemoweemo chapter 6 . 11/17/2015
So... Are you ever going to post up a new chapter for this story? I really love your use of diction, and I kinda want Teresa to keep exploring her desire, since it's so foreign to her...
Shinozuka Kou chapter 1 . 10/22/2015
Best Claymore fanfic ever!
Alumina chapter 1 . 2/26/2015
I'm liking where this is going. Yes, Teresa is rather awesome. One of my most favorite anime characters, in fact. Heaven, be grateful she never became an abyssal.
jadesteele chapter 6 . 12/29/2013
i like this, i really do.

i originally read this on your website, but now i can't seem to access it - is it still there, i wonder?
Wizard of Words chapter 6 . 5/10/2013
Please, I beg of you, keep writing this. Teresa of the Faint Smile is my all time favorite anime character, and I've never seen her portrayed so... right as this is. Minus one little scene a few chapters back, that i can justify away thanks to Teresa's rather cruel upbringing, I think all of this is magnificent. The detail, the characters, the story, the "Chapters" (Better Called Sagas), I love all of it.

I truly hope and wish that you will continue this. The only reason I do not fave, watch, follow, and adore you for this is because i have no account here. But I am ready to create one for the sake alone of keeping track of this story.
Y chapter 6 . 4/16/2013
I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! Please hurry ;)
Whyoumadbro1 chapter 6 . 3/27/2013
I'm truly enjoying your By the Sword series and do wish it would last longer. I've read your Red and Black fanfiction and was floored by how impressive it was. I do hope there would be more fluff between Clare and Teresa, but at this point it seems a little late. From your message, it would seem that you're gonna call it quits after two more chapters and I can only accept that. Thank you for the adventure of one of my favorite anime series thus far.
Sa Rart chapter 6 . 2/5/2013
The best story I've read so fr in this entire fandom! Teresa is such an incredible figure, and you make her so believable and so human - and, despite her superhuman nature, she starts to face the same challenges that all people must. There are so few situations where she's actually in pain... And that both gives and takes away from her. I always remember the scene where she killed Rosemary, the former number one - all it took was enough to change her eyes, and she killed an abyssal with frightening ease. That's the natu of her strength. And you show it beautifully.

All of it was beautiful. From the village to the farm to the cave to the war and finally to the city - the setting is always vivid, and it is always fascinating. Your OCs are believable relatable, and distinct, and they make a real impact when they die.

Clare is the only link that is strange. Perhaps I've just grown so used to her in te canon series, and Teresa's seat did kill a lot of her, I guess.

But in the end - wonderful story, and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the next update!

Sa Rart
SirRealism chapter 5 . 1/8/2013
I half expected Teresa to leave for good, only to later be confronted by a blond haired silver eyed Clare with massive abandonment issues.

Surprises are nice.
Orchamus chapter 6 . 12/11/2012
...daammmnnnn. Rather disgusting and yet beautiful, this story is. Makes one despise human nature as a whole, yet love it in individuals, some of them.
Rain Addict CM chapter 6 . 11/30/2012
Good story so far. This is the way the story should of went! Well i hope you continue this story.
Musicmakesmehigh chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
beautiful... so much more than just a story of love, this is Teresa's evolution from a tool of war to a woman. Love it, hope you update soon
DarkFeenix chapter 6 . 10/22/2012
Being one of the people who keep using up your site's bandwidth, I was delighted to notice you had put out a new chapter after a long wait. I hope future updates will be more regular, but over the past ... half of a decade? I've learned to just wait patiently for you. Good things are worth waiting for, after all. I need to apologize for not giving any feedback over the years - I've been following your Noir fiction since time immemorial and this one ever since you first started it.

That being said, the first thing I want to mention is that I'm thankful you keep updating your fics in order, instead of focusing on one and just forgetting about the rest. As for this particular fic, I used to think you had drifted quite for far from the original setting into the territory of AU when it comes to the world itself and particularly Claymore abilities. That's understandable considering the completely different focus the original work and yours have - youmas, much less awakened beings hardly even make an appearance here which obviously is going to have a huge impact on the story. However, with this particular chapter I feel like you are again much closer to the source material than what you were before - especially Teresa's fight scene stroke me as something close to what we've been seeing recently in the manga. It sounds ridiculous, but at the same time very plausible for someone of Teresa's ability (outside of the trebuchet shot pulverizing, that one strikes me as a borderline case).

Talking about her capabilities - I have to admit I too was wondering why she didn't just tie Clare to her back(or hime-sama dakko for that matter) and just run from the city. Considering Clare's health and the fact that even a one shot getting through in the chaos would probably be lethal, maybe it was too big of a risk to take. At the same time, with the stuns you had her pull at the end of chapter combined with the demonstration we had in the manga vs Irene's flashsword, I feel like it would have been a very valid option - especially during night time. However the way you used Teresa's helplessness in the situation and lack of understanding of military operations was very nice, so I'll let that pass as just her being cautious.

I'm also surprised Teresa let Clare get anywhere near the fighting at the end. Single stray crossbow bolt could have ended it all, from either side. If she didn't trust herself to protect Clare while just running from the army, how can she trust herself to be able to do it while taking them directly on? I also have to express my doubts over Teresa holding a single gate forcing a retreat from the whole opposing army. In all honesty, I feel like the walls would have been scaled and gates broken in several more places by the time Teresa's little skirmish came to an end, and the whole city being a far gone lost cause by then. I also have to say that I wasn't a fan of the murder scene at the Cure. It felt all to cliche and unrealistic - if you wanted to demonstrate Teresa's total disregard for others, there were plenty of ways to have it happen on her trip to the shop that wouldn't have felt like overdone forced drama. Something as simple as someone snapping under pressure and having a shady alley muggling with a knife would have done the job just as well.

I applaud you for how you used Clare sickness to reflect Teresa's thoughts about how weak and fragile humans are. However, I wasn't a huge fan of Teresa's opinion of other humans in general - I don't remember her being that cynical. Certainly, the only one she actually ever cared for was Clare, but she felt bit too cold to me here. Like some other reviewer mentioned, pretty much pre-Clare level cold. The insight we are given about Teresa's thoughts however is really welcome. With all of her doubts about human fragility and nature, it'll be interesting to see how her relationship with Clare continues to build - unless there's a surprise twist and Clare somehow ends up as a claymore.

All of this talk about north reminds me of Isley of the north - he certainly should still be around in this story - wonder if he'll end up affecting the plot one way or other? Living under his sphere of influence would certainly hinder any attempts by the organization to do anything about Teresa, but at the same time organization might just double it's efforts or it could come to blows with him.

After a lot of pointless rambling I'll just say I'm looking forward to seeing how this story concludes. Needless to say, I'm rooting for a good end with Clare and Teresa, whether they live as sort-of-a-family or something more.

Until the next update
adamjb chapter 6 . 10/11/2012
Somehow the last time I read this story, I Favorited it but forgot to follow it. Glad to see that you've updated, and keep up the good work!
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