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shannon30033 chapter 34 . 3/19
Dear Laila,

Thank you for the awesome story you penned some time ago. It is truly a great story, so fun to read with such fascinating characters. So thank you again for the, as Edward would say "fuck-awesome read" it has been a pleasure.
EchoLynn chapter 27 . 3/8
Dang now I have to go download journeys song on iTunes lol.
EchoLynn chapter 11 . 3/7
Omg I'm and in love with your Carlisle lol. Freaking awesome ! This story is amazing btw lol.
ChristyWIX chapter 34 . 1/27
I liked the time jump, making Bella the age Edward was when they first met, thirty-five and him fifty. They really did have the brood they wanted, didn't they? Good for them. I imagine it must be so very hard for rock stars to watch their children want to get into the life they've lived. Knowing the horrors that are out there. The great times and the camaraderie though, has to have some solace. Then again, most children of rock stars grow up and want nothing to do with the limelight. That little Emmy was a holy terror. Thank you for writing such a great story. It was very well crafted. It had it all . . . funny, sad, happy, drama and all kinds of sexy. Thank ou for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 1/27
That was a very short chapter compared to all the rest of them. I'm glad he had his epiphany that they are so happy. Glad that Gianna got what she deserved. Very, very rushed at the end. It seemed the birth of their son was thrown in as an afterthought. For how much they were looking forward to the birth, it would've been nice to read him running around crazed when she went into labor. Having to call everyone to let them know the birth was starting. It was just odd that it was left out.
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 1/27
I'm so very glad he didn't have her come to his room, with him alone and just recording her, either by film or audio. Then the unexpected happened and she whipped out the gun . . . didn't expect that at all. Glad that one of those four gunshots didn't kill her. She deserves to rot away in prison for her crime. With a constant reminder of why she's there, right there onnher wrist. Stupid bitch. Very glad that Bella and the babydidnt get hurt. Bummed that Jake did. Glad to know it's therapy, he'll be okay. I would've been very sad if he was permanently in a wheelchair for his doing the job he was hired to do. Poor Leah, she must've been beside herself with worry when she got that phone call. Oh, I hope one of the other guards just went and got her, instead of calling her. How are they going to get through the media mess at the gates and to the doctor's office?
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 1/27
Now, this chapter was far better! Loved that all of r of those bitches were slammed with lawsuits for defamation when the children were all proven to not be his. What were they thinking? They know it's not his, yet they still try. They need to have a little self respect for themselves. Clearly they don't. This poor kids, being raised by women athtll fomthis. Then onto Jenks news. Giant happy claps from me . . . I guessed correctly! She's not fucking pregnant and she's wearing a god damn pillow! If she was actually pregnant, I would have made them check her kids DNA against Collin's . . . as that would be the only one that would've donated to her cause. I love that they leaked the photos. I really love that they are planning on setting her ass up,as her crap has gone on long enough.
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 1/27
I really, really didn't like this chapter. I'll leave it at that.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 1/27
Bella was very eloquent with the interview. Holding her own with the paps too. Hopefully, they can get the bitch soon, as it really isn't fair for Bella to deal with any of this while she is pregnant. It would devastate the two of them if they lose this baby as a result of this twisted bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if Gianna wasn't even pregnant and was wearing a pillow . . . she is that damn delusional. I vote that Gianna gets bested by Rose and Tanya somehow. That they make up for the shit they started in the first place, even though neither are around anymore. And, neither have any reason to do it for Bella and Edward. I wouldn't be surprised if Gianna shows up at one of the concerts and starts some shit. Or, in the bus that Bella and Edward are riding around in. That way Capo and Lily can get Gianna. Tear her ass apart and in the process pull the pillow out and shake it around throwing feathers everywhere. Caught by the paps.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 1/27
Those photos she took sounded incredible. You did so well with their descriptions and his being bowled over by them. What a wonderful idea for their bedroom. I love the idea of them making more, with the two of them in it. WTF Emmett? Smacking Bella on the fothermucking ass like that was completely unacceptable. I'm glad that both Edward and Bella ripped into him over it. I was so effing happy in this chapter. So happy for Bella and Edward and how happy they were for getting their wish and being pregnant. That scene with him spinning her around and kissing the hell out of her everywhere, was so fantastic. Then you had to completely ruin all of that happiness with effing Gianna stealing it from them. I'm so sad for them right now. Once that shit is out there, some people will NEVER believe the actual truth. Why would you take that happiness from them? I hope Bella is okay, especially her baby, as stress like this can have her lose her baby.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 1/27
Whoa, so sorry to hear about the loss of your home in a fire. How awful. I am glad to hear that you, your family and pets all made it safely . . . except the fish. Now to the review. I wanted to smack her mother. Wow, she is just incredibly tactless and I just don't understand her at all. I was glad that Bella dismissed her . . . yikes! When Nonni popped in, I almost cried. What an amazing gift that was for Edward to bestow upon both Bella and the grandparents. Such a wonderful gesture. I loved that the most. Charlie was also good in this, by letting her know how beautiful she was. Loved the hug when they met each other at the alter. Loved the vows, so much. What a lovely thing for them to do, pose for a few photos for the fans outside. I liked that. Although, now Gianna will know that they are married and will become even more dysfunctional. Jasper and Emmett were little bitches in this about marriage. I can sort of understand Emmett, because he is going through a divorce right now and she is most likely getting half of everything . . . especially living in my state of California with their home in L.A. Your Jasper though, he has to be one of my most disliked Jasper's I have ever read. He's hot and cold with his friendship with Edward. Too shifty and cruel. Poor Alice, as I think she could do better than him. I was wondering when Faithfully would fall in this story. It is the one that goes through my head each time I read the title. Love that song. Love, love, love the way he chose to use it in this chapter too. It was a risky thing to introduce her to the crowd. They could have been mean, and that would've made him angry. I am very glad it went the way he wanted. Great chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 1/27
Not surprised to learn that Gianna is on the run. I was surprised about her being stupid enough to journal what she wants to do to Bella. Peter being remorseful, was also surprising. Had he never once listened to what Edward and the guys were telling him? He wasn't trying to get rid of her for no reason, his reasons were extremely valid. When learning that Bella was encouraging Edward to the gentleman's club . . . I just knew she would be the one putting on the show. Very fun performance. I really loved what Carlisle said to Edward. About how proud and happy he was. I am rather excited that they are marrying. Looking forward to that chapter next.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 1/27
I was glad to read that Collin dropped the charges. It was kind of funny that the Judge ruled for some anger management classes. I wonder what they told Bree to get her to understand the why behind it? After what happened this past year with Kim K, it was weird and scary to read what you wrote in this chapter. How because of her flaunting her jewels on social media, she was held at gunpoint and robbed in her very exclusive hotel in Paris. I am glad they've caught the people. I am NOT a Kim K fan, at all. You just never want to hear of something like that happening to anyone. So that said, reading the way the entertainment TV show was going on about Bella's ring being extremely rare and worth six million, made me scared for her in a whole new way. Though, I can't even imagine where someone that steals it, could possibly pawn it without being caught, for that very same rarity. I loved the part where Lizzie and Bella cried over the maid of honor position. Very sweet scene. I loved that Esme and Lizzie are staying for the week to finalize some wedding plans. The part where Carlisle is adjusting his schedule to be there for her graduation, was wonderful. Not surprised on Emmett asking Rosalie for a divorce. I do hope that man finds true love, not the same type of love he had all over again. The Gianna bit is still worrisome. If she has gone this far . . . how much further will she go exactly?
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 1/27
Not what I guessed, yet helpful nonetheless. I can't believe that Gianna went to that length. Although, she did say to Edward that she would make him regret it. Additionally, it finally explained the smirk Tanya had for Edward, all those months back. Right after Gianna was removed from the house by Esme and Lizzie. She was already in cahoots. It also brought to fruition the reason why the videos were open when Alec went to the laptop. Well, I guesses the reason, just didn't know which woman got their hands on it. I am glad that Rosalie came forward with all of the information though. I would think that this is definite grounds for breech of contract on Gianna's part, and the band can terminate with her and Peter. Hopefully, Victoria and Heidi will take the job, as I am sure they will be offered it once available. I liked that Bella was very cautious and not quite trusting of Rosalie. Funny that all of Collin's family money was gone through his father's nose. At least it explained the reason he was suddenly being a media whore. How awful that Bree is completely clueless in this whole ordeal. Collin deserves to be married forcefully by his family, as he is a prick. I do hope that Bree finds out though and breaks the engagement. I hope what Bella hopes, that his self-preservation kicks in.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 1/27
This whole chapter was italicized in format and it was odd. I love that he is so excited about her ring and that he has been carrying it around with him. It is so sweet. I am going to not freak out that Rosalie is there at their home in Seattle. I am choosing to believe that Rosalie has come up with a way to get Collin to confess to many things. At least I hope so. Maybe even offer herself up to use as bait and pretend to be in cahoots to bring them down? I refuse to believe that she has come there to attack her with the men being in another country. Okay, clicking next to find out . . .
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