Reviews for Grim Reaper
Mondwandler chapter 8 . 8/2
hey shinigami-san
i really do appriciate your story this far. i like the idea for harry being a grim reaper:)
but i have to wonder: ever read the discworld novels? Lord death definitifly needs a horse:))
Also: you do have all of the gundamwing-pilots - minus one; where is trowa?
with hopes your mind stays focust for a lot more of wonderful stories.
yours Mondwandler
Kris chapter 10 . 7/16
Can grim reapers sleep? They don't breathe or need the bathroom so why would they need sleep?
Guest chapter 8 . 3/5
It seems Ron is really stupid. Attacking Harry and expecting him to want to be his friend.
At first I thought even Ron can't be that stupid. But when you mentioned how he behaved to Hermione, I thought maybe it's just his natural tendency, and it overrode what little common sense he has.
Guest chapter 15 . 2/26
lol, whew, I was worried for a while there you'd put Harry with Collin for a sec
Sailor Pandabear chapter 15 . 2/23
good but what of the Weasley family
nxkris chapter 16 . 2/21
move the story and leave a note both in description and top of first chapter that the story was moved from your other account that you since deleted.
baberbot1 chapter 16 . 2/21
Keep this story on your knew/other account
Guest chapter 16 . 2/21
Try it and see, is all that I can tell you !

The Crimson Mage.
loretta537 chapter 16 . 2/21
move it please and make a note that you changed it to another account so you wont get accused of stealing it
Criminalminds01453 chapter 16 . 2/21
yes i would like you too. i enjoy this story.
Ninggay chapter 16 . 2/21
Yes. Put all your stories in 1 account and just make an announcement so that people wont accuse you of plagiarism. MAybe you should even inform the site moderators of your plans as a backup in case there are complaints.
frostyhogwarts chapter 16 . 2/21
Thank you for the information on downloading this story and others. You said that you have several other accounts, what are they? I would like to check them out. Thank you for your stories. I have enjoyed them greatly.
scubatrex chapter 16 . 2/20
Please move the story to your other account. You can always state at the beginning that this is your story under a different alias or that you adopted it.
btvs22 chapter 16 . 2/20
Yes put it in you other account. In the summary you can put that is you and you change account. I see some fiction with that
John Borne the Original chapter 16 . 2/20
put it on the other account!
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