Reviews for The Man of Silver and Dust
Flamestodustloverstofriends chapter 1 . 8/16/2010
Oo, just amazing! Love it! The writing... OMG.. Love Sirius/Lucius together, well in this story anyway :)
Vladiemma chapter 1 . 5/23/2010
Oh this was brilliant :D

There's far too little Siri/Lucy stories out there, and this one captured butifully how I see them :D
Tristana chapter 1 . 4/12/2010
Can I tell you just how much I love you? Granted, I read stories starring these two aplenty. But I really like the way you put it.

The idea of the mask is brillant - quite like it. It was short but a powerful read, at least to me. Sirius' pov is a plus indeed. Maybe his last line was kinda cutey/fluffy - and I normally don't really like it but honestly, it brought a huge grin to my face. I so saw Sirius saying that to Lucius' face. (Wait... maybe I'm just crazy to think it's funny but he sounded like a kid who just came up with the awesomest idea ever.)

I'm sorry, I can't really be constructive or anything. The quote is a nice one - and honestly, it's well-thought of. Come to think of it, it has to be quite true for Lucius. But again, Lucius is himself and I totally am in love with the man. Just one thing... I thought Siry's mother would have been happy to have a Death Eater at home.

And randomly: Kreacher reporting to Narcissa sounds... ebil. Please don't, else I swear, Bellatrix's Cruciatus will be peanuts.

Spamming Voldy's email is the best - now now, can I get a fanfic with Voldy actually checking his emails, FB and other Myspace... like 'How the Hell am I the worst villain in History?' Dumby: Swearing is bad, Tom. *munching on sweets* Oh my god... sorry, I'm spamming you. I'll stop now.

But if you happen to write with them again, I'll be very happy to read it. *gives cookies*