Reviews for Winter
Lilynette chapter 1 . 4/12/2010 can write, that's for sure. This fic was very...poetic. I like the idea of the very ''Winter'' atmosphere you've created. But in some places it looked like maybe you were trying too hard to sound poetic-like. And, for me at least, it made the story a bit less enjoyable because it didn't really let me *feel* the emotions, so concentrated was I on the words used. Sometimes simple words are more powerful than a lot of complicated ones ;) Some sentences were also maybe a bit too long for my liking, especially when you have such an extensive vocabulary. But that's only my opinion! Other than that, it was very good!

I guess I was also waiting for a bit more at the end... to understand a bit more why he was out there(Other than standing there having depressing thoughts hehe!).

But great story nonetheless! Sorry for all my whining, but I believe in leaving constructive critiscm! x)

Oh! English isn't my first language, so please forgive the mistakes!