Reviews for It's About Bunnies
hilsfoolishginger chapter 16 . 12/18/2012
This chapter, on jack and kate, is chilling! Lovely work. And I love the song references... especially the latest one!
Jimelda chapter 28 . 8/14/2011
I love this. Rose and Bernard fics always get to me, as few of them as there are out there, and yours is just stunning. I'm glad to see you're still writing these, I've missed your drabbles.
LostInLost18 chapter 28 . 8/14/2011
Gorgeous! fabulous drabble about a very underappreciated couple! Love the last two lines in particular! :D
LostInLost18 chapter 26 . 6/13/2011
Love it! You create such vivid descriptions. I love the AU-ness of this little drabble and that last line was ambiguous and just so wonderful. Bravo! :)
Jimelda chapter 25 . 4/23/2011
As disturbing as this chapter is, I just love the idea behind it. The Gingerbread Man is a story that is so fitting, especially the words, to Kate that I cannot believe no one has though to equate it with her before. Bonus points to you!
Temerice chapter 25 . 4/23/2011
When I was nine, we read that story at school on English lesson. I still remember that poem and liked that story. Now it just gives me creeps : D

Anyways, this was very great drabble, just like all the others. The poem fits perfectly to Kate's story (well, apart from the fact she is not a gingerbread man : D).

Keep them coming!
Jimelda chapter 24 . 4/9/2011
Hmmm, interesting way for Kate and Kevin to meet. I like the way you wrote this, his persistance, Kate trying not to give in but all the while desperate for another chance to start over. Fascinating.
Jimelda chapter 23 . 4/3/2011
Hmmm, I like how you wrote this from Vincent's point of view. His grasp on the reality of things from a dog's perspective is certaintly an eye opener. Great song choice too!
Jimelda chapter 22 . 3/26/2011
Very interesting take on the coversations between Mars and Kate, especially because I can actually picture Kate doing this. :)
Jimelda chapter 21 . 3/16/2011
This was a fascinating delve into Sawyer's mind and the guilt he felt over what he did. I especially like the blood-stained hands idea. It fits perfectly, and reminds me of Macbeth, haha. ;)
Temerice chapter 21 . 3/15/2011
Yay, a new drabble!

I really loved this one. I've never really thought what Sawyer thought right after killing Duckett, and you described his feelings very well. I liked the most about that rainwater turning into blood in his mind.

Also that drabble about Juliet and Julian was beautiful.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! ~
Jimelda chapter 20 . 12/21/2010
Interesting. I've never read a fic with Julian in it before, and the context was certainly thought-provoking.
Jimelda chapter 19 . 12/21/2010
Great update, I always love reading about experiences in Kate's childhood, and that last line was so very chilling.
Jimelda chapter 18 . 12/1/2010
Truly stunning. You write the concept of Sawyer and Kate together so well that it is definitely believable, yet at the same time you let us know that she has not forgotten about Jack. Fantastic. :)
Jimelda chapter 17 . 11/30/2010
Oooh, interesting how Sam realizes right away that Aaron isn't Kate's biological son, but at the same time wants to make her happy so he doesn't say anything about it. You conveyed the importance between a father and daughter bond quite well in this drabble.
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