Reviews for The Saga of the Infinity Pirates
Shadow40000 chapter 256 . 8/7
Ohhhh xD
Haha God one..
They definitely got her attention with this one :P
If they are just over of the many crews visiting her...

Fortunately it unfortunately, this made them stand out xP

Lol.. I can't even imagine what route this would lead if Aaron happened to be there xD
Jahvy D. Prince chapter 256 . 8/7
Loveeee this new chapter! Please make the next one quickly I love it!
Shadow40000 chapter 255 . 8/2
Lizardmen huh..

And Milo's dad was very popular then!

Nice chaptah Caspeh
Martyn chapter 255 . 7/24
Can you show flashbacks of Mikoto's orphan days?
Shadow40000 chapter 254 . 7/13
That was quote the ready work of a Vice Admiral O.O

Hilarious how Miko described everyone and calls Ridley just Ridley xD
Shadow40000 chapter 253 . 7/13
That Entry from Mikoto!
I could totally imagine that jump off the ship and then him cruising towards the Marines and taking them apart!

That was one of the best battle scenes I've read in a long time now!

Amazing job Caspeh :D
Taser101 chapter 253 . 6/25
Awwww how are you going to leave us like that! I want to see Selbone and Mikoto fight for real ya goof! But for real can't wait for the next one.
Shadow40000 chapter 252 . 6/18
Wait.. did u already mention what the split teams would be? Or will that be mentioned later? Sorry for my bad memory ._.

Yonkous huh...
Gosh it all just escalated when these giants stepped in!

Great chapter Caspeh
Jahvy D. Prince chapter 252 . 6/14
This is a Awesome chapter! I'm ready for the next one!
Magic Type chapter 252 . 6/12
How about the next chapter starts with Mikoto stuffing himself (with his bellybutton moving from innie to outie)?
Labyrinth-Designer chapter 252 . 6/11
Oh! Jet Stream Island! Haven't seen much of it yet, but I do very much like the addition of the streams being used to catapult ships. Either they'll get wrecked on the island, allowing the other aspects to be seen as well, or they'll zoom through there and move on their way. Either way, one of my ideas is getting looked into very soon, so I'm looking forward to it! There were some grammatical errors in the chapter, one in particular when Kai was saying that Victoria adding members to her crew could be bad for him. I'll be curious to see how many chapters we get from each ship's point of view. Anyway, keep up the good work, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
Jahvy D. Prince chapter 251 . 6/7
I loved this chapter! Awesome Aaron wins! mikoto sacrifice to achieve his dream... Thats is true Commitment! And who is Mikoto's father? Who is Mikoto's mother?
Shadow40000 chapter 251 . 5/29
Okay I did NOT expect that :O
Aaron actually won!

And ahaa..!
We're talking bout Micheal here aren't we :D
That's a really good way and time to bring up the topic..
And ahaa the yonkou is married.. like big Mom? (Idk is big Mom married u think? Coz doesn't explain her kids otherwise)
Labyrinth-Designer chapter 251 . 5/28
Wow, what a race! Honestly, I'm quite satisfied with the result. Fitting in with the tone of Saga, Mikoto doesn't always win. He has lost a lot of battles over the course of the story, which is extremely realistic. There's also the aspect of Mikoto and Aaron's signature traits. Mikoto may pride himself on his speed, but his more important role is that of captain. Aaron's entire gimmick is speed, so I think the rage was rightfully won. Also, I love the bits of characterization that you're including about Victoria! I can't wait to see them actually meet her
Mystery chapter 251 . 5/28
Deep. How about Mikoto gets bloated from overeating (thanks to his puppy eyes)?
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